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  1. I sincerely never would've guessed the words "Supra-Awesome Badass Pimp" would be used to describe me...

  2. Thank you, Icey! It's a traumatizing day - I needed a pick-me-up!

  3. Hey, assbutt!

    1. Darth Lohr

      Darth Lohr

      Always good to see old faces return to NN. Well, not always - but this time it is!

  4. That's pretty sad, Gar: you only have one friend...and it's me...

  5. What the hell is this "reputation" score? And how the hell did YOU get such a good one?!? :-p

  6. Hey, Alex, hope you're doing well. I just noticed this whole comment thing for the first time (never really look at profiles).

    Anywho, thought I'd end your 2 yr drought here! BTW, great quote - don't even remember saying it ('course, I'm old)!

  7. *drive-by hug*

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