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  1. Wow this place is deserted now! Sad. This thread used to be a hot topic for discussion. Reg, everybody else. Where are you guys? I am fault as well. I have been busy and I am haven't been here for a while. Anyway, time to update things. Well as everybody already knows the Brazuca is the official match ball for World Cup Brazil 2014. I got mine already as well as the new MLS Prime which is essential the smae ball. I haven't heard much criticism on it like with the Jabulani but I am sure it's coming. It's still early. I wonder if Adidas made any significant modifications on the technol
  2. I like the Beijing ball a lot more. This one looks like a girl's league ball. I am not too impressed with the design as well. Technologically I think it's identical to the Tango 12. I believe that they are the same ball. I know they explained the name "The Albert" in the article but it's still a litle unclear to me. Well it is what it is
  3. Hi guys, I am finally back. I have been really busy with my baby and after they closed the old thread I wasn't planning to come back to Nightly Net anymore and then I heard that Reg restarted the thread. Good job Reg, thanks for doing so, I am still hoping that Nightly doesn't get rid of the old thread and they conserve it since there are a lot of great pictures and discussions in it. My latest acquisition are the Euro 2012 Tango 12 and the MLS Prime Finals official match ball (the one that the LA Galaxy will be using this year since they won the championship). Since I collect all MLS balls
  4. Hey what about those road kill commercials from Quiznos? JK! You guys forgot Disney's Dinosaurs. Not the best movie in the world but the CGI was pretty good. It was also a very expensive movie that bankrupt the new Disney CGI animation studio.
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