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  1. Thursday Nov 24
    Buffalo at Detroit
    NY Giants at Dallas
    New England at Minnesota

    Sunday Nov 27
    Tampa Bay at Cleveland
    Cincinnati at Tennessee
    Houston at Miami
    Chicago at NY Jets
    Atlanta at Washington
    Denver at Carolina
    Baltimore at Jacksonville
    LA Chargers at Arizona
    Las Vegas at Seattle
    LA Rams at Kansas City
    New Orleans at San Francisco
    Green Bay at Philadelphia

    Monday Nov 28
    Pittsburgh at Indianapolis

  2. Thursday Nov 17
    Tennessee at Green Bay

    Sunday Nov 20
    Chicago at Atlanta
    Cleveland at Buffalo
    Philadelphia at Indianapolis
    NY Jets at New England
    LA Rams at New Orleans
    Detroit at NY Giants
    Carolina at Baltimore
    Washington at Houston
    Las Vegas at Denver
    Dallas at Minnesota
    Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
    Kansas City at LA Chargers

    Monday Nov 21
    San Francisco at Arizona 

  3. Even if Trump doesn’t run third party it’s going to be an incredibly nasty primary between him and DeSantis. Whoever comes out of that won’t do it unscathed.

    For better or worse (almost definitely worse) Biden looks intent on running again. Despite almost no one wanting him to I don’t think any democrat would just to primary a sitting President. But after a really rough GOP primary I think he’s be in decent shape to win in 24, provided nothing terrible happens in the next two years.

    A whole lot of ifs in that statement I realize, but that’s really all you can do in politics.

  4. Thursday Nov 10
    Atlanta at Carolina

    Sunday Nov 13
    Seattle at Tampa Bay
    Minnesota at Buffalo
    Detroit at Chicago
    Denver at Tennessee
    Jacksonville at Kansas City
    Cleveland at Miami
    Houston at NY Giants
    New Orleans at Pittsburgh
    Indianapolis at Las Vegas
    Dallas at Green Bay
    Arizona at LA Rams
    LA Chargers at San Francisco

    Monday Nov 14
    Washington at Philadelphia

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