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  1. I was secretly doing it in church during communion because I was actually reminded I needed to do it since the pastor is a Cowboys fan and brought up their win during the sermon and I was OH MAH GAHD I forgot to pick and had it under cover of pew posting on my iPhone 11.

  2. Thursday, December 2

    Dallas at New Orleans

    Sunday December 5

    Tampa at Atlanta
    Arizona at Chicago
    LA Chargers at Cincy
    Minnesota at Detroit

    Las Vegas
    LA Rams
    Kansas City

    Monday, December 6 

    at Buffalo

  3. Thursday, November 25
    Chicago at Detroit
    Las Vegas at Dallas - Dallas got me NEGATIVE points in my fantasy football teams thing. NEGATIVE.
    Buffalo at New Orleans

    Sunday, November 28
    Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
    Tampa Bay at Indianapolis
    Carolina at Miami
    Tennessee at New England
    Philadelphia at New York Giants
    Atlanta at Jacksonville
    New York Jets at Houston
    Los Angeles Chargers at Denver
    Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay
    Minnesota at San Francisco
    Cleveland at Baltimore

    Monday, November 29
    Seattle at Washington

  4. I like to imagine Pong is happy that it's almost like an extinction event. I mean a lot of people who are antivax types have gotten Covid already. There's talk now that immunity only lasts so long especially because we can't make it to herd immunity so there's families that got it last year at Thanksgiving and thought they had natural immunity and they got it AGAIN this year well viruses evolve. It's like climate deniers. HEY there's nothing wrong with the world as they pick up endless messes made by the climate.

    The one that BLOWS my mind is health care workers who refuse to get the vaccine. Like you treat these people who refused to do the right thing all day and night and you don't want the vaccine?

    My step Mom makes a point of it's really that she doesn't want the government/job telling her what to do. She got vaccinated because she is no stupid but it irks her to no end that they are being told what to do and forced to do it. I feel like this is the instance in class when I say a kid HAS to do something and they instinctively shut down, refuse to do the task or thing and disrupts. 

  5. Tina and I have technically four thanksgiving dinners. I made our own Thanksgiving on Monday so I could have leftovers and take something for lunches at my second job which I was working this week. It was a couple of turkey breasts roasted with fresh sage, rosemary and thyme with butter and salt and lemon which I served with my homemade dressing with apples and sausage, mashed nanners with gravy and some random frozen veggies.

    Then we went to my friends house at noon yesterday and had EVERYTHING imaginable with smoked turkey like two different dressings (One with cornbread and diced boiled eggs and eggplant that I NEVER touch) and another with big chunks of white bread, sweet taters with marshmellows, sauerkraut, rolls, homemade gravy and I brought roasted asparagus with lemon and parm, potatoes au gratin where I discovered my oven doesn't get hot enough because the potatoes were still stiff and three different veggie dips such as hidden valley ranch fiesta dip, a hot garlic and parm dip and a spinach and artichoke dip that I served with homemade garlic thyme crackers.

    Then Tina and I drove to visit my Dad who was my brothers house for Thanksgiving. We weren't actually invited to his dinner so basically I crashed it on purpose (My niece planned it for her family only and had it at my brothers because his house is bigger and he had a fire pit and they REALLY like drinking) My mom made turkey rubbed in a spice called "Slap yo mama" and she made her green bean casserole and then there was some kind of weird cornbread casserole with actual corn and three different pies. Tina and I ate the ham, drank my brothers HIGH END tequila and had pie. Oh and we watched the Cowboys lose.

     Then we left to go hang out at a very good friends house until 10:30 AM and just chill and pet cats and dogs and talk to normal people about things while sipping wine next to a fire pit in the windy chill and look at all there art because my friends are theater and arts type ppl. The turkey was awesome but we got there so late everything was cold so we drank spiked coffee and laughed and ate turkey and yummy desserts like a lemon torta.

  6. I am not afraid to do some work. I've done some repairs around the condo myself. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is I have to hire certain ppl to come fix my stuff because physically I can't lift it or move it on my own. Like when I had to replace the sink faucet I found I just didn't have the upper arm strength to reach up and turn two corroded wing nuts to get the old faucet off. 

    Oh and there was the time I lost my temper changing the shower cartridge out and hit a pipe with my hammer and broke it.

  7. Thursday, November 18

    New England at Atlanta

    Sunday, November 21

    Indy at Buffalo
    Baltimore at Chicago
    Detroit at Cleveland
    Houston at Tennessee
    Green Bay at Minnesota
    Miami at NY Jets
    New Orleans at Philly
    Washington at Carolina
    San Francisco at Jacksonville
    Cincy at Las Vegas
    Dallas at Kansas City
    Arizona at Seattle
    Pittsburgh at LA Chargers

    Monday, November 22

    NY Giants at Tampa Bay

  8. The thing about Bill Miller's is I a get about 30 minutes for lunch and they're about a five minute walk from my school. So it's easy to go and get a quick lunch. I usually get the #2 for $7.00. It's three pieces of fried chicken, a bread roll and my choice of side with a large Pepsi. I mean, would I chose Bill Miller's for BBQ when I can hit up a Rudy's? Probably no, but honestly I find the price good, how fast they serve and good pecan pie. If we're going fancy for BBQ it's Blacks in San Marcos. Bill Miller's fried chicken is better than Bush's.

  9. HAHAHA. Chic-Fil-A sammiches are meh. It's basically chicken marinated in pickle juice and then deep fried in a kind of southern style breading. It's weird you haven't had a Popeye's that is good. I've gotten pretty good chicken from Popeyes. I love their mashed potatoes. For food loyalty I'm probably a local BBQ chains biggest fan. I didn't even cancel culture them when it came out the owner contributes to a billion GOP things because their brisket tacos and fried chicken and UNsweetened tea at the BOMB and reasonably priced. BILL MILLER'S FOR LIFE. https://www.billmillerbbq.com/

  10. I feel like that's a Dilbert comic strip but Old White Guys like those strips. So basically all I can offer is what I think about at my job - some day when I'm 80 something I will be offered the opportunity to finally retire and the bonus to lasting until I am 80 is I will get to drive around to all the old retirement homes and such my former nemisiseses (People who used to be above me or I worked with or took a phone call who worked in a bank) and I get to slap the shit out of them.

  11. My sister in law is fuming because she's being forced to get vaccinated or lose her job. I was shocked she hasn't yet. Like everyone I run into that has not been vaccinated gets I treat like "OH you like Polio?" I mean I get her point. She's been work from home for this oil company doing billing coding for 20 years and has never EVER been to the office but she's also a freelance photographer that takes pictures of kids graduating and getting married and babies and I'm like why haven't you done it yet? It seems like a no brainer but it set her off on a list of things I just didn't have the heart to argue against so I got up and walked away instead of trying to refute any claims. Thank god I don't like her. She's also what I consider a bad parent (she's her kids best friend and enables a lot of bad behavior such as letting her kids boyfriend almost score to third base on her couch before she second thought that move about letting him stay the night).

  12. The Sony 4K 60 inch tv was AWESOME that I got myself a few years ago. I only had it for three weeks before the cats ruined it. They are overpriced though. Samsung TVs and monitors are good. I think I've had the same Samsung monitor at my second job for 10 years. The colors starting to in it though and they're talking about going to ACERs because of the better price point.

  13. Took my Prius to the dealership for service and got a ride to work. The lady who is my service advisor called to tell me my hybrid light came on. Like come on. I don’t want to buy a new battery yet. Turns out the guy who did the oil change messed with a wire and it tripped. But man. 4,000$ battery replacement was looking me straight in the eye today. 

  14. On 11/14/2021 at 1:17 AM, Destiny Skywalker said:

    Ugghhhh. Got the email tonight while at a rare moms night out that they are quarantining 4th grade next week. So much for that nice assembly she was going to get.

    Mask mandates work. I swear we should have this year round. We have yet to have the COVID outbreak AND no flu spread either! My niece teaches in Nebraska and they never shut down for in person learning because the school basically was like wear a mask and space out and just be careful and it amazes me they didn't have one single outbreak. But on the flip side not a lot of ppl go to Nebraska and travel out of state or anything. LOL.

  15. Thursday, Nov 11

    Baltimore at Miami

    Sunday, Nov 14

    Atlanta at Dallas
    New Orleans at Tennessee
    Jacksonville at Indianapolis
    Cleveland at New England
    Buffalo at NY Jets
    Detroit at Pittsburgh
    Tampa Bay at Washington
    Carolina at Arizona
    Minnesota at LA Chargers
    Philadelphia at Denver
    Seattle at Green Bay
    Kansas City at Las Vegas

    Monday, Nov 15

    LA Rams at San Francisco

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