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  1. Yeah, this is all pretty familiar. It does get easier. Later childhood - the 8 to 12 year range, things stabilize a bit. Then it goes right to hell for a bit when the testosterone kicks in. My older boy did a stint in the pediatric psych ward when he was 15. Same kid I was always having to go pick up and bring home from school when he was in grade 2. But he's having problems again because he's not too keen on this whole social distancing thing and my older brother just had a stroke (he's 52) and so my 18 year old son is lying awake at night worried to death about his genetics. Still won't
  2. The Kurgan


    That short, often feathered cut with bangs in the front and short in the back? No, not that. She doesn't have the haircut, at the very least.
  3. Theoretically, libertarianism and far-right extremism are quite different. Fascism and libertarianism couldn't be more opposite in their views on the state, for instance. But there has, as been noted, a libertarian to alt-right "pipeline" and what drives this is that both movements appeal to similar demographics of people, typically white males who find no home on either the left or the mainstream right. Plus, there's a similar sort of mindset. A kind of hard-heartedness and a strong belief in social darwinism. Power and success are seen as indicators of intelligence and virtue, thus the st
  4. The Kurgan


    Ha ha ha. I think she actually has that on a t-shirt. And on one of many motivational plaques hanging on the walls. Ah, my mistake.
  5. The Kurgan


    I'm fairly certain I married Karen. Not her real name of course, but I dread going to restaurants with her. Nothing's ever good enough, and to be fair, she does have preternaturally bad luck with orders really being screwed up, etc. And she's forever winging about how this, that or the other thing that she ordered from Old Navy or got shipped through Amazon (whom I refuse to use in any capacity) is the wrong size, color, etc. She's always having to take back the latest thing she got at Walmart or wherever for some reason or another. Half of what she gets is free because she's elevated the art
  6. We really are looking like Rome 2.0, aren't we? I find it a fascinating process, and especially how quickly it happened. 30 years ago, the Berlin Wall had just come down and major reforms were being touted in what were passing for America's rivals. The USSR was breaking up and China was plunging headlong into market reforms. Surely democracy was to follow, despite the setback at Tienanmen Square. Plus, Nelson Mandella had been freed in South Africa and they were on the road towards being a functional multi-racial democracy. Only 30 years. I not only remember it, but was on the cusp of adulth
  7. A little over a month ago, armed right wing protesters in Michigan marched on the state capitol, shut the city down and tried to force the governor to adopt a series of legislative demands. Today, antifa is doing much the same thing in Seattle, to it's mayor and city council. It isn't completely new. Antifa rioting in DC after Trump's win, rioting in Berkeley because of a speaker they didn't like. Cliven Bundy holds up in Nevada to stop the feds from impounding his cattle. It's been going on a while now. It's cliche to say that what happened in ancient Rome is happening here too. But som
  8. Hate to say I told you so. That said, it's worrying that there's no "side" in this whole matter that seems to actually have any real grip on things. The progressives are simply becoming more openly and obviously what I've been saying they were for a long time now: a mythology based as opposed to a fact and policy based movement. They took everything they once "deconstructed" while in the universities: western media, the nuclear family, American exceptionalism, the protestant work ethic, conservatism, whatever - and simply turned it on its head and made a civic religion out of the outcome
  9. This is the nation of J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO. There's a long history of this kind of thing in the US.
  10. This. I don't think we're seeing a revolution in any meaningful sense. The closest we're seeing to an actual narrative emerge from this is coming from Black Lives Matter, whom I do sympathize with to a fair extent but we need more than just white guilt and black rage. Burning our cities to the ground might call attention to the underlying issues, but more than that, what? I don't see a workable, doable program being pushed by anyone of any significance. Abolishing or severely defunding police departments will do nothing save for turn the streets over to the gangs and mobs, though it is admit
  11. Both the libertarians and the socialists agree there's a problem. I'd say there's a problem.
  12. "Looking at scenes of rioting and looting playing out across America following the murder of black man George Floyd at the hands of rogue police officer Derek Chauvin, it's easy to think that while anger and protest are justified, rioting and looting are stupid and misguided. Easy and correct, of course. Opportunistic criminals, who are by differing accounts white supremacists, anarchist agitators or even the cops themselves using the social unrest as a pretext for stoking people into rampaging mobs warrant our condemnation just as much as rogue and murdering police officers do. Yet the sigh
  13. I guess there's something to be said for living in a place where you get 7 months of winter.
  14. I guess I've moved on, but still appreciate it. My sons are into it, and when you really stop and think about it, that's kinda what SW is all about. Passing on what you've learned, and all that.
  15. Haven't day or night in almost 20 years.
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