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    Shouldn't Baseball be K, backwards or not? LOL.
  2. It might be a little too late for that, but here's something related to one of our O/Us previously: http://blog.taragana.com/sports/2010/04/09/japanese-female-knuckleball-pitcher-eri-yoshida-joins-mens-minor-league-team-in-california-92363/
  3. No one's mentioned Wes Unseld so I'd like to toss him in for possible consideration. Also, Nate Thurmond and Dave Cowens. & Rick Barry.
  4. That was not an 'invite' ... I know he was my fave player but Olajuwon was better than Duncan. A better rebounder, better defender, better scorer.
  5. My unused topic from the season's commencement ... http://forums.nightly.net/topic/64348-greatest-player-in-nba-history/
  6. & in that big-time charity effort where they were on opposing teams, he wrecked Jordan by scoring 44 as opposed to MJs lukewarm 20-point game. ... but I can't forget the Toni Kukoc incident.
  7. Wilt Chamberlain (# 1 IMHO) Oscar Robertson (best all-around) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (take a peek into the league and some dude has 26 points and 13 rebounds in a game, come back 20 years later and the same dude has 26 points and 13 rebounds, wtf?) Michael Jordan Magic Johnson Larry Bird Bill Russell Jerry West Hakeem Olajuwon George Mikan Moses Malone Elvin Hayes Karl Malone Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant Bob Cousy Pete Maravich Charles Barkley LeBron James Tim Duncan Scottie Pippen John Havlicek Bob Petit John Stockton Walt Frazier to round out that top 25. Edit: is an unordered list.
  8. The following reminded me of this thread: http://www.sphere.com/nc/article/hundreds-...home%2F19298767 And then I'm reminded of 'The Devil's Advocate' ('97 # 26) about a religious right to slaughter.
  9. What's Michael J. Fox really like?? -What's Michael J. Fox really like?? I Hate that question, you hear?? I hate it! No one dare ask me that again - especially not some egg-sucking duded up gutter trash!
  10. Over. Drew Brees TD passes this season @ 30 ...
  11. Over. Vince Young to the rescue. *dons his # 10 draft shirt* Tom Brady season TD passes @ 28.5 ...
  12. The game's begun but I was thinking Under anyway. Darth Wicket posts through the end of December 31st @ 16825.
  13. Over. Most wins for the leader in our Nightly NFL Picks @ 180.
  14. Gog - good catch. That's an original from yours truly and a real one from my life. But she didn't say "Huh??" and it wasn't really a date from before ... Here are some more: You Know You've Watched BACK TO THE FUTURE too many times when ... 1. You buy a sports almanac that gives every major sports victory in the latter 20th century, just in case. 2. After you first see Cal in "Titanic", you spend the rest of the movie looking around wondering where Skinhead and 3-D are. 3. You've frequently been taken to the hospital with head injuries after hitting your head on the bathroom sink, thi
  15. You Know You've Watched BACK TO THE FUTURE too many times when ... 1. You name your dog Einstein 2. You call one of you buddy's "Doc" 3. You try to start on the topic named 'you know you've watched BTTF too many times when' 4. You spend your life savings to purchase a DeLorean 4a. You demand your money back when said DeLorean doesn't travel through time 5. You chop off the wheels of your skateboard so you can make it hover 6. You have a lot of tickets for speeding on the highway at 88 mph b/c you were trying to attain the necessary speed 7. You set fire to your tires so you can leave a blaz
  16. Over - I say 78 ... LaDainian Tomlinson career rushing yards @ 19500.
  17. You know my response from the selections ... I said over, in fact I believe I had every team hitting double digits. Tim Lincecum CY Young awards @ 2.5 ...
  18. You said Roger Clemens twice. Since my selection stated 25, I'll have to stick to that and go with the under. Edit: Most points scored by a team this NFL week @ 39.
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    Prim: The Pharoah left hanging high and dry in the winds of the desert. ShadowD: Hmmm, dessert - pie?? Prim: No.
  20. Primbud


    Whoa, ask and ye shall receive ... Edit: If you all will note in the 'Guest Appearances' section, it says it's Corey Dillon, and not Cory Dillon. Hallelujah, I've been confirmed!!
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    Something's not right, this thing said 3 downloads and then I grabbed it but it still says three. Oh well. Do you have your last Records for all Jeopardies?
  22. Under. When was the last? # of combined SB wins for Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, the two best QBs in the NFL today, starting from today, for the rest of their NFL playing careers, @ 2.00
  23. Under, sorry, I think he'll go 14-16 injure himself or just begin his 'walk away' ... AL HR leader next year @ 47.5
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