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  1. True, but even with the CGI we have today, you saw what they did to Liz.
  2. which one, copper? there were a bunch i was trying out.
  3. You can "delete" your account yet be able to bring it back at any point. Although, WTF indeed.
  4. dude,i never liiked gordon until that one year he wrecked that sashole tony stewart. redemption in my book! now they're both cool, though.
  5. HOLY SHIIIT, WATCH THIS, LMAO ROFL etc... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5mHPo2yDG8
  6. The only thing that sounded "cold" to me was the last sentence. I would change it to just say "My e-mail is __________." That puts the ball in her court to decide to tell your biodouche or not. I agree. When I said don't keep it a secret, I meant if you do make contact with him, tell her. And even then, I would your tell mom before meeting up with him. Even though you're an adult and can do what you want, it would be a nice gesture to give her a heads up. It's something she'll just have to understand.
  7. And I thought I was the bitter, cold, and cruel one. Dex, you need a Coke and a smile.
  8. Copper, I would do it, otherwise I'd never stop thinking about it. If you do it, I wouldn't keep it a secret. Secrets are dildos.
  9. So second season predictions...and season finale discussion.
  10. I was pretty vague with the one "spoiler" in that paragraph. I agree, though. Holy **** everything changes in Ch. 10 and 11. The conflict is IN! I kinda predicted two things that were going to happen, and was actually shocked to be right with one of them. I'm glad they played out like I hoped they would, and not disappointed I called it. Where are you on this?
  11. SPOILER ALERT: I was about to start a thread for this too - just got to chapter 10 today. The only goodie two shoes is Christina Gallagher, but she has tits that rank 2/10 and a weird face - I like how they went the realistic route of getting back with her bad baggage - not sure if it will last though. I really don't like looking at Zoe Barnes's head because she looks like the newborn on Alien Ressurection - that said, her acting is a lot better here than in American Horror Story, even though she's still horny for older men. Even though Claire Underwood looks like David Bowie (great body th
  12. I did a google image search on "hulk motorboat" and was not diappointed.
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