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  1. Calvin and Hobbes is where I get the Calvin from in my name. For those who were desperately wondering.
  2. It's been awhile, but we have some more names in TJK and upcoming, I'm sure, with Unseen Queen. Just wondering about some like: Killik="Kill-ick" Qoribu="Kor-ih-boo" Lizil="Lih-zihl" and any others you can think of.
  3. Ylesia="Yeh-lee-sia" Bothawui="Both-a-wee" ysalamiri="sala-maree" It doesn't make sense, but that's how i say it. I'll return with more.
  4. Yeah, Noghri names and the Ssi-Ruuvi threw me off. Noghri="No-gree" Ssi-Ruuvi="See-roovee" Yag'Dhul="Yag-Dool" Honoghr="Hon-o-ger" I'll post more when I think of them.
  5. I say Fee-lia. How about Pellaeon? I say Pe-leon
  6. A few more: Yuuzhan Vong- I've been thinking it as "Yuzen Vong", although my friend said it as "Yoozjin Vong", if you can understand that Zenoma Sekot- "Zanoma Sikat" Yuuzhan'tar- "Yoozintar" Nom Anor- "Nam Aynor" Vergere- "Vurgary"
  7. I just started this to see how people pronounced different names in the EU. I know I always wonder what the proper pronunciations of these alien names are. A few to start: Jacen Solo- I think "Jaken", as opposed to a possible "Jason" Kashyyk- "Kashik" as opposed to "Kasheek" Mitth'raw'nuruodo- "Myth-raw-nurodo" Myrkr- "Murker" I can't think of any others, but I was wondering what other people thought on the subject. Please add any others that may be ambiguous.
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