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  1. Personally I'd like to see Luthor portrayed at first as someone the general public at large still sees as a good guy. We know he's slime, but Metropolis still sees him as the face of the city and its greatest benefactor. He becomes pissed that someone, an alien no less, has been taking his spotlight. The role would be smaller compared to other films but would consist of him outwardly helping with the threat but secretly aiding it and wanting Superman gone, all the while Superman and Lois and Perry (being great reporters) being the only ones who really don't buy into what Lex is selling.

  2. Having said that, though, I'm just not sure that there's really all that much interest in Superman. I'm confident that a reboot will produce a better film, but I think the casual fan is just tired of the character (I know I am).

    Definitely something to think about. I'd be disappointed if this were the case being a big Superman fan myself, but it'd be delusional if I didn't see that other superheroes have pulled the rug under Superman's feet for quite sometime now and taken his spot.


    And again, the problem with Singer's route is that the original movies were simply too old to base off of anymore. You respect the mythos sure but at the same time you want to grab the imaginations, interest, and entertain the young people of today, the core target audience of superheroes in the first place. Singer didn't take that into consideration when making Superman Returns and was instead focused on his own boyhood love of the original films. That's not to say having such a respect for the original films is a bad thing. But it becomes a hindrance rather than an asset when instead of just looking to previous works and drawing small inspirations and influences from it, you basically copy it. "Respecting" the original Superman films has become a vastly overrated concept, in the sense that many see them as untouchable. I love the first two movies too, but they're not without their flaws and just because I loved them but that doesn't mean a new generation should be cheated out of getting a brand new vision for their own and only get movies they can barely relate to because its a sequel to a movie that was made before their parents were even born.


    Beyond the obvious fact that making any film is a difficult process, I just don't see what was so difficult and challenging about Singer's mindset behind making this movie. It wasn't new, it wasn't innovative, and frankly wasn't all that creative.

  3. That's not really a fair assessment of the situation, though. The judgment on SR had been fairly bad from the get-go, not to mention questions were swirling about the franchise's fate well before TDK even hit theaters to begin with. I mean, sure the massive success of the film probably nudged execs even further to this decision, but they were obviously leaning that way beforehand anyway. Its easy to point the finger at Batman and its tearing up of the box office, but the reality is that the disappointing performance of Superman Returns on its own is what caused this. You can't tell me they'd be even thinking of rebooting the franchise right now had Superman Returns been a box office blockbuster in its own right, and I'm not talking about the ridiculous numbers TDK is making. I'm just talking your "run of the mill" hit.

  4. Not necessarily on both counts. One, Luthor may be Superman's arch-nemesis, but that doesn't mean he has to be used first just because the franchise is being rebooted. Maybe in the past this would have seemed true, but Batman Begins shattered that notion when not only was the Joker not the villain in the first film of the reboot, the villain they chose was virtually unknown to anyone not familiar with the Batman mythos in the comics. The strategy was a success so its not at all difficult for me to imagine them taking a similar route here. To me someone with a link to Superman's past would be key in casting the villain, which case I'd go with Brainiac as many incarnations of the mythos including just recently official comics continuity ties him in with Superman's Kryptonian heritage.


    And as far as an origin, there are many creative ways to technically tell his origin on screen, but do it quickly. In other words this is an aspect that I would imagine them not taking a cue from Nolan's Batman on and go more a route of Burton's original Batman.

  5. I don't liken Superman much to Captain America. The very foundations of Captain America's origin is locked within the 40s, but that's not the case with Superman. His origin is pretty timeless. Not to say a period piece wouldn't be interesting, but hardly necessary to get fans to buy into it. If fans don't want to buy into Superman as he truly is, then it won't really matter what time period he's set in anyway. I like to think however that there can be appeal to Superman in this day and age and not all cool characters have to be all dark, dreary, and murderous to be liked.

  6. I'm of two minds here. If you're going to do another Superman movie at all, it has to be rebooted. Either reboot it or don't make another film, I see that as the only two options. Why? Because, while I enjoyed Superman Returns, despite all of Bryan Singer's comments to the contrary, it was a direct sequel to Superman I and II. There's just no arguing that now. The fears voiced by many turned out to be true; he was making a movie for himself and for older fanboys of the original film, completely overestimating their value with today's audience. It was a sequel to films nearly 30 years old. And it felt like it. It was a bookend to story elements introduced in the first two films, so there's pretty much nowhere to go now. You want an actual Superman franchise? You have to reboot it. It should have been in the first place.


    The problem with this though is that it seems like my new fear has been realized. With The Dark Knight being so successful WB now thinks every superhero has to be dark. They all need a "ooooooo dark and brooding" dark side that needs to be explored. This is a part of a lot of superheroes, but its not a part of Superman. HE'S NOT DARK. Period. To try and paint Superman with a dark side completely goes against everything the character stands for in the first place, to the point there's no reason to even call the character Superman. So I'd be for a reboot. But if it entails elements of darkness? Count me out. I'd support that piece of **** Justice League project before I supported a dark Superman film.

  7. Rebirth was a hell of a retcon, I thought. I liked that none of it seemed forced, and it actually went and gave some significant answers to questions other than just "Why did Hall go nuts?". Making sense of the yellow impurity was a bigger deal to me than redeeming Hal, actually. Its actually hard for me to imagine now that fans just accepted for so long that the rings didn't effect anything yellow for no reason whatsoever.


    I still am a Kyle Rayner fan, though. I thought he was a damn cool creation who unfortunately gets overshadowed with the events of how his predecessor fell.


    That's just my take though, your mileage may vary, to take a page from our resident comics guru himself.

  8. I was actually hoping a sequel would get a new director. Everyone was all over Singer's nuts when he signed on for Superman Returns, but I just wasn't feeling it after finding out it would be based on the Donner films rather a new vision. I love Superman I and II, but Singer has like, an obsession with them. Its the only way I can imagine why he wouldn't understand that those films are 30 years old and a very small amount, if any, of the current generation of movie-goers has a special place for those films in their heart like he does. Hell those first two movies hold a special place with me and even I knew that expanding on those films would be a mistake.


    With all that said I thought as a stand-alone film it was good, enjoyed it in the theaters and own the DVD. I just am not sure how much my feelings for the first two films have to do with that. I mean, I can imagine someone who's never even seen the original Superman films being completely lost. Anyway, I just still can't help though what could've been with a creative, yet true to the character, reimagining of the Superman story for the big screen, but will hope that as much originality can now be spun out of this sequel and Singer stops limiting himself due to aging incarnations.

  9. I just want to assure people here that there is little substance to the idea that this forum will not be removed if it hurts the participation of these contests. If it fails, its gone, you have our word.


    For anyone who might be a teensy bit curious about the page views example.... It can't be removed even if we wanted to; I can count on one hand the number of people who had a problem with it at the time we moved to IPB; the problems those couple people thought would arise from the page view count have never arisen, not even once, more than a year after they first appeared.


    In other words, if this idea turns out to suck major ass, it'll go away, we won't keep it just to annoy people.

  10. I thought that was fantastic. Really captured the typical teenage stuff that we think is end of the world stuff back at that age, and I loved all the things she was thinking of her father. And I'm all for a feel good ending, haha. Great job. :)

  11. Haha, yep I remember that. Do you still call them that? Because I know even if you want to its hard to change the way it sounds in your head after pronouncing it a certain way for so long. Like before TPM, I had pronounced Coruscant with a hard c at the end. It was hard to get out of that habit.

  12. Jedi Cool:

    At Celebration II, the NJO authors pronounced it "Jason".


    How does one pronounce "C'boath"?

    I remember the very first time I read the Thrawn Trilogy (back in my middle school days, man that sucks to think about), I pronounced it "Jay-kin". But I hated the way that sounded and decided to go with "Jay-sen", even though at the time I thought it was incorrect. Just coincidence that the latter turned out to indeed be correct.


    I pronounce C'baoth "Suh-bay-oth"


    How about Fey'lya?

  13. Hogan crusing the Rock's car. Just because for the most part the whole Kane/Shane fued was so ridiculous and I got tired of seeing Kane presumably destroyed in all these accidents (the car crash, falling into a burning garbage disposal) yet returning the next week with a single band-aid on him.


    Vince McMahon; better as an announcer or his evil WWE owner character?

  14. I'm going to go with Ladder Matches. The Cage Match is cool but it's used so much more often than a ladder match that the latter still remains a fairly unique stipulation to this day. Plus you get almost all the shock value from a ladder match as you would a cage match, minus the obstructed view due to the damn links, lol.


    1980's-early 90's WWF championship belt or Attitude era WWF championship belt?

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