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  1. I give it an F! If you are going to call a movie Godzilla then please put Godzilla in the movie!


    I never thought I would say this but the 98 Godzilla movie was better and more entertaining than this piece of shit!


    Too much human drama and not enough monster fighting. Plus once again why do all these creature features have to happen in the dark and in the rain? This movie was poorly executed and boring and by the time the monster fights happens its short and the wait doesn't satisfy in the least bit.


    I had the same problem with this directors approach in his other movie Monsters. There were no monsters and was horrible. I am not excited about this guy touching a star wars movie. I couldn't imagine if he did a Boba Fett movie. 5 second shot of mandalore armor, 3 seconds of Jett pack and 1 minute of total film time with Fett being shown.

  2. I wish someone would make a zombie apocalypse game where you travel through an abandoned world looking for loved ones far away.


    The object of the game is to collect supplies so that each night you can fortify a building, shack or dwelling and repel attacks where the zombies attack weak points and if you aren't careful you will have to flee and find someplace else while being pursued. So its part tower defense like and 3rd or first person game. It requires strategy and is like a sandbox game.


    This is the type of game I want to play.

  3. If you asked me last year if I would be excited to see a Batman vs Superman movie I would have said "hell yes!"


    However ever since I saw the new Superman movie I am not excited or thrilled at all. I thought the new superman movie had so many problems and issues that it was unforgiveable. Ben being cast as Batman I could care less about after being so let down by Superman.


    I really see no pros in seeing this movie at all. Zak Snyder has lost a lot of credibility with me after watching Superman.

  4. Example why they are annoying.


    My wife for her birthday wanted to have a bunch of her friends over and have a party. So I told my sister and made a bet with her. "I bet you that my wifes annoying friends will be the first and last to leave the party" the bet was for 20 bucks. She said I was full of it. Sure enough they were there first and didn't leave until 2 hrs after everyone left. Of course my sister never paid up until my wife told her the annoying people left last.


    they don't shut up and have a story about everything. Talking with them leads from one story to another. I mention "tire" they have a story. I say "pig" and they had a pig. I say I snorkled to the titanic and they have a story for it totally ignoring the fact you can't snorkle to the titanic.

  5. My wife has friends who I cannot stand. She loves doing things with them. She expects me to do things with them and I hate it.


    1. They are annoying! They never shut up and will never leave. They could talk all night blah blah. They don't get the hint!


    2. They have two weird kids who I'm supposed to introduce to star wars and watch all of them with them. That is not my job!


    3. They sort of invite themselves to shit they were not invited to. Example I ran a 5k a few weeks ago and who showed up and ended up going to dinner etc... them.


    I have hinted to my wife that if you want to be friends with them then fine but I don't want to hang around them.


    I'm at my breaking point!

  6. I give the movie a 6 out 10. I love Superman and first let me say that Henry Cavill is a very good Superman but like Brandon Routh who was also a solid superman they are both victims of a bad storyline and poor execution. The fight scenes were overkill and the quick jerky camera movements took away from what could have been better action scenes. Sometimes less is more. Louis Lane was Louis Lame and not used well. Michael Shannon as Zod was okay but nothing special. Perry Whites character play by Fishbourne??? What a waste. I liked the flashback scenes other than the tornado scene which was dumb. I thought the demise of Zod was stupid and didn't make sense after all the beatings and crashes etc... I really wanted to like this movie more but left the theatre shaking my head. Plus the musical score sucked! Imagine if they kept Williams score for some of those scenes. Russel Crowe was good as well but this movie falls into my category of "seen it and never need to see it again"

  7. I am currently reading "Horns" by Joe Hill. Hill is the son of Stephen King and after reading his first book "Heart Shaped Box" I ran out and bought Horns and it is not disappointing one bit. Just the first 50 pages have you feeling sorry for Iggy and laughing at the same time.


    It is about a man named Iggy who wakes up one morning after getting drunk the previous night with horns on his head. Soon he learns that people say things to him and about him that they normally wouldn't say because of the horns. They express their true feelings for him. It is crazy so far. Plus Iggy is a person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend and everything thinks he did it.

  8. I'm trying to get through the "Passage" I have been on and off this book for months. It gets good for 3 pages then goes dull for 20 pages and then gets good again.


    I quit on the Passage and went on the second book of the "Strain" trilogy called the Fallen and finished it in two days.

  9. I am slowly making my way through the passage. I love the book so far and normally I would just keep reading but for some reason I have to stop a lot because ??????? I mean I read Under the Dome by Stephen King in two weeks, but I've been on the Passage for a month and everyone who knows me I don't fool around when I read and think I don't like the book and that is not true. It is pretty damn good.

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