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  1. Baltimore! Hoping for safe travels and sending good juju, Gamevet!
  2. YESSSS! I am leaning towards Whirlpool. I am going to do a bottom freezer with a regular door I think. I thought about the layout of my kitchen and the doors will be more convenient that way. My fridge backs into a corner so a french door type opening for a freezer side would bang against the wall to open it all the way to see inside or get something out. But I also like the idea of the side by sides because we could get a filtered water and crushed ice maker. LOL. Whatever I get I think I'll leave here when the condo sells. So it's basically just got to function. We're staying in the co
  3. Toyota for life, man. I don't care what you say. I love the crap out of my Prius. That said I don't understand the love for Chic-Fil-A or In N Out. As brands go I don't really think they're that great. I'll eat it. Especially since the In N Out near me is open late and they keep their drive thru going and a number three doesn't break the bank but it's just a burger. I am slowly weening my sister off Starbucks. We'll see. Now on the subject of tumblers for drinking, we buy Buc-ee's cups or Bubba's in my house.
  4. OH MY GAWD that Sunday Night Game was horrible. Like Tennessee trounced them. Damn ESPN predictors were going Rams all the way man. My homer pick got me. COME ON DALLAS.
  5. My red light for the broadband on the router kept coming on and off. There is a wire loose in the box on the street I think because a car hit it a year ago. I sometimes can’t even stream stuff. When I taught from home last year I would have to go sit in the library parking lot to use WiFi.
  6. Also I HATE my home internet provider. This took 11 attempts to post. If it wasn't for daylight savings time I would have barely made it before the first kick of Sundays game. F AT&T.
  7. Thursday, November 7 NY Jets at Indianapolis Sunday, November 7 Cleveland at Cincinnati Denver at Dallas Houston at Miami Atlanta at New Orleans Las Vegas at NY Giants New England at Carolina Buffalo at Jacksonville Minnesota at Baltimore LA Chargers at Philadelphia Green Bay at Kansas City Arizona at San Francisco Tennessee at LA Rams Monday, November 8 Chicago at Pittsburgh
  8. I feel like they changed it due to the baseball union or else they'd be playing for the whole year with no time off.
  9. No issues the. With your Samsung’s? My mom hates her fridge. It’s a Samsung and she feels like the water filter is hard to change and she has to do it frequently. We live in a hard water area.
  10. Oh my god. What a bunch of weirdos. Get the shot. Ha.
  11. I am hoping my good credit will get me 4K in appliance love. Ha. my step mom totally says that glass is easy to clean but has its limits. I mean I have a great cast iron pan and I would be forever scared it would shatter the glass top.
  12. Thanks. I too hate the glass tops but because of the shipping crisis right now a regular burner oven is harder to get and you have to wait longer for it to be delivered. We don't have gas hook ups here because of the HOA which makes me sad.
  13. So the cats have officially ruined two appliances through rust. The fridge and stove need to be replaced. I am interested to know your opinions on glass top stoves and what fridges you prefer? I am leaning towards a side by side because of the location of the fridge in the house. It's going to be a pain to open those fridges that have the freezer on the bottom because if I am washing dishes and Tina wants ice she'll have to wait for me to move. But there's less door swing room too. I want something white but it looks like it'll be easier to get stainless so if I do that I gotta replace al
  14. YAY! Those look great. We had a lot of calaveras skulls for Day of the Dead and Coco's and then the usual Spiderman and Princesses. One guy at my sisters dialysis dressed up as a wearwolf! They also gave her a halloween themed mask. We made an ofrenda to remember my Nan and Mom. There was whisky in that glass for my Nan and the cats spilled the wine glass full of box wine we did for our Mom. I also did up my front door step to the condo. The front gate was done up like a mummy and I had cardboard tubes with eyes cut out and glow sticks in them spread around. I stalked t
  15. This weekend was bizarro world. I just randomly picked and I still think it went bad for me.
  16. Thursday, October 28 Green Bay at Arizona Sunday, October 31 Carolina at Atlanta Miami at Buffalo San Francisco at Chicago Pittsburgh at Cleveland Philadelphia at Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis Cincinnati at NY Jets LA Rams at Houston New England at LA Chargers Jacksonville at Seattle Washington at Denver Tampa Bay at New Orleans Dallas at Minnesota Monday, November 1 NY Giants at Kansas City
  17. I was going to go contrarian and was like nooooooo I won't risk it and now, well I LOSE.
  18. Arizona. They are doing good.
  19. This week I am going to make a Day of the Dead altar to celebrate my Mom and Nan. We have a little table with a cloth and things that they loved or representing things they loved and a white candle to burn. We'll leave an offering of bread out and light it at night. I can't believe I miss them soooo. They made me nuts sometimes but I want to remember them at their best.
  20. One of our outdoor clowder. His name is Henry. He is smaller than appears. He fits in ONE hand.
  21. A packrat made it's home in my car. I found it changing out a headlamp light today. I had to use kitchen tongs to get all this out and there's still some in there.
  22. JC thank god I'm a math teacher. That's a run on sentence from hell. I am so tired.
  23. It's crazy because of those investors. I hate those ppl. I can't afford a single house I really like and because I'm contingent any offer I make is ignored. So I just look at Zillow and Trulia and dream and wish but I'm gonna wait for this market to cool before I make the move OR hopefully I can save up and have a big enough down payment that I can just move to the new house and then not need the money from the condo so I can fix it up will cute and sell it and put that money back into savings. You crazy if you think I want to rent it. HA! The horror stories about renters who haven't paid and
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