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  1. I saw there was an Oscar nominated animated short called "My Year of Dicks." It made me giggle. I looked it up, and it's not just a clever title, it means exactly what you think it means. I tweeted this and said I have to find a way to watch it, and the writer sent me a link to watch it on Vimeo. So, we're going to watch this on a drunken Zoom together. Friday February 24. Plan on it. Plan on a year (or at least an evening) of dicks.
  2. I can't hope for a 49ers win cuz I always wanna see fresh matchups. The Niners have already Super Bowled with KC and Cincinnati so I can't accept it.,
  3. I’m extremely ready for Roman to get beaten, and beaten by someone on the regular active roster. Cody and/or Sami are the best options of course. I don’t want any part timers in title matches, ever.
  4. Oh there’s definitely been worse. I'm not a fan of either team though so it’s harder to feign interest
  5. This is the most boring football game I’ve ever watched
  6. Honestly it would’ve been nice to have a season of Mando without the added weight of baby Yoda. I get he’s the real Star Wars money maker but I feel like there’s not a whole lot of mileage left with that character until/unless they age him up some. It’s the same as baby Groot, cute only goes so far
  7. Good guy tricked/gaslighted by bad guy. Kinda the same plot as what happened to Airk, though.
  8. Tusk is the worst fucking movie I’ve ever seen. I hated it so much.
  9. Saturday January 21 Jacksonville at Kansas City NY Giants at Philadelphia Sunday January 22 Cincinnati at Buffalo Dallas at San Francisco Realistically it's hard to see all four home teams winning, but I can't see changing my mind on any of these picks either. MAYBE the Bengals, and an even BIGGER maybe the Cowboys, but I still doubt it.
  10. how do you miss three straight PATs
  11. Nothing more patently Chargers than losing that game like that. Good Lord.
  12. Big agree. the Beach Boys was a bad choice, but Dire Straits in the finale was worse. I know they cut it out, but a song famous for the use of the word "******" in a show with heavy LGBT representation was pretty tasteless to me But yeah, I did really enjoy it. Boorman, Jade, and Graydon were the best characters. Rool's cameo was great, and hopefully they'll be able to get Franjean and even Madmartigan, who if I'm right they never flat out confirmed as dead, to have appearances next season. Val Kilmer couldn't travel due to COVID before, but maybe he'll be able to now? Speaking of now that Kit is medieval Iron Man, she's gotta learn how to flip swords the way Madmartigan did
  13. I’m only confident in the bengals, bills, and niners though
  14. Saturday January 14 Seattle at San Francisco LA Chargers at Jacksonville Sunday January 15 Miami at Buffalo NY Giants at Minnesota Baltimore at Cincinnati Monday January 16 Dallas at Tampa Bay
  15. SUCK IT BITCHES always fun doing this, thanks for running it again vet!
  16. if you do put me on the creative staff pls
  17. Yeah, honestly, it'd be as bad, if not worse, than Vince buying WCW. It's not gonna happen though.
  18. yeah, it really does we got rid of SO MUCH SHIT, and somehow we still have SO MUCH SHIT
  19. I think it’s both. NO ONE wants Vince involved except Vince, and the two sycophants he installed on the board. I hope the lawsuit kicks his ass, because I swear to god if they sell to the Saudis…
  20. Stephanie resigned. Vince is chairman of the board. Nick Khan is sole CEO. Triple H is still chief of talent and creative. I swear to fucking god.
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