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    Underground rock (Lighning Bolt, Black Dice, U. S. Maple, etc.), weightlifting.
  1. Russian stocks crash and ruble plunges to record low I don't think any of this is going to end well for Putin.
  2. Star Tours is still there (very cool ride) but it is at its same location and is not in GE. Also, they indeed retro fitted Space Mountan to be Star Wars themed. It's now called HyperSpace Mountain and it also remains in its old location.
  3. I took the fam to Disneyland in July. Great fun, very, very immersive. But, as mentioned, once you are done gawking (and you will gawk for awhile) there is really only the Falcon ride. Again, very, very immersive. My group was my family so we rocked it. I believe there is another similiar ride being stood upo where you get to be a bad guy and fly a TIE Fighter. Anyway, recommended.
  4. Yea, I didn't watch IF either and they tricked us a bit by making that series pretty crucial to the story line. Still, plenty to like though a tatch-of-a-letdown. I didn't think JJ was a as good as most but this has me very eager to see the next season.
  5. When was the last war caused by an American religion? The Mormon conflicts of the 19th century? It was legal to kill a Mormon in Missouri up until 1976.
  6. Plus that quote was right on the heals of the Arab Spring when the SoS might have used that turmoil to hold it over the head of the likes of Assad. "Hey, you don't wan to end up like Libya, right? Here's what you do..." He was no less a ruthless dictator just because he we tried to convince him to stop being one. Obviously.
  7. That's not even close to being true. From 2009: https://parade.com/110133/davidwallechinsky/more-of-the-worlds-worst-dictators/
  8. No idea. If an actual terrorist or would-be terrorist was prevented from entering due to the ban, we'd never know. I guess one way it could be considered a success would be as Brando suggested- if the review by Homeland Security does actually reveal some gaps in the vetting process that can be identified and fixed. But other than that, no real way to measure the efficacy. I don't take a strong position on the ban itself and am mostly indifferent. I think conservatives overestimate the effect to which it will actually do anything (i.e., the likelihood it prevents a terrorist attack is
  9. How do we measure the efficacy of this travel ban? What is the KPI here? Meaning, how is it being measured for success?
  10. Ha! They had 7 years to plan for this moment and they blew it. Trumpcare is dead. ACA stands.Well aware of that sweetie, but there's nothing they can do. The proverbial cat is out of the bag and ****ing the dog. There's nothing that can be done to fix it. Or do you have a plan to pay for this mess? Things cost money. You're right, sugar pie, it indeed seems that there is nothing they can do.
  11. Ha! They had 7 years to plan for this moment and they blew it. Trumpcare is dead. ACA stands.
  12. "Has anyone noticed the urban/rural voting percentages? The rural people (who I have been telling you all for a long time that you don't even begin to understand) are getting completely fed up with being called retarded redneck backwoods cave-men. They hate what they see as subsidizing a bunch of programs for minorities in cities while the rural white/brown/black alike struggle a little harder every year and the debt goes higher. I heard a cheer come up when people heard the #Calexit thing." Haha, and then they vote for Trump and prove those people right. I live in Missouri and am quite fami
  13. Here is an interesting piece that anecdotally talks about first time voters over 35 turning out for Trump. My little insight going back to the primaries was that Trump was going to pull people out of the trailer park and into the voting booths for the first time. I hope we get some data around this at some point. http://digg.com/2016/revenge-of-the-forgotton-class
  14. Oh, he's going to disappoint them badly. And then more frustration that the Trump-bomb they dropped on DC didn't blow up the "status quo".
  15. There's a lot of space right there. It will be interesting to see who fills it. I think the pool will be young and some will be from the Sanders camp.
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