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  1. Agreed. I hate when I'm riding an animal attacks just because its tedious to dismount, kill it, then mount again. That also reminds me, the one thing they didn't "fix" from Oblivion that I wish they would have: you should be able to have a follower ride with you. I hate having someone follow me on foot. They can catch up easier than in Oblivion, but its still a pain.

  2. I tend to base my race, at least on my first time, on the locale. Like in Morrowind I was a Dark Elf, in Oblivion I was an Imperial, and now in Skyrim I'm a Nord. :D Dark Elves tend to be my favorite race though, just love their look. Well, in Morrowind and Skyrim at least, I agree in Oblivion the elves looked goofy.


    I have bad luck with horses. My first horse was mauled to death by a sabre cat. My second horse followed me into a raid of dark mages and was magicked to death. He survived at least three dragon attacks with me to that point though which is a plus. And now my third horse doesn't freaking stay put when I dismount so currently I don't know where he is till I fast travel again, lol. Stupid Solitude horse. I would have just reloaded a previous save for the previous two deaths, but the first time I had just finished a hard fight in a dungeon that I didn't feel like redoing, and the second time I had just gotten some nice swag from a chest, and didn't want it to risk reloading the save and having the chests contents change.

  3. When it comes to mods I usually just go for graphic related stuff. Like for Skyrim I have some mods that smooth out the faces better, one with better detailed eyes, and one that adds cloaks. I wait for overhaul-type mods for later.


    In terms of performance I've actually been surprised at how little issues I've had. Not to say I didn't have to tinker before getting things the way I liked, quality-to-performance wise, but since I've owned the game I've probably crashed four times that I can remember. And at least one of those was due to a too high overclock. Compare that to Oblivion which actually sat collecting dust for nearly a year because of crashes.

  4. Action Comics - The Morrison weirdness has begun after a fairly linear 4 issues of Superman's first month on the job, now we're getting into time travel and the non-linear

    Superman - Arts' awesome, but after three issues was getting tired of the identical structure of the issues. #4 finally moved the plot along to the next stage and has my interest.

    Supergirl - Has a fun mystery in place as to her arrival on Earth, and developing some interesting supporting characters.</p>

    Superboy - Hasn't been this fun since the Kessel era

    Wonder Woman - Azzarello and Chiang are creating a fun world here thematically and visually. This should be a Dark title, and not meant as an insult

    Justice League - In it mostly for the art. Pretty by-the-numbers team origin tale, but I'll take the light read with Lee's art, which is sometimes hit or miss with me but I've really enjoyed him here. Johns needs to learn how to develop character traits without shoving it in your face so hard it stereotypes them. He's most guilty of this with his personal favorites too like Hal.

  5. The gray stuff on the costume is weird, but i don't know what its supposed to be yet. Other than that and the fact he's not wearing the cape in many of the pics, it looks pretty good to me. Even with the cape though it still could use some more red.

  6. I dig the S. One its big, and not sissy-small, and the way the more rounded borders and steep slope to the start of the S gives a golden age feel to it. Got no problem with the colors, especially since its a darker picture all around, the saturation might not be what's actually seen on film.


    Only weird thing is I can't see Cavill's eyebrows. I know he has 'em, don't know why they're not showing up in the pic, lol. Glad they opted to show a promo pic really early though, this way initial reaction will be on a proper pic, not on some iphone-snapped grainy pic of him coming out of a portable toilet or something on set.

  7. End of story from a DC fanboy: WB can't make movies worth a **** outside of Batman anymore, so I hope JLA never gets made because of its 99.9% suckage likelihood.


    With that out the way, as I've said before as down as I've been on the Avengers idea in the past, they've done a good job crafting the lone movies in its self-contained universe in a way that makes the idea of seeing it all come together kinda appealing, despite me just not being that into the characters. The wild-card is Whedon though. I'm a fan, but at the same time, the guy's not exactly known as sure thing box office gold or longer-than-half-a-season tv shows.

  8. To me DC by far has the best characters (frankly I think only Spider-Man and some of the X-Men can touch DC's classics). But, their movies just for the most part blow. Marvel is infinitely better at bringing their less iconic characters to screen. I know its a business, and all about making the big bucks, but I'd be more than happy with just the comics and DC's animation department, which rocks.


    In any case, I'm still very skeptical of a team movie though, despite the obvious planning that's gone into this. But I give them credit for building up toward this, and maybe it'll surprise me.

  9. Julia Ormand is rumored to have been offered the role of Lara, while I've read rumors that Christopher Meloni is up for a major but unspecified role.


    For the latter, if true, I can't see that being anyone but Lex.

  10. Also, bear in mind that, just because it's been announced that Zod is the main villain, doesn't mean we won't see any others. In the current comic book continuity, Brainiac ties in with the destruction of Krypton. Chew on that.

    Yup. Exactly why I highly anticipate Brainiac either being in this movie or at the very least referenced. My gut says the character is in it but they're just keeping it under wraps at the moment. If you're taking inspiration from Secret Origin, and they've said they are, by using Zod there's pretty much no way to not use Brainiac as well. Their histories are linked.

  11. :eek:


    That was unexpected. I love Amy Adams. She'll be great! I'm assuming they'll dye her hair.


    This is shaping up to be quite the cast. The influence of Nolan perhaps?

    They probably will but don't really have to. For most of the 90's Lois had red hair in the comics, But I'm betting she'll go brunette. Either way she's a fine actress so I can't say I have any complaints. In fact the casting thus far has been right on the mark. Just hope that screenplay is good.

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