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  1. Steam, huh. Now that more and more people are starting to get hooked into Steam, we should try setting up something with Nightlyites.
  2. Now that our sub-forum, Online Gaming, has been re-merged into The Save Point, I felt it would be a good idea to really bring that element of our gaming into the fold. I think the best place to start is to have a pinned topic, at the top of the board, detailing all of our Xbox Live! Gamertags, Wii Friend Codes, Steam IDs, and any other information you'd like other members and fellow gamers to have so we can get together and frag the hell out of ourselves. Everyone's post will be edited into the below list, so that the top post in this thread will always have the updated information. Lo
  3. Yeah, timeline I followed said about ten years in between games. Gordon just doesn't realize it's been that long. Somebody explained it somewhere interestingly: Why would any character go out of their way to explain to Gordon how long it's been since Black Mesa and what's been going on? The other characters have no idea that Gordon's been secreted away someplace by the G-Man. That'd be like trying to explain to a soldier in Iraq why he's there. It's already pretty obvious to him. Which is why I think the story is told so brilliantly, in that everybody assumes the character of Gordon knows wh
  4. Personally, I can't wait for the theories to start coming when the first Episode of the expansion's released. (Which I do hope, once the entire thing is finished and out to the public, they release as one large game so you don't have to play it episodically.) But yeah. Psyched.
  5. Really? That's bizarre. Because that's an incredibly outlandish theory. Personally, I think it'd be kind of lame if that were true, but at least it's kind of ballsy. My personal thoughts go a bit more like this: The G-Man is actually an agent or representative of an alien organization bent on fighting and destroying the world assimilating Combine. He's actually on his own mission to help set-up a chain of events that morphed into the Black Mesa incident when Gordon, running about the place with his hazard suit, catches his attention. He then goes about aiding Gordon throughout the complex
  6. Yeah, HL:Source looked pretty much no different. It was more used as an example to modders that they could port their mods to the Source engine with ease. For those of you interested in the story of Half-Life, check this out: That would be the G-Man and Gordon's images fused together. Look a lot alike, don't they? Both have green eyes, right? Hm indeed. Another one for individual comparison. So yeah, there's a big theory circulating these days that the G-Man (Gordon Freeman?) is actually Gordon from the future, who I guess hung out with the aliens too much and ****ed up his s
  7. When it's done, essentially. Could be anywhere from months to over a year, according to the development team.
  8. The fun part is that this is being developed by only 13 people, ranging in age from 13 to mid 30s. None of whom have ever met in person. That's dedication to create something of this quality.
  9. David's brain agrees with Jason's brain. They should be best friends. I'm pretty sure that's just the actual water-level. It's not deep in the original game. Just can't step in it thanks to the electricity.
  10. Yeah, it'll be a free download. There's a lot of press stuff on their site with some other really high-res screens as well. An article from CGW and a few others.
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