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  1. I hate TLJ, but I totally think the ST could be saved for me. I'm just hoping ep9 isn't Maz heavy cause I wasn't too crazy about her. Potential spoilers:
  2. The ST has a subtext. That fans ruin beloved franchises
  3. The PT had GL's auteur voice, what the ST is severely lacking
  4. I avoided this thread because I thought there were intelligent debates being had in here beyond my capacity for understanding
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2092135271052873&id=868164246578472
  6. Naw I'm just saying it's hard to imagine someone taking a break from working in the mines posting on this board all covered in soot.
  7. Does everybody here work in an office? I find it highly unlikely we have railroad workers or electricians or truck drivers posting in Say Something Random II - Eclectic Depression
  8. Coming to Nightly to discuss the movie and anticipating episode 9 has gotten me to tolerate tlj a whole lot more but that doesn't exactly mean that I liked it. I've just come to accept it as an episode and the progression of our heroes' story. I like going on YouTube and rewatching the throne room scene and the ending scene with kylo and Luke. That's about all I could stomach from that movie. There are moments when I actually begin to enjoy tlj but then I think of the other movies and the other movie Stand Out as a million times better in my view and I begin to realize I'm just tolerating tlj
  9. I'm wondering what the episode IX version of ROTS' 'you were supposed to be the chosen one' and ROTJ's 'i am a Jedi like my father before me.' will be. Such a line for Rey would do so much in defining what she went through for three movies and give closure to people's feeling she was a Mary Sue or not.
  10. There's plenty to talk a out. What about this apparent scene with Rotta the Hutt.
  11. If they do two movies I want episode x, not episode ix part 2. Just cause
  12. I'm sure China ****ing loves pod races, who doesnt
  13. If Star Wars is failing in China, I say it's because the technology is outdated. You're delivering them a sci fi concept from the 70s
  14. How does she not address it? She literally runs away from the lightsaber in TFA. She literally runs away from the fact that this power is inside her. Do you need her to actually say "I do not believe in myself"? No I meant more like address the problem as in 'I realized I don't believe in myself enough. But now im gonna work on it.' her problem isn't vocalized in the story. Star Wars usually talks everything through, from will Luke prove himself as a Jedi to will Anakin fulfill the prophecy. We're going onto the third movie and still nothing. These characters are two dimensional and it's frus
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