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  1. I break it down like this. Petersen lost his starting QB and couldn't lead his team to a playoff victory. Manning could lose his RB and lead his team to a playoff victory. Brady could lose an RB and still lead his team to a playoff victory. Rodgers could lose his RB and still lead his team to a playoff victory. Love Petersen's story and his return, but he's not the MVP.

  2. I'm tired of players and their "we gave the game away" crap. Learn to give credit when you get beat. Missed opportunities are part of every sport, but you know what its called when you miss opportunities and the other team doesn't? Its called getting beat, not giving the game away, not beating yourselves. That's cool to keep in your head for motivation for next time, but leave it there or in the locker room, because you just look like a douche when you publicly state it.


    This rant brought to you by the recent stupid comment by Roddy White.

  3. Damn, surprised they went this route with Lori. I mean, I know what happens to her in the comics so I was expecting this at some point, and of course knew it would be handled differently, but they sure went with max pain on this one. She never even gets to see her child, and she and Rick didn't even get to share the obligatory "Patch things up before doom hits" moment.


    And yeah, I'm assuming that having Andrea falling for the freaking Governor of all people isn't the best way to get fans to warm up to her, lol. Who knows though, maybe we're not supposed to. Frankly, with Michonne's popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if the showrunners pull a bit of fan service and try to make her a new love interest for Rick.

  4. Same as every year, a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's place. Despite her having some health problems the past few years we haven't missed a Thanksgiving yet as its always worked out she's recovered in time for the holidays, and this year thankfully she's actually healthier than she's been in quite some time at 86 years old. Still needs my mom's help a lot now of course, she can't do it all on her own, but the woman can still cook with the best of 'em. Only difference this year is the official presence of my new brother-in-law (though he's spent the past two holidays' with us already as "the boyfriend" lol), and my sister's eating for two so we might have to double up on everything.

  5. yeah, what's going on with elite being tossed around so much this year? i loved how all the analyst's hard ons for romo were deflated by the end of the game. one even said he's done with romo, lol.


    joey, you forgot the two DEF touchdowns romo gave away.

    He's just massively overrated by the media. I don't even particularly dislike the guy, I definitely think he's got talent, but he's not elite, and its funny watching guys like Rick Reilly fall over themselves to try and make excuses for him. I don't know where the obsession comes from, if its just that he's playing for Dallas or something else, but its there.


    But yeah, he's got talent, and in my opinion has (or had, if you consider him at a point now where he just is what he is) the potential to be elite if he didn't have the propensity to make big mistakes at the worst times. But he does. I think Trent Dilfer said it best (you know, he used to annoy me, but he's well spoken and has a genuine love of the game that's won me over) when he said that part of a QB's job in games that are going in the direction like they were for the Cowboys last night is to stop the bleeding. Romo in those situations instead makes it worse.

  6. Hahaha, I respect your admitting as such. If he's majorly biased that's cool, not like I'll swear off reading his stuff as generally I enjoy his columns. Just was curious.


    In other news he's absolutely thrashing the Raiders, me happy. :)

  7. Hey Lucas and Dex, has Bill Simmons over at ESPN.com always been such a Peyton hater just because he's a Patriots fan? Dude's bashed the guy and the Broncos non-stop since the season began and is making himself look laughably stupid trying to paint a picture of doom and gloom and how he just can't see any improvement when improvement has been readily evident week-to-week. God forbid they endure some heavy deficits the past two weeks against arguably the best two teams in the entire league.

  8. I can see why the Falcons haven't won a playoff game since Ryan arrived though. They're pathetically conservative. This game had no business being decided by one score, it should have been a blowout.


    Despite it all, you can't be feeling too bad right? 1-1 after two difficult games to open the season. Manning looks totally healthy (as any 36 year old is anyway). Despite the first quarter going as absolutely terribly as it could have last night you were still in it at the end. Even if you go 2-3 over your next 5 (Houston, Oakland, NE, SD, NO; all of which are winnable games) your 2nd half schedule is so soft you're looking at a pretty easy playoff berth I'd think.

    Nah, I'm not feeling bad at all. Laughing at all the usual retards calling into the radio shows freaking out, but I'm fine. Manning had a bad first quarter, and that's that. I focus more on the fact that it didn't affect the entire game and he did manage to shake it off. I mean, don't get me wrong, its not like these kind of disastrous quarters can happen with any sort of regularity, but in his second regular season back I'm not worried that it will. Its a brutal first half of the season so I'm not at all upset at 1-1 right now.


    Also rest in peace Steve Sabol. :( I didn't even realize he was ill.

  9. If I'm in argument with someone I've been in arguments with before, and they always end cleanly thus its conventional wisdom that he won't take a swing at me, it doesn't mean that if I see him make a fist and wind up I don't try to protect myself. Same applies here. Who cares about conventional wisdom; the Bucs showed they were going to run a defensive play. Just shrug your shoulders, say okay then, and run an appropriate play yourself. I don't see the logic in insisting on the norm when its clear beforehand that the norm is not what's taking place.

  10. I'm more with Mike Golic's approach on things. The Bucs didn't disguise anything so I can't see where the bad sportsmanship or sneakiness comes into play. It was a good way for players to get hurt only because NY insisted on the victory formation instead of acknowledging what the defense was showing. I'm sorry but if the defense clearly shows they're looking to run a legitimate play, you don't stubbornly insist on the kneel-down, regardless of any unwritten rules or conventional wisdom. You counter them.

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