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  1. My favorite Halloween viewing choices are usually Psycho, War of the Worlds, or Night of the Living Dead.
  2. Currently in the middle of cleaning my apartment and found a couple of bag clips I've been looking for for months.
  3. ​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series 1997 Denver Broncos vs. 1963 San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers @ Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colo. ​Game Time Temperature: 55 degrees ​Weather conditions: Occasional light rains, wind gusting at about 20 knots ​Chargers win the coin toss and elect to receive for the first half. ​1st Quarter: The Chargers' first offensive series ends abruptly and disastrously when a Tobin Rote pass intended for Keith Lincoln is intercepted by Darrien Gordon of the Broncos at the 31 and returned seven yards to the Chargers' 24-yard line. A holding penalty pushes Denv
  4. Sorry for not posting on this thread lately. I've been under the weather. I'll be posting Broncos vs. Chargers shortly.
  5. ​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series ​1983 Oakland/L.A. Raiders vs. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland-Alameda Stadium, Oakland, Calif. ​Game Time Temperature: 75 degrees ​Weather conditions: Clear, wind less than 5 knots ​The Raiders win the coin toss and elect to kick off to Kansas City for the first half. ​1st Quarter: Tom Flores fears his decision to defer the ball to the Chiefs to start the game may have backfired big-time after Frank Pitts takes a screen pass from Len Dawson on the Raiders' 38-yard line and runs it into the end zone for a touchdown that gives Kansas City a 7-0 lead. U
  6. It does come in handy for preparation purposes.
  7. ​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series ​1996 Green Bay Packers vs. 1985 Chicago Bears @ Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wis. ​Game Time Temperature: Minus 5 degrees Weather conditions: Moderate snowfall, winds gusting at about 25-30 knots ​Packers win the coin toss and elect to receive for the first half. ​1st Quarter: Chicago draws first blood in this game when a Brett Favre pass intended for Edgar Bennett is intercepted by Leslie Frazier and returned 62 yards for a touchdown to put the Bears up 7-0. One of the announcers jokes that maybe the players on both teams should be provided with ice skat
  8. ​Nightly.net 2017 Dream Games Series ​2016 New England Patriots vs. 1968 New York Jets @ Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Mass. ​Game Time Temperature: 35 degrees ​Weather conditions: Clear, light wind gusting about 5-10 knots ​Patriots win the coin toss and elect to kick off for the first half. ​1st Quarter: Neither the Patriots nor the Jets can get much done on offense in the game's early minutes. New York's first drive fizzles out after a 48-yard field goal attempt by Jim Turner sails wide right, while New England's initial offensive series screeches to a halt after Tom Brady is sacked for a
  9. You can count on it. In the meantime, here's the schedule for NHL and NBA games in the series: (NHL) 1. 2011 Bruins vs. 1986 Canadiens 2. 2001 Avalanche vs. 1957 Red Wings 3. 1961 Blackhawks vs. 1967 Maple Leafs 4. 1994 Rangers vs. 1976 Flyers 5. 1983 Islanders vs. 1995 Devils 6. 2006 Hurricanes vs. 2004 Lightning 7. 1970 Blues vs. 1999 Stars 8. 1992 Penguins vs. 1998 Capitals 9. 1989 Flames vs. 1990 Oilers 10. 2014 Kings vs. 2007 Ducks 11. 1999 Stars vs. 1983 Canucks 12. 1999 Sabres vs. 2007 Senators 13. 2016 Sharks vs. 2012 Coyotes 14. 1996 Panthers vs. 2009 Blue Jackets 15. 2003 Wild
  10. Small world. I used to own the paperback edition of that book.
  11. Schedule(NFL) 1)2016 Patriots vs. 1968 Jets 2)1996 Packers vs. 1985 Bears 3)1983 Raiders vs. 1969 Chiefs 4)1997 Broncos vs. 1963 Chargers 5)2007 Giants vs. 1960 Eagles 6)1989 49ers vs. 2013 Seahawks 7)1999 Rams vs. 1947 Cardinals 8)1972 Dolphins vs 1990 Bills 9)1979 Steelers vs. 1964 Browns 10)2000 Ravens vs. 1958 Colts 11)1995 Cowboys vs. 1982 'Skins 12)2009 Saints vs. 1998 Falcons 13)1999 Titans vs. 1996 Jaguars 14)1976 Vikings vs. 1957 Lions 15)2015 Panthers vs. 2002 Buccaneers 16)1978 Oilers vs. 1988 Bengals (MLB) 1)2004 Red Sox vs. 1956 Yankees 2)1988 Dodgers vs. 2014 Giants 3)2008 Phil
  12. Hi, folks. I've been away for quite a spell, but now I'm making my return(hopefully for the long run). I was going to reintroduce myself via the Sports forum, but that post got wiped out by a browser glitch so I'll launch my comeback here instead. Anyhow, I'd like to get a metaphorical show of hands: who here reads alternate history lit, and for those that do read it what are your favorite AH books?
  13. Actually, the correct lesson to draw from this is "Don't sit next to idiots when you're on a plane."
  14. I'm surprised Bischoff didn't put in an appearance.
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