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  1. In the three minutes it took me to use the restroom, my docking station (not actually mine just the one that’s been at the desk I’ve been using) decided it doesn’t want to detect my monitors (again not actually mine). Super cool!
  2. Acclaimed vs Lee and Swerve was an incredible match, but the wrong team won. MJF came back. But all of this is overshadowed by the absolute shitshow backstage.
  3. Bron and Bate was a way better match than I expected. Really good.
  4. Ricochet vs Carmelo Hayes was awesome
  5. There are an uncountable number of wrestling promotions out there. Some are super small, like yours sounds to be (though a heel called The Landlord is top notch), while others can be fairly large. But basically I meant anything other than WWE and AEW, which is all we really talk about in here.
  6. In some shenanigans that turned the finals into a triple threat, Cardona pinned Fatu to beat him and Alexander to win the tournament. Match of the show was Fatu vs Maclin in the first round. I know he's working in MLW--I don't know his contract situation, but man, he'd be one hell of an addition to the Bloodline if he were to jump to WWE and join his family. Maclin, formerly Steve Cutler of the Forgotten Sons, has dramatically improved since leaving WWE. With the right presentation he could be a strong mid to upper level heel somewhere. And Josh Alexander, Impact Wrestling Champion, puts on a great match every time he's out there. Looking forward to him vs Eddie Edwards at Bound for Glory.
  7. 100% believe this is what they were going for. Yoda's an asshole, as I've said before. I forgive Obi-Wan a little bit because he's been shown to show remorse and an ability to admit when he's wrong. But Yoda's a dick all the time to Luke for no reason.
  8. Riddle shoulda won the match but yeah I think it topped GUNTHER/Sheamus and they’re keeping the Vinci name but not the gimmick it seems
  9. Maaaaaan GUNTHER vs Sheamus was awesome
  10. Great looking tournament happening this weekend:
  11. That's very credibly reported so I expect it. Heavily rumored, though without the credibility yet, is Bray Wyatt returning at Clash, or some other later date.
  12. Gives me more time to stress about my picks and get most of them wrong
  13. Too late, actually. I'm a natural early riser, and with Katie's new job, I gotta be the one to pick the kids up while she takes them in. Fortunately this meeting turned out to actually be a weekly reminder, not an ACTUAL meeting, it just shows up as one. Luckily I haven't seen any of the people-taking-credit-for-other's-work on my side so far, but I AM seeing a whole lot of dissatisfied and unhappy workers. People openly saying things like "I don't know how I've been working here so long" and "I probably should've quit a long time ago," (sometimes openly to their boss, who agreed, and said the same of themselves) and just constant talk of the inability of the company to hold on to anyone, at any level, in any type of position. Considering the first all hands meeting I was in, on one of my first days, started off with the CEO talking about how bad things have been and how desperately they need to turn things around, sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into lol. Been a lot of that talk the few months I've been here!
  14. Love having to go through the whole return to office rigamarole (which absolutely no one wants), finally get settled on a work schedule, and then immediately getting added to a weekly meeting outside of your newly agreed upon work time.
  15. Lol I think I (and Lyra) are similar to Ethan that way--capable but underachievers. Eli's just started soccer and the first week of practice was rough. The only thing he really knew about soccer was that you can't use your hands, so when the coach told everyone to start dribbling, the only reference Eli had for that was basketball. He had no idea how to dribble or even properly kick a ball. I admit that's my fault for not preparing him a little, but honestly, we wanted him in soccer to give ourselves a break. That boy is massively high energy and very selfish (I mean come on, he's six), so we were hoping he'd learn a little discipline and teamwork. Coach so far, though, seems more interested in making the parents laugh and recruiting one of us as his successor next year than he is in actually coaching kids in soccer. Only one of the kids on the team seems to have any experience. Second week went better, though. We had him watch a couple youtube videos to understand the basics and did some dribbling practice with him in between practices, and he had a lot more fun this go round. But it's still hard when the coach splits them into teams for a scrimmage, designates who are defenders and who are attackers, and just says GO. These kids don't know what that means! You're the coach! Tell them what they're supposed to do!
  16. G1. I think it was a second season, pre-movie episode.
  17. He was Orion Pax! God I'm a fucking nerd.
  18. Tried to claim it was apocryphal. Didn’t make sense then either.
  19. I think it’s supposed to be for bomber, but I agree. Still mad we’ve never seen them in action in the films. Closest we got is the bombers in TLJ
  20. Part of this is so amusing to me because I remember once getting into regular arguments with a former poster about whether the Incredible Hulk was MCU canon or not, even though it obviously and demonstrably was since the beginning.
  21. Blonsky talking about his pen pals likely a Thunderbolts reference. And lol Bruce is literally a different person cuz he ain’t Ed Norton anymore.
  22. Word. Threepio should’ve been Padme’s droid and Artoo should’ve been Watto’s and/or the Skywalkers. Anakin didn’t need to build any of them. Stupid George.
  23. Just a regular reliable commuter car. Electric if possible—which seems to be realistic in Seattle. I don’t give a fuck about cars honestly. I have a 2017 Hyundai Sonata and it’s great. I mean other than the fob being broken so I have to actually use the key to unlock it and open the trunk. Terrible.
  24. I’ve liked him a lot better since he left NXT. I wouldn’t be opposed to it.
  25. I certainly hope so. Unifying the titles was stupid.
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