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    How tragic, the insecurities of an angel.
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    dancing. poking people with sticks. singing in the rain. eating strawberry lip gloss. cuddling. jumping in puddles. lip rings. baking cupcakes. sock monkeys. foreign accents. stickers. apple trees and apartment keys. metal music. vintage t.shirts. making out. writing. sketching. reading. procrastinating. being weird. volkswagen beetles. watching movies. writing english papers. working at starbucks. making messes. world domination.
  1. I don't come here nearly often enough anymore. =(

  2. My latest great anger is the plague of unnecessary apostrophes that seem to crop up everywhere. Apostrophes are NOT needed to make things plural!! I am so sick of seeing signs saying "$2.99 Margarita's!" and the like. I feel like asking, "$2.99 margarita's WHAT? What do they have?!"
  3. A comment for j00!

  4. no trouble with my lashes like that. but every once in a while i will have a random eyebrow hair like, turn slightly. then it sticks up funny and it hurts!!! no idea wtf is up with that. but yeah. no idea on the lashes shrug
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