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  1. I do not think Kylo Ren in this new movie is based on any past EU material. I honestly think they are starting fresh so they are not locked in as much to previous storylines etc...
  2. Maybe the beak will have good suction power and can go from suck to blow.
  3. Or one that looks like the original sarlac pit before the half ass cg beak was put in 1997.
  4. SPOILER ALERT!!!!..........STAY AWAY IF YOU DO NOT QANT TO KNOW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Some slightly new details came about today on yahoo based on the new entertainment weekly issue. 1. Kylo Ren was a name given to him or he gave himself by joining a group called the knights of Ren. 2. He is not a complete character like we saw in Vader. He is obsessed with Vader. This leads me to believe we are dealing with a cult follower and or leader of a cult that wants to collect sith relics. My theory is that Kylo Ren has been possessed by the spirit of a dark lord (Snoke) or Snoke
  5. Right is right and wrong is wrong. People who do not speak up when its needed does a great disservice to society. Then again I want to be on that show "what would you do" I love that show.
  6. New category about annoying kids and bad parenting. My wife dragged me to IKEA today. Holy Jesus that place is crazy, busy,and just big. Anyway she wanted to buy some cabinets but anyone who has ever been to ikea and bought something is when you get to the end of this made in Sweden labyrinth you have to find all the pieces to what you are buying. Now this ikea has a kid play area, which I assume you pay money for but I am not sure. Anyway there was two mothers with 3 kids that decided not to do the playground deal while shopping. The kids were aged around 7 to 11 years old. These kids wer
  7. Took the wife out for a late lunch/early dinner today. The place we went was 85% empty because it was 3pm on Sunday. Anyway the hostess initially sits us next to a table with two screaming kids. I quickly saw a two seater booth in the back and said can we sit back there? The hostess had no problem and we sat away from the screaming. My issue is why would the hostess sit a couple next to that noise, when there was plenty of seats around? I mean the servers were not swamped with tables?
  8. Okay. Now had you said The Donna Reed show or my Three Sons or Denace the Menace then I would be game. fuck the Beaver! So to speak.
  9. The issue should have never been taken that far. People need to mind their own business. I do not agree with that analogy of 50s leave it to beaver life. Too simplistic. I am sure some do but too many blanket statements clumping people into one description.
  10. 1950s? Try most of human history. Anyway that issue to me should not even be decided by the government or courts. I agree that to deny them equal marriage rights etc.. is a clear violation of the 14th amendment.
  11. So where do we draw the line in the sand between simply not agreeing with someones opinion and calling them out as a bigot. Who wants to draw that line? I sure dont. I think our society would be better off if we learned to agree to disagree and ignore those who annoy us. Calling them bigots and looking to attack them gives those you do not like power and attention.
  12. I loved it! Very entertaining and fun action spy movie. Ever since J.J.Abrams took control of this franchise the movies have been great. I loved part 1, but part 2 was so weak and god awful. Since part 3 they have been movies I look forward to seeing. Best movies I have seen this summer are. 1. Mission Impossible 5 2. Avengers 2 3. Ant man
  13. Liberal tyranny=political correctness galore, and forcing views others do not agree with down their throats and if you speak out against it then you are demonized for it. Do not agree with abortions= you hate women. Want to protect the border= you are anti hispanic. Supports right to bear arms= redneck anti gov quack. Do not agree with homosexuality= homophobic. Disagree with raising the minimum election= rich white elitist. Anyway that would be my defintion of liberal tyranny. Conservative tyranny exists too. We are a nation of labeling people. We start it in PreK and through adul
  14. Fair enough. Aren't all polititians inherently dishonest though? Totally get the view of not needing another Bush or Clinton though.Absolutley they all are crooks. Hilary on the other hand is a totally different breed of dishonest in my opinion. She reminds me of a PTA/helicoptor parent from hell with national security clearance.
  15. It has nothing to do with gender with me,it has to do with how dishonest she is. She was a trainwreck as secretary of state. Plus we do not need another president with the last name of Clinton or Bush in the oval office.
  16. I agree Rock. From the very first question they asked you can tell they were after Trump and Trump fell for it.
  17. Dr. Ben Carsen was the most impressive candidate tonight hands down. You can tell the guy is off the charts smart and would need some polishing in how to reply quicker. Also Marco Rubio as much as I do not like him he was impressive tonight. fuck You Jeb! Talking about education is a joke! You created a ****ing monster of overtesting and hardships among students and teachers in Florida. Just go away. Trump flat out sucked! He is finished and is nothing but hot air. The others???? Paul I applaud his passion on the bill of rights. Ted Cruz was okay. Scott Walker is a big no. The others a
  18. Best sound bite to me was what Dr. Ben Carsen said about Hilary Clinton. Preach it! Other than that this debate is pretty stupid and none of these guys is electable
  19. El if those are the only reasons then people who vote for her are pretty stupid. Voting because she is a woman is worse than when the GOP tried that bs with Sarah Palin being vp in 08. Picking someone on gender and not credentials isca one way disaster.
  20. CORRUPTION!!! Basing policies not on what is right or just or what is best for the country. What we need is someone with a aggressive approach to foreign policy and a passive objective view on domestic issues.
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