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  1. I really hope the writing improves. That scene where the Numenorian gets the crowd all riled up with this "Elves are gonna take our jurbs!" talk was unbelievably cringe. While there was growing animosity between the elves and the Numenorians as the second age progressed, it had nothing to do with hot button culture war issues in current year America. This was exactly the kind of thing I hoped they wouldn't do and feared they would. I could go on about a host of other goofy things and the serious pacing issues, but I'll leave it here for now.
  2. I don't think it is about intellect. I think it is about meaning. It is the narrative that draws people to weird ideologies, and being a bit more intelligent would, if anything, make people more susceptible to them. They are more capable of making inferences and connections, even where none actually exist. Notice the kinds of intellectuals who soundly reject right wing conspiracy theories and fundamentalism. Do they tend to be woke, or socialists or critical theorists or postmodernists or what have you? If so, different variation on a similar theme. The right wing stuff is just unfashionable o
  3. It seems to me as though a partisan and ideological judiciary undermines the entire purpose of having an independent judiciary. They are acting like an arm of the government, rather than an independent check on the excesses of state power.
  4. TBH, I can't say I agree. Sure, Disney will come out and condemn the hate-bombing of its minority actors. Once enough people and media complain about it. Because "what way is the wind blowing" is what Disney's all about, when all is said and done. The fans want more diversity and representation? Okay, we'll just throw in some minority actress into the show, with no consideration for backstory or context. The fans are now complaining that we're too "woke" now? Simple, we'll just make her an unsympathetic bad guy. She's supposed to be the villain, but we'll do nothing to make her actually m
  5. I have felt for a long time now that the Star Wars fanbase is Its own worst enemy. The toxic element cannot discuss the subject without being so overwhelmed with vitrol and hatred that even Palpatine would become alarmed and tell them to chill out a bit. This creates an atmosphere that drives the less passionate and more sensible elements of fan base away from forums wherein SW products are discussed. From there, sensible and nuanced analysis and criticism of the very real flaws of the productions becomes impossible. This Dynamic is exactly what drove George Lucas to sell the franchise to Disn
  6. These stories are funny. Some of them. I don't really know what dating is. Sometime in the distant past I just decided it was something I'd never do. This was back in the mid to late 1980s. Yeah, I'm also going grey, in case you're wondering. In my early 20s a lot of things happened all around the same time. My dad died, I left home and this woman I met in college moved in with me. This was in a different age of the Earth. Mid 1990s, if I recall. When I was still young and all things were still possible, we got married. This was before this site was launched. There was no episod
  7. [tl;dr] It is very worrying to me that you have two warring factions in the American polity, and neither of them seem to give a rat's arse about democratic norms, values and conventions. And this war is being waged both on and over social media monopolies, which also aren't good for democratic norms. First, the easier case. Trump's behavior, especially since losing the election, should be absolutely disqualifying for anybody who lives in a liberal democracy. While I have never believed him to be fit for political office, that should now be painfully obvious to anybody who casts a vote. There
  8. YouTube. There's all kinds of it there. All kinds. Channels I've played are: Luetin09 (the best one, IMO), Oculus Imperia, 40K Theories, Tactica Imperialis and Arch Warhammer. There's a raft of podcasts also, but I'm far less familiar with them. If you're just beginning in 40K, I'll second what Virul said and suggest starting with an overview of the Horus Heresy, since it's such a foundational event in series lore. You'll never get through everything though, so I'd suggest starting with a faction, historical period or specific conflict you're most interested in and focusing on that.
  9. Yup. About twice that for Calgary these days - our municipal government can't stop tearing up the roads and most certainly can't synchronize traffic signals. But the absence of traffic congestion, massive crowds and huge long line ups for most things is simply great. Herd mentality drives me absolutely crazy, and social distancing is doing a fair bit to suppress it. Wonderful.
  10. No. I started to playing Warhammer 40K last May, and bought a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe last July. That's enough bad financial decisions for one year. Especially now that our provincial government has gone and closed all the schools, so the overtime at work is drying right up. Once I get my Christmas bonus, everyone is getting either gift cards or cash. They can buy what they want, wrap it themselves, put it under the tree, and then act really surprised on Christmas morning when they open it up. I'm sick to death of Christmas.
  11. My observation has been that a lot of neoreactionaries are anti war, for the most part. As is often the case, far right and far left support the same kinds of policies but for different reasons. To the far alt right the US are the real cucks and soyboys because of America's apparent willingness to fight Israel's wars for it. Right to a degree, but for the most woefully of wrong reasons. Even more moderate alt-lite types, your average MAGA type in the Carrie Mathison mold, were drawn to Trump in part because he wanted America to get out of all the wars that Obama said he wanted to get out
  12. Destiny Skywalker has the right of this. Secession would it be extremely difficult because the divide is not fundamentally between red states and blue states, even though that's what turns up on electoral maps and state is a factor. It tends to be more between urban and rural, across racial, gender and class lines, education levels and quite frequently by profession and even marital status. The divide has been fuelled by gerrymandering, which incentivizes ideological Purity within the parties as opposed to moderation between the parties to capture undecided voters. Decentralization and id
  13. Yeah, this is all pretty familiar. It does get easier. Later childhood - the 8 to 12 year range, things stabilize a bit. Then it goes right to hell for a bit when the testosterone kicks in. My older boy did a stint in the pediatric psych ward when he was 15. Same kid I was always having to go pick up and bring home from school when he was in grade 2. But he's having problems again because he's not too keen on this whole social distancing thing and my older brother just had a stroke (he's 52) and so my 18 year old son is lying awake at night worried to death about his genetics. Still won't
  14. The Kurgan


    That short, often feathered cut with bangs in the front and short in the back? No, not that. She doesn't have the haircut, at the very least.
  15. Theoretically, libertarianism and far-right extremism are quite different. Fascism and libertarianism couldn't be more opposite in their views on the state, for instance. But there has, as been noted, a libertarian to alt-right "pipeline" and what drives this is that both movements appeal to similar demographics of people, typically white males who find no home on either the left or the mainstream right. Plus, there's a similar sort of mindset. A kind of hard-heartedness and a strong belief in social darwinism. Power and success are seen as indicators of intelligence and virtue, thus the st
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