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  1. The weather this year in Texas is WILD!
  2. Not gonna lie I’d totally try that blue milk if I could find it.
  3. My students were asking me to tell their parents about the dumpster thing all week. HA! It was laughter antidote, especially after a super sucky day before. One of my neighbors helped me out after and hour of slipping and trying to get out. Let me tell you getting out of a wet dumpster is actually good for cardio!
  4. I got hit by a lady backing out of a parking lot. My car was directly behind hers and she told me “Why didn’t you stop? I was backing out.” I stared at her because I was directly behind her car when she threw it into gear and backed up. The damage is on the back end of my car. Where would I have stopped? And also, OMG so we just back up expecting people to let us out? She was fresh out of a Pilates class and had no insurance card with her as well as losing her license. I’ve been playing phone tag with her insurance company for the last five days. I also got stuck in a dumpster. I was trying to fish a lid out that I accidentally threw away. I was on a ladder and had a set of long bbq tongs trying to get the lid out when I flipped over the top and landed on my back in the dumpster. I was a crazy lady covered in pickles and shrimp shells asking people of my condo complex “Help me I’m stuck in a dumpster and can’t get out!”
  5. We had protestors block the entrances to a local Valero headquarters in protest of it providing oil and gas to Israel yesterday. I applauded them. I get it’s scary and especially after Iran launched strikes this week on Israel but I feel this is a stark warning if we allow extremist factions of government full rule. No one wants to find common middle ground.
  6. We had traffic gridlock on interstate 10 going out and coming back. It was hilarious waiting to get home because people can’t zipper merge. My school kids were appropriately both fascinated and bored with it. HA! I feel like something has changed in my life like it’s weird. My sides hurt. I’ve been clumsier. But I chalk that up to getting old but I blame the eclipse.
  7. My school district is in the half of San Antonio that gets partial eclipse coverage but I’ve been laboring for weeks to convince my school to close tomorrow for this thing. HA! I just don’t want to go to work that day. It’s going to be bonkers. Yesterday I went and ran errands and there are people from ALL over all over the place. Plates on cars from New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and beyond. In N Out Burger was cover in scads of cars yesterday so bad they blocked up traffic for a mile for people “Visiting”. UGH
  8. We also have the birds making their houses in a laundry vents and nothing stops them. I have pulled out so many nests from my exhaust vent and sealed them only for the birds to figure out some way to break through and nest again.
  9. lol. I just crapped all over this with my gay guy story in the other thread. my school is also 79% Hispanic but it’s weird. Most of my students don’t know any Spanish at all. for the sports question it’s a bigger problem I think in collegiate and amateur or professional sports. Until everything is just treated equally it’s probably going to be a huge problem. Capitalism holds the status quo so you see women making it into coaching or offices of major league teams but never a fully integrated sports team with 50 50 women to men taking the field.
  10. Sooooo I almost got into it with my gay neighbor. He apparently is the one who smashed my bird feeders and hummingbird feeders and broke my glass butterfly. He is moving out over the last two months and tonight he told me it’s because of the birds I feed. He then told me it’s illegal to feed birds in the city. I immediately asked what city ordinance says that? “look it up” he tells me. uhm dude if it’s illegal why the fuck are there bird stores, feed stores, Home Depot’s and Lowe’s besides standard grocery stores selling bird seed and feeders on their shelves for just anybody to buy all over San Antonio? he then tells me to get a dildo. Jesus Christ dude, is this the last homily of a gay guy who’s feelings are hurt over some such slight against him and he is just acting out? so I brought up the fact that he kept his dog locked in a kennel for days and that poor dog was never so happy as when he got to go outside. It must be some anger over being Mexican and locked in his a nanas closet for so long then he told me he’d beat my ass. I told him just move out already. pretty sure all my shit will be messed up tomorrow morning. why so much hate dude?
  11. It is. I garden in it already. I also bought a purple one that’s like shorts. All cotton!
  12. Up and down will make the space look smaller I think. I like refrigerator drawers and then you can put a draw panel on the front to make it not look like a fridge but that’s probably an expense that adds on.
  13. Oh god I want menopause to happen so fast. No wax in the spam kingdom.
  14. I wonder if there are more medical episode accidents that happen in Florida than any other state. In other weird news I bought to glass mushrooms and a weird jumpsuit. I look like a line green ompalompa in it but I love it. It looks like this but neon green. It is so comfortable! https://www.dillards.com/p/free-people-fp-movement-hot-shot-onesie/512240745
  15. Was it just her car or did something happen by another car hitting her? Also sending good juju. I think after a stressful crappy week I tend to get drunk faster on less alcohol but I am a nut.
  16. LOL I forgot about that bill she voted down. Thanks Memes! I am averaging twelve texts a day from GOP type texters asking me to donate to the Trump election fund. I haven’t gotten one Biden text. This angers me more GOP because I’m not funding your obvious grifter.
  17. Is Senator Katie Britt on crack? That was a weird speech to me. Like she would whisper and get fake emotional. And the mess created by in vitro fertilization made by the GOP had to get a hasty law to fix that. It’s like tooting your horn when you’re the idiot stuck in the intersection. state of the unions used to be on Tuesdays right?
  18. I feel bad for Halley. Like it wasn’t going to happen girl, but nice try. Plus it was super weird that there were a ton of runners had already weeded themselves out like Christy and DeSantis. Halley hung in until the very last I guess. I feel like if I may have voted for her if she’d made it. I would have felt really slimey but at least it wasn’t a vote for Biden or Trump if I voted for her. We had the Texas primary yesterday and I voted but I did democrat so my choices were LAME, I wanted to like those people in Michigan or Minnesota who voted the option undecided or whatever I can’t remember right now at lunch, but it would have felt good to give Biden a vote of NO CONFIDENCE but I’m stuck with your lame ass.
  19. Ain’t that the truth. I had a heart CATH recently because I don’t really know my health history and I’ve had recent issues that are like panic attacks eating hot food and a tightness in my chest as well as some poor circulation. They found nothing but man, it’s scary when a doctor says we need to schedule you for more testing LOL I laugh because panic is not an option. HILARIOUSLY the doctor tells me to cut stress from life and I’m like what you mean my job?
  20. You know the cats will take over or at least one cat HA
  21. I wanna say that Mitch likes those medical benefits, because going to Medicare will be a difference for his old ass.
  22. I was just about to come post in this! I think it’s too late. He should have gone long ago. I am ALLLLLL for a kind of being competent to do the job for both Congress and President. I even believed it when Diane Finestein was showing her age or even Strom Thurmond.
  23. I actually had my eye on a computer with similar specs like that at Best Buy outlet. It’s overkill for what I want to do with my home computer but better to get higher grade for later.
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