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  1. I am more familiar with my area schools so that helps me but not you. I just feel terrible for you because school should be a support network for the parents and your tax dollars should work for you. Personally I think a lot of schools have fallen victim to the crap culture that pervades a lot of things like politics and work now too and nothing productive comes out. Ugh.
  2. Pre-puberty is a bitch. It's one of the reasons I LOVE middle school. It's full of weirdo kids whose bodies are growing faster than their motor skills (especially for boys so they can't walk down a hallway without touching fifteen things) and girls trying to figure out what the hell is going on and why is their hair so screwy? Kids are hitting that puberty mark sooner so fifth grade is sometimes the time I have that talk about what's going on with their bodies with some parents who are concerned. School counselors have also seen a rise in irritability due to covid learning. There was something about learning in the comfort of their own homes where they felt safer to vent or act out but now they're in classroom settings and haven't learned some coping mechanisms (especially if it was a home with no parent at home during online learning or a parent to whom they imprinted off of for behavior and also doesn't work well with challenges). I generally read the class and back off a bit of I sense struggle with a concept and go back and review some things they previously got that lead to this learning step. We've also seen more introversion and it's harder to get kids to be more interactive. They've learned to cope on their own and having others around them builds a layer of anxiety that they've not learned to establish a kind of working in groups type pattern that they're normally exposed to through classrooms starting in lower grades that was missed. I've also wondered about kids who are more prone to be annoyed by students doing things like that marker squeak for Q because houses are much bigger and families are not as large so they don't learn what it's like to live with lots of people on top of each other. Many of my students live in larger households which are multigenerational so squeaks of markers are not the trigger for irrational anger outbursts but some kind of weird competition to out do another student in class over say grades or answering a question faster or my favorite the "Snitch" which is always someone tattling on another classmate over something. They also pass around more stupid viruses. GOD DAMN THEM TO HELL WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS YOU FILTHY HEATHEN AND SNEEZE OR SNOT SOMEWHERE ELSE LIKE A TISSUE. As for Q's teacher and fellow students I have kinda stayed out of that. I think this is a painful part of growing up and moving her constantly actually may stunt her growth as person and school potential. She's being the bigger person, and this breaks my heart, but the world is full of really shitty people. Moving schools generally will mean more of the same stupid behavior from jerk parents and their crotch fruit but a school may react to it differently. As a teacher I want to really smack a parent who is behaving like "MY KIDS BEST FRIEND" and not a parent trying to raise a child to be a good person. If you move her a lot in schools, it sometimes creates an unintentional effect of an administrator seeing constant change and making assumptions about Q and you as her parents that shouldn't be applied but we're human. If you do choose to move her to a different school, I actually recommend as a teacher you look in a poorer school district or somewhere lower income. Somehow those kids respect learning or at least their parents do and they tend to not be their kids best friends. Plus Q may shine more which could be a confidence booster. I've had a few kids move to SAISD charter schools from richer neighboring schools and blossom and make friends and do better in my school because there seems to be a kind of social equalizer. No one knows where you kid comes from in my school because 75% are dropped off by their parents and school meals are 100% free for all kids regardless of income.
  3. Giant hugs! Pets teach us so much but this one lesson hurts the most.
  4. Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers
  5. Not gonna lie but I like all the blondest of blonde women pics we get to see sporting 49er wins. It’s so bizarre and weird. And the the brother does the shirtless dad bod thing. It’s like white trash moved into football and glitzed it up or made it approachable for a group. Meanwhile in Buffalo they were shoveling like crazed I love snow people.
  6. I am sick and fell asleep ding the game. I am kinda glad I missed the Packer loss.
  7. Half time happened and the Texans shrunk. My homer pick maybe my undoing.
  8. Gaddamned Dallas. my picks this week are Houston San Fran Detroit Buffalo.
  9. I used to take Tina out to eat at this outdoor restaurant called hops and hounds. Dogs dogs dogs and food with beer flights. Mmmmmm
  10. Such a Mom. My mom would have said that KMart cup is just fine. Shut up and drink your water.
  11. waffles>belguim waffles>french toast>crepes>pancakes water>pepsi>coke>unsweetened iced tea>strawberry soda>coffee>go without a drink in a restaurant bill millers>los balitos>beijing express>hungry howies>subway>burger boy>whatever I packed for lunch
  12. SOOOOOO school is canceled again until Monday because people in charge of the locked pads that control the heaters forgot to do the settings before they locked up the school last Friday. They left it set at the setting like it's 90 degrees outside and 90% of the schools in my district with this new thermostat don't know how to program it so the heaters won't click over and work in them. Oddly only the high schools that specialize in STEM knew how to operate and set the thermostats so those kids have to go in. Soooo because it was really cold now that we're above freezing, pipes are breaking everywhere and there's very little to no water.
  13. Do you want to pay longer because that just adds to the years you keep owing. It's kinda like leasing and then being forced to buy the car so instead of paying for 5 years you've been paying on a car for 7 years or so. I say stick with the car you have so you pay it off sooner and can ride it until it diessssss money free. Of course if you want to just get a new car every so often and don't care about payments I say trade up to a newer model. That said I love my Prius. Its been paid off for two years and only stupid stuff I do to it causes me issues. Like driving into a two foot pothole and messing up the front end.
  14. LOL I teach math and hate that "convert to Celsius" question. I'll keep my freedom units.
  15. quoting this for later when you're sweaty from humidity. LOL
  16. LOL School closed again today because they can't get the heaters to work. I was texted to report in late but then just got another text saying ABORT. They're still serving hot meals though for school kids who show up. So lunch ladies are STRONG. Also so glad I am not a Tesla bro. Prius for the win!
  17. Saturday Houston at Baltimore Green Bay at San Francisco Sunday Tampa Bay at Detroit Kansas City at Buffalo
  18. Welp the cat house I set up for Pip was wet and a pipe broke next door. I can't bring him in because of my cats being dicks and non-closable doors to separate them. Hoping for warmer temps soon.
  19. well some of those games were ugly. I still can't bring myself to think about Dallas. UGH. Looking forward to the match ups next weekend! GOOOOOOO BILLS!
  20. UGH. It's old men again in the Iowa Caucuses. I can't understand how the GOP can turn a blind eye to one criminal it votes for while beating the drum about Hunter Biden. Well I can understand but god, can't we have better choices? I am so uninterested in voting in 2024.
  21. Welp the cowboys lived up to their hype.
  22. I had my Dad install a ceiling fan on my porch a few years ago and I went to dust it yesterday and the damn light assembly fell out and was dangling so I had to fix it. Hunter Fan company can eat a bowl of dog poop for their poorly designed way to assemble these. It took me HOURS of bitching and swearing to get the fan fixed because my only form of natural like was the light from the damn fan. From 8 PM to 10:30 I was struggling with rage, people who design fans poorly so the assembly woobles it's way off these hidden screws and my Dad who put pilot scews on the wrong way because I suspect he just wanted it to be over with as well.
  23. I hate that as well on the trails. I've got a park I walk in and his dog Heinz is the bestest boy as a bouncy jack russell but it irritates me to living hell he lets Heinz loose. I tell him he'll regret it if his dog finds a porcupine, or some mom overreacts and curb stomps him to protect her kid. On the subject of poop my neighbor has a super shy german shepperd but I swear it's killed so many of my plants from it's poop and urine because he just lets him out every morning unsupervised to do his business.
  24. Pittsburgh Bills game postponed for weather. lol
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