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  1. AWESOME. The latest gossip is that Catherine Tate is going to take over for Steve Carrel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6cuNDN1YKo
  2. Well, another kiss we didn't see coming. Until Abed put on the vest, anyway. The show's gotten a lot less Joel McHale-centric, which I appreciate, but really, it's getting to be a running joke. Also, community college degrees are usually only 2 year deals, why is Jeff still there?
  3. This was a fabulous episode. Jim totally should have realized that Dwight would get called up to be manager if he passed on it, so he totally deserved what happened. I loved that Creed's been made temporary manager. Will he actually do anything? Who is this executive assistant and when can she go away? I don't want her taking any of the spotlight away from Erin. Also, she looks like a toothpick. Manager Creed *period* could work, but he's not a salesman. I loved everything with the gun. That was pretty amazing, especially Toby being all excited about filling out his forms. "There'
  4. I think I'm gonna blog the books as I read them - like Leigh Butler over at Tor.com. Only my "blogging" will be better b/c I'm a faster reader. And then I can ignore this thread b/c I don't understand what most of you are saying and I don't want to be spoiled.
  5. Puppies were in the first chapter of the first book, dude!
  6. Whoops, I'll fix that. Yeah, my library has a couple of copies of each, but then they serve about 80k people. Library loans just isn't going to do it for me. Dude, they're huge. For a "normal" person, they'd last 2 months. I read something I like pretty fast - 12 hours-ish for each of the last 3 WoT books.
  7. I've ordered the first book thru Amazon Marketplace. Why, you might be asking, when the books are everywhere... well I prefer hardcovers for my epic fantasy collection.
  8. Haha, I wondered if RUA'd seen it. I was looking for a thread about the series and RUA's was the most... topical. Yeah, probably. But heck, in between all his re-writes he must've been outline his next books, right?
  9. Entertainment Weekly Article Now if only I could get around to reading the first 4.
  10. OH MY GOD I'M 12:00 INTO THIS EPISODE!!! :( :(
  12. Ok, now I'm 5:18 into the episode... I need a buddy like this.
  13. I'm 3 minutes into last night's episode, and I'm praying that it's setting up for a LeVar Burton guest star.
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