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  1. I feel for Simone Biles. But there's lots that fought though it to win like Ledecky who won the 1500 Free.
  2. That is exactly what happened with my mom. Hospice only comes out as needed but is actually only scheduled a couple of times a week. My brother was pissed because he had to actually do some work when mom came home. She died the next day. Banner is generally good but after my experiences with my Mom and Nan I definitely think the US has a long way to go to improve medical care.
  3. That Alaskan swimmer Lydia Jacoby was fantastic. She doesn't even practice in a full length pool!
  4. A lot of drama happens when someone dies. It's like some sort of scab gets ripped off or underlying family stuff simmers to some sort of boiling point. I try to remember like I learned for teaching that there's always more sides to the story than just one. That being said your Grandma was awesome and I think I admire her more for her work ethic but feel terrible she got screwed in the end by the company.
  5. Giant hugs on losing your own Nan. Nevermind your family. Have a small service to remember your grandmother. Something like that helps you move through some stages of grief. You can do it in your own home or drive out to Kansas City and hold it in a park or someplace your Nan loved to remember her. We should cherish our good memories. When Mom passed we had a small remembrance ceremony where we said the rosary and just remembered the best things about my Mom.
  6. Ms. Spam

    The Guardians?

    I don't know but now I'm calling the formerly known as the Cleveland Indians the Guardians of the Cleveland.
  7. I know I'll be watching the opening ceremony tomorrow. Kinda ready for this. We'd get so hot in Arizona that the afternoon events were big with me because it was something different to put on the telly while the sun beat down on the rest of the world.
  8. Sending super good juju. All of this is super hard to process and handle, Tom. My step-Mom used to have to cook meals and put them in a blender so my grandpa could eat them because he lost the ability to eat like normal like your Dad.
  9. Anyone watching? I gotta admit I love this stuff and will try and watch as much as I can.
  10. That housing market is EXACTLY why Tina and I are still in the condo. I could probably sell the condo in a day for more than wanted or paid but I won't get a new construction house until maybe January 2020. And the apartment rental market is stupid on pricing. LIKE hey lets charge you more than this shithole is worth so you can have a roof over your head for 6 months and then go month to month because they won't have my house ready by the time they say they will because of a lack of construction materials and workers.
  11. So I think it's weird based on all the mental stuff our parents have that we even came about. When I was dating this guy I knew from second grade and pined for ever since after college, Chris, and pinning my hopes on marrying him way back in the years before I joined this board we used to have conversations like, "If I married you, do you think you would have kids?" And his answer was "Have you seen my Mom? That's a genetic mess I would not want to deal with children." Oddly his brother, Tim, did finally get married and overcame that fear of what the kids were turn out like if he had them
  12. I just can add to the others by saying you have to have some flex. I know it's going to be hard. I could live my step-mom and Dad for a while though. It helps that they're good cooks. The only thing that they tend to do is yell a lot because Dad's deaf. HAHAHAHA.
  13. She says she's not mad at me but I don't know. It feels like. HA! She went out to smoke a cigarette at 2 AM and came in holding her pants in her hands so I don't know if it was a "I couldn't make it in time thing" or she's really mad at me. The Sunday before we were supposed to go to Church together and she told me "I'm not going" and then put on her shoes and went to buy cigarettes. I know she's jonesing awfully hard for drugs and was so happy when she got her Xanax prescription filled after badgering her kidney doctor to get it.
  14. There is more of me. I guess. HA! Mostly people from high school say I haven't changed much and they can still recognize me by my laugh. I think I've changed. For the most part there's a lot a inward change. I think I fly off the handle more (due to stress - I mean Tina shit on my front porch and didn't tell me about it until I went to leave the house and almost stepped in it last Tuesday). Right now I'm ready for a real live vacation. Thank gawd our Dad is going to be here soon so he can help me do things with Tina and give me a break.
  15. Even the drone ones are getting boring too. HA! I think I'm getting old. Meanwhile eleventy billion kids were in a culdesac near my house firing off black cats for HOURS.
  16. I chose to never know. It's easier. I am about to get fired from my second job because I just don't care enough to do my job perfectly. It's probably the worst choice financially for me
  17. OH AND COLD all the time cold. If I am hot I am a miserable bitch!
  18. I am full on grey. Like nine more grey hairs sprout and I get chinny chin chin hairs now. I also find my hair is super thinning. But I don't care about my appearance as much. For my sister she's had three meltdowns just trying to get her picture taken to get the handicapped bus pass. I think the pandemic has kinda helped with how we feel or don't feel about our personal selves. HA! I see a lot of hibernated "bears". For me I need a walk every day. At least thirty minutes where I don't have anyone or anything to think about. I have to have that. Or my stress levels get higher. I need
  19. Poor kitties. They just don't understand!
  20. It's going to be a long road to wellness but this a good start. And kinda an indictment of how bad the US medical community really is. You get shiny bright spots and then people who just don't want to look further.
  21. Sending you good juju that it's successful and you get the results you want!
  22. On June 24 I am going to participate in a Pride Walk in Boerne Texas. It is my fourth year doing this but mostly I chose this area because it's not easy being LGBTQ in this particular city. This year I am bringing a friend who is struggling with coming out as trans. I think it may help but we will see. He's come out to play PoGo with my sister and I a few times as he comes out each time a bit. I think it may help to go to a strange town where no one knows him. Pretty excited for this. It's my home town and it is full of GOP Trump flag waivers. I have been shopping for this! HA!
  23. I gots a weeeeeeeeeekend coming to me starting at 7 PM today. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I have no idea what I am going to do.
  24. HAHAHA! When you take away the person that makes things happen... I am just hoping you feel better after the surgery. Sending you good jujus!
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