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  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Nothing like responding weeks later, shows how much I pay attention to my profile. But in any case, hello!

  4. And non-football fans can't even enjoy the SB commercials anymore, since they suck so hard anymore.

  5. Snazzrific new do and color my friend.

  6. I'm still around! I just lurk in the shadows, like an alley cat! ROWR!

  7. Its the kind of bull**** we need to blame on someone, that's for sure. I blame the government! :) Other than that I'm alright, how about you??

  8. High Five's all around, fo shizzle.

  9. Durrrr...who are you again? ;)

  10. The time for Mog avatars is over!

    Okay the time for Mog avatars is very much here, but it had to be said.

  11. Its 'cause I'm a loner. A REBEL. Or maybe I'm just a jackass. :(

  12. That's for the courts to decide!

  13. High five indeed!

  14. You're just calling us a cow college because we were founded by a cow!

  15. I haven't given you a comment yet. So, hi! Yeah I have nothing interesting to say. :(

  16. If it helps though, all of my douchebaggery comes straight from the heart!

  17. just admit it already, my total douche bag-ness turns you on.

  18. You watch who you're calling stooge. I have the death sentence on 12 systems.

  19. Don't worry man, Homer will in all likelihood return someday, when the masses least expect it!

  20. I mock your entire belief system.

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