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  1. Biden worries me. And the rhetoric coming from Congress people too. I feel like this is a prime example of what happens when we let far far left or right wing people lead. One of the things I always liked all the way back to the Obama administration is how hands off the administration was with Israel. Trump was ineffectual and his moving the embassy was just window dressing stupidness. The many religions of this area just need to come out of their third world religious warring and learn to get along with each other. This war actually will galvanize a large group of people who actually don't like Netanyahu's leadership and were protesting him to at least put aside their grievances with the current ruling Israeli government. Hate crimes against Jews were on the rise in the US recently. America is so weird. UGH I wish I had more time to elaborate on my thoughts.
  2. Kansas City UGH I feel like the sure thing picks have blown up in our faces a lot lately.
  3. I am mixed feelings on this. It’s terrible what happened but I also don’t trust Israel’s current government. Why does it always have to be scorched earth.
  4. It is about 15 minutes to work now that construction is done. Even less today because no traffic thanks to non-Columbus day. LOL A friend of mine recently got transferred to Sweden and loves it. He's a former Seattle-ite and worked in tech as a senior vp. His kids love the schools and his wife loves the weather and cost of living including medical care.
  5. Ms. Spam

    NFL 2023

    UGH. the best part of the Cowboy's was their defense and then injuries killed them and they can only win maybe against a sub par team. This is also a very Dallas Cowboy problem.
  6. Thursday, October 5th Chicago at Washington Sunday, October 8th Jacksonville at Buffalo Houston at Atlanta Carolina at Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis NY Giants at Miami New Orleans at New England Baltimore at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at LA Rams Cincinnati at Arizona NY Jets at Denver Kansas City at Minnesota Dallas at San Francisco Monday, October 9th Green Bay at Las Vegas
  7. San Antonio has a reputation of bad fosters at least in my school district. Its more than likely a few bad apples that just make it so bad for others but we've had kids who died in my school while in foster care. I think for kids it's always hoping that they have other family that will step in. Two of my fellow teachers do an after school anger management class for adults and some parenting classes that help parents in crisis a bit because even though it's deemed "Snowflake" liberal ideas I think we haven't taught previous generations how to manage their anger or expectations of adulthood with kids. I think it's worse in some cases because social media make people think a lot of people are excellent parents when in reality they're the worst or it's pushing them to behave even worse for likes or attention. For instance parents at sporting events acting like asses.
  8. OH MAN speaking of gross and kids - My nephew hates to stop playing so he PUSHES the poop back in. He was having lots of problems with being sick and the doctor asked him what he does when he goes to the bathroom and he told the doctor he tries not to because he likes to play so much so he pushes it back in to store to go to the bathroom later. He was basically smashing it all over his ass and kids on the playground were like EW he stinks. It's the dirty underpants and well getting sick from not cleaning his hands on the playground that caused Mom to take her weirdo sun to to the doctor. Now you hear on the playground GO TO THE RESTROOM OR I AM TAKING YOU HOME.
  9. My retirement dreams consist of me wanting to take the cats to states I haven't been in before. I love the way the Maverick is for storage and prefer it to an SUV. If I do get an SUV it's probably going to be a RAV4. I really wanted to keep the Prius I drive now as a commuter for work so I may look leasing to see how much I like owning a truck. The Maverick can come with AWD which is handy. When I go to the Padre Island National Seashore I love seeing all these people parked close to the dunes with their campers and just relaxing in the breeze and fishing. Honestly I'd stay in a hotel when I get older but it's nice to have that private area to retreat to plus cats.
  10. ARDs :LOL: I hate those. It's like we're the military and have to have letters for everything.
  11. Its a kind of cry for help as it is when you have a Mom like that when stuff happens like acting out. School has become a space to act out because there's no one at home that cares. If she's willing to let you see her high and stuff, you can bet that Mom does even weirder neglect things at home. I'd hate hate hate if they ended up in foster care though because it's often just as crap as the Mom you got at home. Some of our schools in my district are trying to tackle this problem by offering outside support like home visits from counselors who try and get the kids out of the home for a bit and outside laundry facilities at the school.
  12. I may have made a typo LOL. It was high up there though. I didn't take the paperwork they give you breaking down the stuff you pay in the end like full total for financed. I was very up front with the salesmen telling them I wanted a basic truck which could pull a small camper and gets good gas mileage.
  13. I have a pretty good rating but it was a Ford Dealership so it was actually a shitty deal and my interest rate was like 5% stretched out to payments over 8 years. I guess the biggest thing is I am a teacher so I don't make much on paper. I could have put more down but was like being a dick I guess with the salesmen because he kept pushing me towards more higher end trucks. They're still trying to get me to come back and try maybe a bigger truck. I want something that can pull a camper like a pop up one but is still small enough I can get in and out of it. I don't want to step up to get inside the truck and I like the Mavericks gas mileage. I'll keep hunting for the right one. It's out there somewhere. LOL My current car runs fine so I'll keep on using it.
  14. Used 2021 to boot. It was blinged out. I was more interested in it because it had the tow package already installed. But it had a lot of stuff like an entertainment thing in the back and some other neat things like those moving side running boards. The base starts at 26K. I think it also hurt I was at a Ford Dealership.
  15. It was a fully loaded Lariat version with leather seats. Final paperwork had me borrowing 79k for a Maverick with about 15k in trade in and cash already applied. I like a sweet ride but I am cheap as hell too.
  16. I want a stock tank pool when I build my next house.
  17. Thursday, September 28th Detroit at Green Bay Sunday, October 1st Atlanta at Jacksonville Miami at Buffalo Denver at Chicago Baltimore at Cleveland Cincinnati at Tennessee LA Rams at Indianapolis Tampa Bay at New Orleans Washington at Philadelphia Minnesota at Carolina Pittsburgh at Houston Las Vegas at LA Chargers New England at Dallas Arizona at San Francisco Kansas City at NY Jets Monday, October 2nd Seattle at NY Giants
  18. EXACTLY and that's a big chance of happening in some areas of San Antonio.
  19. I walked out of a dealership today after test driving a Maverick again because HOLY crap a paid of car right now hits the sweet spot. Who are these people who buy cars that have a payment like mortgage? ALSO Who are these people who want to make payments on a car for 7+ years. They offered that to get my payments under 350 a month and I was like nahhhhhh. I'm good. It would have sucked if the Prius hadn't turned on in the parking lot and I drove off into the sunset not making payments of 350 for 8 years on a Maverick that was USED! Pish...I'm like a little jewish lady.
  20. We maybe getting relief next weekend when it drops to 80+ during the day. I've been gardening like crazy but the heat is really making some of my plants struggle and because we're in a drought I can't water them as much. My string beans I planted from seed only had two plants survive. The lettuce is wilting. It's damn depressing. I bought a chenille plant which I ADORE but it's high maintenance. Apparently it would do well in Florida as it like humidity, early sun and dappled shade and not getting below 60 degrees.
  21. LOL welllll you have moved to FL. Isn't that one of the ones you tick of your list if you're a Yankee for getting old? I feel old. Today there was 20 children at the pool and I was hateful and grumpy and took my ball home because F that. I didn't want kids for a reason. Half the pool water is not in the pool any more and my sanity and quiet has been interrupted. I liked it better when this condo complex was a 55+ community but because affordable housing for people with kids is outrageous a lot of them have moved in with their parents here. My feet were so swollen from walking all day and not drinking water I just wanted to put my feet in the pool but these obnoxious kids were jumping and splashing and doing kid things. UGH.
  22. Green Bay. Contrarian pick. I will get screwed by.
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