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  1. Not Long now. hopefully we don't have the same sort of season as we did last year!
  2. lol, at least the looks of the cars are changing. Good start so far for kimi.
  3. So the new season starts soon. WHat does everyone think of the new cars?
  4. I'll just update mine: Xbox 360: JKoBnZ PSN: JKoBnZ
  5. Hope you enjoyed the Chinese GP!

  6. Sports and politics are different. That's sports rivalry.
  7. You know what Lucas, I made that comment about New Zealand in like two posts. get over it. Secondly, because you've served in those countries, you have to defend the decision to send people their or it's not patriotic. I'm not saying this is bad. You have taken every single comment I have made out of context. THis thread was started by someone who wanted to know why their is so much anti-americanism, I tried to give my opinion but you have just tried to shoot it down. What do you want me to say? Nothings wrong and i'm an idiot!? I'm not saying America is bad. You've said it your self, every co
  8. The war has everything to do with it. When 9/11 happened the whole world was in shock and forgot about the arrogance and was supportive. Everyone felt for the people of America, Everyone! Nations supported the search for Bin Laden and the "War on Terror". Now it seems the "War on Terror" is causing terror for other countries. Look now at how many Bombs, car bombs and terrorist attacks are happening since the beginning of the iraqi war. Yes Suddam was bad and the things he did were horrific, but he held all of these extremists from doing what they are doing now! You'll probably say the war in
  9. You have answered this whole stupid arguement. Well done
  10. Every country can place tarrifs, but on imported goods. i'm not saying they can't! BooRadley is right. Just read his post! This thread is about why their is so much anti-americanism, I put in my opinion and the two people who have posted to to mine, are Americans and are pretty much saying NO YOUR WRONG! They have just answered why nations are the way they are today!
  11. You didn't understand where i was coming from. I think all countries should try as hard, but one country shouldn't try to hold another country down based on opinion. I wasn't saying that one country, a smaller country should have it better over a bigger country! I was saying that's what happens and is happening today because one countries economy is ten times bigger! anyway, it's my opinion, and i have my right to it. I'm not saying your wrong and i'm right. I trying to see where you're coming from but you don't want to understand where i'm coming from.
  12. I'm not saying it's an AMerican thing. It happens everywhere. I'm just saying that it's mostly coming from Americans. I know some arrogant Kiwis and Aussies, but in general are open to anything and will try anything. Alot of the Americans I've met like to stick to what their used to and bag everything else. Just watch The Amazing Race. A show full of arrogant obnoxious people who are rude to nearly everyone they come across. It just shows the world.
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