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  1. Everybody has gaps in their education, things they and others feel like they SHOULD know. I know how to change a tire and have done it dozens of times, but the last time I had one I had trouble with my jack. We were on the highway in San Francisco heading to the Golden Gate Bridge when we had a blowout. I've used many different kinds of jacks over the years, including this kind (though not the exact one), but for some reason I couldn't get it to work right. Someone from the city had spotted us and pulled over and helped me with it, and was super cool about it. The actual changing of the tire part took me like four seconds to do, I think I hustled to show the guy I wasn't completely incapable lol.

    Anyway the point is we're all stupid and somehow have missed learning shit we should have. I don't think you should expect a guy to know just because he's a guy--though he should know how just because he's human and drives a car. It's not like serious mechanical skills, it's just a basic piece of maintenance he should have, but that's not because he's got a dick between his legs.

  2. Picard must've told everyone he buried Kirk on Viridian 3, decades after he was originally thought to have been killed, and Starfleet went back for the body in order for them to have it. Which seems... odd.

  3. ...there have been end credits shit? goddamnit


    also remember how riker and ro fucked that one time lol they should've refenced it

  4. No, nothings really changed at all, which is part of why it’s so weird. My wife is convinced it’s the depression, but honestly that’s been going pretty well the last several weeks, and if that was it why didn’t the headaches happen months ago when I was at my worst? I dunno man, but I’m feeling good this morning.

  5. Nope, not a caffeine drinker at all. Haven’t had any problems with my eyes either, which wouldn’t make sense anyway since a lot of these headaches start wile I’m sleeping. Thought maybe it was triggered by the depression I’ve been dealing with, but that’s actually been doing pretty well the last few weeks so I doubt it. I dunno, but I don’t feel like dying this morning so that’s nice. Just weird how sudden and intensely they came on when I’ve never had a problem with headaches before 

  6. I hate some of the I forget which ones but I had some!

    I went cuz my headaches have been getting worse, bad enough that we were worried it was something serious. CT scan came up clean so there’s no answer, but they’ve been killing me lately so I dunno.

  7. As awesome as it is that that happened, it was a couple years before I got interested in college basketball. Their title run against Duke was the first time I really paid attention.

    one of the only things I want out of sports before I die is for Arizona to make it to just one more final four. I don’t even care about a championship. Just one more final four.

  8. Ro! That was awesome. If she came back, who else might we get? Barclay? Pulaski? I’m not serious of course but that was a really nice surprise. 

    I really hope Shaw, the best new Star Trek character in forever, doesn’t end up being a changeling. Same with Jack or any of the original TNG characters.

  9. Turns out one of my big triggers is interrupting, and it doesn't even have to be me that's being interrupted. I don't think I really knew this about myself until recently--and man is my boss an interrupter. He asks a question, drones on for an exceptionally long time before you're even given a chance to answer, then doesn't even let you finish your first sentence before interrupting you again. Drives me nuts.

  10. We're looking at booking something for the end of the year, something ridiculous maybe. We don't know where yet. We have a few ideas but nothing decided. I'm really liking the idea of an all-inclusive resort type of thing, where we can just relax and eat and drink to our heart's content, with a big bonus if there's good activities for the kids too. I know some of you guys have done things like this before, do you think all-inclusive deals are worth it?

  11. Yeah that goes a bridge too far for me to worry about though. As you said, it's a visual update with modern sensibilities. Sometimes you just gotta let things go, things can't always line up perfectly.

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