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  1. Did anyone else here grow up with David Braben's Frontier? Well he's back and he's brought a sequel with him. The Beta is available now for you to buy and play. Not me though. I'm too poor. I don't think I've ever been so excited about a game before. I mean come on, it's Grand Theft Auto meets Rogue Squadron!
  2. http://movies.yahoo....-222031564.html So it's Rhino and Electro. I love Paul but I didn't like The Amazing Spider-Man. If I see this at all it'll be because of Paul. Supposedly it's the Ultimate Mecha-Rhino version they are using, not traditional Rhino. They also say Felicity Jones will play either Mary-Jane or Black Cat.
  3. Watership Down ... A The black rabbit gets me every time.
  4. I like it too, everything that is except the pot belly.
  5. The latest photographs. http://www.slashfilm.com/high-resolution-photos-avengers-explained/
  6. It looks exactly like his WWII costume. He wore it in his movie. I was a big fan of his movie. And so was Red Skrull. Hopefully that whole movie is on the DVD. That would be neat special feature. But I too prefer the First Avenger costume. This new costume is okay, they're staying true to the comics at least. I'm still not sold on Superman with no undys.
  7. Captain to Skrulls: "Get off my plane(t)!"
  8. Ed Harris would be damn near perfect.
  9. Why does Captain have all those zippers on his pants but no fly?
  10. Unconventional choice but interesting.
  11. Spacey did a great Hackman impression. But he did fit the part more than Bosworth or Langella or that little runt playing Jimmy Olsen. Why in the blue hell would anybody ask Frank Langella to fill Jackie Cooper's comedic shoes? I'm sure Langella's a nice guy but he's about as funny as Christopher Lee. Thank god this is an origin story. You try the 007 approach with Superman and you end up with dumb ideas such as the Superkid and Lois Lane playing hard to get. To hell with that. It's reassuring to see hardcore 007ers such as THT and company warming to the idea of another origin story. I respe
  12. This is a nice cast. In fact the only one miscast so far is the director... But this will hopefully erase the horrible memories of Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey and Frank Langella. God I hated that cast.
  13. World's shortest fairy tale: A man asked a woman to marry him. She said no and he lived happily ever after.

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