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  1. Show support for your Nightly Musicians in the BATTLE thread.

  2. One week left until MUSIC's "Battle of the Musicians" final deadline. Dec. 8th is the last day to submit entires for judging and qualification for the fabulous prize.

  3. MUSIC's "Into the Great Unknown" needs more participation.

    1. monkeygirl


      maybe it should be easier to participate in. As it is now, I'd rather fill out my tax forms.


    2. Pong Messiah

      Pong Messiah

      You have to be kidding me.


      A song that is less than three years old by one under-hte-radar band/artist who is still actively making music


      You honestly are having a hard time with this?

  4. Nightly Musicians and Music Lovers: come to the music forum and sign up for the "Battle of the Musicians" or to be a judge.

  5. yourrr aaa crook, captain hook. judge, won't you throw the book at the pi-rate-

  6. DEATH to Replacement Refs!!! Kill 'em all!

  7. holy crap, season 4 breaking bad on netflix. catch up time.

    1. danger


      son of a bitch!! SPOILER ALERT - so i am 7 episodes in to season 4 of breaking bad when i walk out in the living room and hear walt say, "gus is dead time to work" on a commercial. THANKS A ****ing LOT WALT!!!

    2. the skiff guard

      the skiff guard

      mmmmm...ketchup time

  8. vote for the best 70's album in music, or else the clash is going to win!

  9. check out the scavenger hunt... the female to male ratio, right now, is 5 to 1, baby!

  10. SCAVENGER HUNT. go join it in lando.

  11. pudding can't fill the emptiness inside me, but it will help.

  12. don't want to sound like a dick or nothin', but, uh, it says on your chart that you're ****ed up. uh, you talk like a ***, and your ****'s all retarded.

    1. Tank


      Carl's Jr.... **** YOU

  13. i greatly underestimated how terrible sucker punch was going to be. and i thought it was going to blow.

  14. i hate this ****ing dog with every fiber of my being. this hate is deep down, all the way through me, and not a surface feeling.

  15. Oh joy, make fun of me with all of the retard who have just come into Lando.

    good ****ing call.

    good ****ing call.

  16. thanks, dunn, for going out like a ****ing loser. driving drunk.

    1. Boba Sweat

      Boba Sweat

      what a jackass

    2. Darth Krawlie

      Darth Krawlie

      I'm glad SOMEBODY is paying attention to that fact and not just talking about how omg sad it is. +1

    3. Reality
  17. www.youtube.com/sexbeard

  18. where are you?

  19. superjail season 2 really sucks

  20. i just had sexand it felt so good

    1. Boba Sweat

      Boba Sweat

      next time involve someone else, it's much more fun

    2. danger


      a woman let me put my penis inside her.

  21. i thought you were geeting out early for good behavior?

  22. i hope this whole bin laden thing doesn't distract anyone from my birthday on friday.

  23. every time i get on facebook, i have to read about ivan's underpants and kyle's two-day strategy.

  24. I bought all seven Grand Theft Auto games for $17.48 this weekend on Steam, and you didn't.

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