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  1. Oh man, we're hurting for school bus drivers. Quite a few here thought not wearing a mask was a good idea and now contract tracing shows it goes back to the bus and it's practices that spread Covid. My "favorite" story about school right now making the rounds is there's a librarian doing a story reading without a mask to first graders and now ALL the families of these kids have Covid from her as unvaccinated kids were right there with her close up not wearing masks. "favorite" is not quite the word I am looking for but Jesus help these dumb ppl. There's a meme going around about the
  2. Thursday Sept 9 Dallas at Tampa Bay Sunday Sept 12 Philadelphia at Atlanta Pittsburge at Buffalo Minnesota at Cincinnati San Francisco at Detroit Arizona at Tennessee Seattle at Indianapolis LA Chargers at Washington Football Team NY Jets at Carolina Jacksonville at Houston Cleveland at Kansas City Miami at New England Green Bay at New Orleans Denver at NY Giants Chicago at LA Rams Monday Sept 13 Baltimore at Las Vegas Do the hoodoo that you do so well....
  3. The news reports out of Houston concerning the virus are scary. This guy died because of a gall stone because he could not get treated in time at Houston County Hospital, I think, and they're holding patients in ambulances hoping for room but that can only go on so long. And 700 nurses were sent in to help but it's not enough. I have a friend in Arkansas who lives in a city that hosts the second biggest biker rally after the one at Sturgis and the hospital actual wrote a note the organizers asking that they please cancel the rally this year for the love of god, our nurses can't deal with
  4. What a waste. I guess Russia tried, we tried and now well it's back to the Taliban.
  5. My school district started requiring anyone who works for them have the vaccination as in fully vaccinated. And now the governor is suing them. I can think of about ten million other ways to spend that money. Masks are required. There's no mask mandate in areas where I consider San Antonio to be more affluent. For instance in Boerne and Northside ISD on the NW side of town masks aren't required and students are actually told if they have a positive diagnoses and have a doctors note and show no symptoms they need to come to school. Meanwhile people can't get treated because there's n
  6. Started rocking back and forth at my desk because of that. Google meetings is the bane of my online existence for online teaching. You will always be the only one who knows how to access and get to some things. I still have homework assignments undone from last year in meetings that I uploaded.
  7. Sooooo uhm. Anyone playing some Rolling Stones today in honor of Charlie?
  8. I wish I could help you in some small way. It's crazy now the small things that trigger memories or something that just makes you kind a tear up or get sad for no apparent reason after your parents pass. It's also strange the sense of it's over feels. Like a kind of guilt that I could have done more or been a better person but ultimately my Mom chose her passing. It's a kind of poetry or something. Big hugs.
  9. HAHAHA. Trying to talk my dad through how to book an Airbnb was amazing. I gave up and just said I'll book it and pay for it.
  10. I love the libraries! God bless'em for helping us with comics, guitars and story time! There's a guy who wants to start up a band in my complex who is teaching ppl guitar. I think my sister would like it but when I ask she doesn't show any interest. For me I play flute and some piano but I am rusty and sing in a choir when Covid is done. Right now I sing assisting minister and the psalm responsively at my church.
  11. I am big on recycling and feel like buying a old house is good for the world. But new construction means I could move in and not a lot of worries besides the fact that for over priced housing I don't get ceiling fans or blinds. WTF is up with that? Almost every car sold in San Antonio gets tinting like a "free" thing that is added at the dealership but if you buy a house the best you're going to get is blinds on the front windows for new construction.
  12. HAHAHA. I try to take them infrequently but lately my sinuses are killing me from the inside so I take ibuprofen once or twice a day. That's it. Tina is only getting codeine for her teeth and she's basically taken the whole bottle in like three days. But we're coming off of Xanax for her and I basically want to die because of all the side affects she's having which mean I don't get much sleep. JFC. Don't get addicted guys. She is going outside to walk 6 times a night and she shuffles with her flip flops and she reeks of cigarette smoke from smoking whole packs a day. She can walk f
  13. I think Abbott may go the same way in Texas.
  14. While getting lesson plans set up for either full on in person school or a hybrid because people are dumb and refuse to get vaccinated I watched Jessica SPRINSTEIN compete in that horse jumping thing! THAT SPRINGSTEIN!
  15. I love the cartoon art in this so far!
  16. OMG!!! I know from experience as I just had to replace all my electrical in my 571 square foot condo after 14 years that that's the most expensive thing besides foundation or roof that you have to do to correct. It cost me $10.000 for my new panel and rewiring. I adore pre-inspection reports though. So many houses I liked a ton and I was like OH I don't have time to live through correcting that.
  17. Some trailers are coming out. Also some cartoons? Have any of you seen the new "What If?" series that's being teased? I am introducing Tina to Guardians of the Galaxy. I don't know if I can wait until 2023.
  18. Twitter - where the dumbasses grow: @BoSnerdley I have never heard Simone Biles say or do anything disrespectful to America or her people. I have never seen her take a knee. She has always been grateful for her victories. I will not throw her under the bus for making what had to be a very tough decision.
  19. I am having anxiety about going back to school now because of this rise in the infections. I have never stopped wearing the mask and maybe I'm oblivious to people who stare at me or make comments I can't hear. But when the booster comes out I am going to be the first person to sign up and get it. I have a friend who's in a test group for a booster.
  20. Sending really good juju's and positive vibes and anything else you need. This was where I was last year with my Mom and it made cry so hard that I was so helpless to help. Hopefully the social worker will find placement in a decent place.
  21. That's why I feel for Biles more I think. It's so hard watching those beam routines or the vault because it's scary. I totally think she did the right thing. I think for me a lot of athletes are in support of Biles. Which I think is a great step to changes to the way we think about mental health. Simone used to be unafraid and did stuff and now that mojo that pushed her to do those tricks is gone and that's a big struggle itself.
  22. I have to use Facebook. Part of it was for my job (It was way easier to communicate with parents through Facebook for questions than through the dumb app the school offered) and I run our Church's page so I have to post events and stuff and daily Bible verses with a devotional. That being said a lot of my family left Facebook and I actually miss seeing pictures of them but I love seeing all my friends from nightly.net on it.
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