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  1. Why didn’t I get the pencil for my iPad sooner? OMG it makes it so easy to grade papers on my iPad until I get my new computer. Sooooo if I went to a website to have a computer built to avoid hulk smash anger at building my own where would you go?
  2. I plan to try a Best Buy outlet tomorrow. The blue screen of death will eat my lunch or tax return but my last computer lasted from 2018 I think and I bought it as an out of box special at Best Buy. Current set up at home and school is my school issued tablet with a Magic Keyboard, I splurged and bought the Apple Pencil and love it! But I want my home computers LARGE monitor I bought a year ago as it’s much easier to multitask,. I know I want a desk top. That’s about it.
  3. I could actually fix mine as it’s a desktop. But it’s from 2017 I think and if I upgrade the motherboard I will probably have to change a few other things. Ha.
  4. lol. I got the blue screen this morning. So I too am in the market for a new desktop.
  5. Finding that right collector is murder. I sold my comic book collection for $250 dollars because I got tired of moving 9 long boxes of Amazing Spider Man and X-Men and rando Image house comics. That was over 20 years of comics.
  6. Have you every listened to their podcast for the brothers? I like them. It's like two lumberjacks doing modern day lumberjacking who are actually kinda funny in a white guy way. LOL. I think they're hot but I have a type let me tellssss you!
  7. I think some people are too comfortable for public life. Tina and I used to talk about that because our Mom used to be like "You're going out dressed like that? At least put lipstick on." My Mom would dress to go to the grocery store like in an actual outfit. There was no pj bottoms and braless and crazy hair to pick up potatoes and wine in my Moms book. So Tina was always done up. It took her 45 minutes to get ready to run to Walmart. I would tell Tina she had to let that go and be comfortable in her skin because she had mental issues stemming from that type of being. But people are getting more in that comfort zone regardless like everythings meant for public business. They talk like they're at home or with a group of close friends in public - like those people who yak on the phone and everyone can hear ALL their business as they shop or ride in a plane. They wear whatever and do whatever they'd do at home behind a closed door but out there like the line to check out is there living room. I want more boundries about that. I don't want to wear lipstick and do my hair to go to the grocery store but clean pants and not screaming at your kids like crazy person on a phone in public would be good. OR maybe I just hate messy people because it reads like you're a cluttered mind and to avoid LOL I say this as a fat girl and a lot of people probably make a lot of assumptions about me.
  8. Ewwwwwwww. There was a really obnoxious woman on my last flight out of ATL last Sunday. We had the middle seat open between us because it wasn't a full flight and she spread out. I think she actually managed to kick me in my fat calves in the window seat when crossing and uncrossing her legs and she threw her coat across like I wasn't even there, so it fell partially on me and listened to her iPhone without headphones, but the Delta stewardess was like MISSSSSSSS here's some headphones and asked her to not block the aisles. and other seats without me saying anything. HA! People ruin everything with there weirdness.
  9. Since it's going to be the battle of old people I'm thinking we need to replace the current batch with someone better. I think I'd vote for Al Gore.
  10. Oh like my comic collecting days. Sad face.
  11. Turns out having babies also helps the healing properties of Moms. A lot of health issues we have for us that chose not to have kids actually solve themselves through childbirth because the child gives back healing properties to the mother. Humans are freaks. Also yes, younger and younger for periods. It's all the unnatural food sources we eat.
  12. OOOOOH do that tank swimming pool where the slide goes through a shark aquarium. It's at the Golden Nugget I think. The one I love which is for hiking and exploring and seeing lots of plants is Springs Preserve. Fun Dungeon at Excalibur is full of old arcade games kids can play. It's also home to the worlds biggest PacMan. The Downtown Container Park has a treehouse that kids can play in and lots of food options. Not to be outdone but the Golden Nugget there's also the Shark tank tour at Mandalay Bay. There's a car show that my nephews like to watch that's about building suped up cars and I think they do a tour of their shop but I am blanking on the name of the show right now.
  13. Ms. Spam

    NFL 2023

    there's a meme out there that my Dad shared to me on his phone letting me know that Taylor Swift has more Super Bowl wins than Dak Prescott. LOL Dad
  14. YAY! I am so glad you won! It was a crazy season and weird play offs!
  15. Oh man. I was at some bar in GA and it started slow but picked up after half time. I am okay with my crappy pick being the loser. Ha.
  16. holy sweet jebus. call your local precinct and ask for extra police presence in the neighborhood. it's like you're living the mean girls.
  17. Spirit and Frontier was about $100 cheaper but one of the flights had me going from San Antonio, to Seattle and then to Atlanta. I was in the air for 18 hours. Southwest was the most surprising. Delta had non-stop (keep in mind Atlanta is Delta's main hub) and before points it was $429 for a week out from flying while Southwest's comparable non-stop flight was $639. When I fly to the western states I try and book on American as they're often cheaper than Delta. But American had me going to Dallas and no direct non-stop flights for $459. To be honest I am a flying snob. I like the way Delta preboards better than Southwest. Flying out of San Antonio is expensive but I didn't have time to drive to Houston and fly out even if it saved me over $100. Delta and American Airlines tend to have a better class of people flying sometimes too. I can't explain it. The times I flew Southwest I sat next to a girl who was obnoxious with eating, kept fidgeting like she was on drugs and had to get up nine times to go to the bathroom or families with lots of kids kicking seats or begging you to change seats so they can sit together. Spirit and Frontier tend to nickle and dime you. Oh you want to take a bag with you on the flight? Welll that going to be more. Pick a seat? Okay that's more. It's constant upsell. I hate that. Although Delta was pushing all kinds of things on me while booking. I have lots of family so I don't have to rent a car in Atlanta. Someone will pick me up and drop me off.
  18. Right? Flying should be better than that. It's crazy. Welp my flight is booked! I hope I surprise my Dad!
  19. My Dad is turning 80 and they want to surprise birthday party my old man in Georgia. I want to go but I have no more paid time off from school so basically I'm flying out Saturday early and coming back possibly on Monday or Sunday. WHO the hell flies Spirit? I think I'm going to pay extra and fly on Delta because non-stop and I trust them to be less stupid.
  20. Music. Nothing but music for me. And it's probably not music you guys would listen to as it's mostly for parts I sing in choir. So church music. I'm working on learning to do solos so I need free voice lessons. HA Oh and math nerd tutoring videos to learn new math stuff because I came up in old math teaching but I am forced to teach in new math speak and UGH. So probably nothing you guys want. LOL
  21. I thought this had been posted for some reason. I think for fun we should post the points we think will happen. But you know, just pick! In this corner we have the most sensational, inspirational, this is the Taylor Swift BandWagon SHOOOOOOOOOW, the Kansas City Chiefs who's rusty defense and will to beat Tom Brady out of a record with Gronk drove them to beat ALL other teams to go to Las Vegas. Fly into Vegas on flight 1989 and fly back on 87. LOL VS. The DAD team, a Dad son player/coach thing going on that's only happened in the NFL one other time in the MacCaffreys, a young quarterback who wants to marry his own sweetheart and a guy who's wife designs jackets for the girlfriends of other teams players, where is that bullet train to Las Vegas when you need it San Francisco 49ers. So basically pick your red shirt to actually win, Chiefs or 49ers.
  22. UGH that was all terrible decisions by coaches in the last half. Those Lions!!!!!!! Not gonna lie I like Taylor Swift MORE than before because of her football love. It's like she's getting a second chance at high school.
  23. Kansas City pounced. If the Ravens had not made those mistakes on any other team they’d be going to the Super Bowl. Now Detroit needs to kick some assssssss
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