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  1. And this is why I hate coming to this board anymore. Fun times, all!
  2. Plus, it's not like Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards had a ton of movies under their belts before being hired to make Star Wars movies.
  3. If I'm wrong, then I'll be happy about it, trust me! I try to be optimistic, too. But it's frustrating to constantly hear "it'll happen, wait for it!" or "they're just hiring the right people for the job," like talented minority filmmakers don't exist. (Especially when people like Taika Waititi, Ryan Coogler, Patty Jenkins, Ava Duverney, and Jordan Peele have been garnering so much acclaim lately.) And ESPECIALLY when Kathleen Kennedy is helming the franchise and talks about the importance of diversity in all aspects of filmmaking. I understood and defended the ideas behind hiring JJ Abrams fo
  4. I think that's what people initially believed, but George was like "oh yeah, that's the Falcon, yup."
  5. Diversity in ideas you mean? I'd agree.Lol, no. I'm not going to argue about it though because people already think I'm the SJW harpy around here.
  6. I know nothing about Game of Thrones (heh), so I really have no opinion on this, other than the lack of diversity in Star Wars writing and directing is still very, very disappointing.
  7. They're not. Bob Iger mentioned in today's earnings call they were close to making an announcement on that.
  8. This is what I get for saying more Star Wars is always a good thing.
  9. Natalie: You died of a broken heart. You don't scare me.
  10. Counterpoint: Give me more Star Wars forever.
  11. Yup. And, I mean, the point isn't really whether Kennedy makes good movies or not, but whether or not a company led by her can effectively produce a movie per year. It can. Bringing this back around to Solo, there won't be another Star Wars movie after it until December 2019. And then we don't know when the next one will come out, or what it will be.
  12. I just get baffled when people act concerned about the quality dropping when we've already had the prequels. And I like them. But.
  13. I got bored of breaking Bad after season 04, and thought it declined, though I heard it had a return to form. Never watched star trek. Mad Men was the same **** season after season and nothing actually happened but for some reason people like it. And Lost.. well... got lost up itself. I only saw the first season. Sure but I bet Disney does not work to that timescale. That's pretty much exactly what they do. One production team is working on a movie at a time. TFA started production first. Rogue One was in pre-production while TFA was filming. Rogue One started filming while TFA was i
  14. OH NOES MORE STAR WARS! WE'RE DOOMED. I say, to quote the character whose movie we're talking about, Bring it on.
  15. Tim Zahn did NOT come up with Qwi Xux. That was from the Jedi Academy trilogy. Don't insult him like that.
  16. The prequels already happened. Soul was lost long ago.
  17. What in this trailer makes Han appear incompetent or bumbling? He's clearly a great pilot from the scenes we saw. Is it the "everything's fine" part? Because that is 100% an homage to ANH - not to mention meta commentary on all the reshoot/director change stuff behind the scenes.
  18. I am 100% here for the overall aesthetic. I really dug the last shot of Alden, and the animated logo. Also, it looks like they're either keeping with Han's Imperial backstory or having him pull some sort of long con, which I am also 100% here for. Looking forward to the full trailer tomorrow. I got really excited about Rogue One after the first teaser, so I expect to have a similar reaction.
  19. Yup. He was busy and didn't want to rearrange his schedule or turn down steady work for a cameo. And then he went to Celebration Orlando for the first time and was legitimately blown away by how many people loved Wedge Antilles, so I think if they asked him again he would change his mind.
  20. I don't need to see Lando, but what other allies could the Resistance have that can swoop in save the day and the audience give a flip? BROOM BOY. Seriously though, I think it's more of a concept than specific people. But I would not object to see Admiral Wedge Antilles come out of retirement....
  21. The novelization was actually written later than usual. It comes out March 6. This was specifically done per Rian Johnson's request - he didn't want the book coming out the same day as the movie and possibly lead to leaks beforehand. The author of the novelization, Jason Fry, met with Rian to discuss creating new scenes and adapting deleting scenes. Here's a featurette from the latest Star Wars Show: https://twitter.com/starwars/status/959901836349091840
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