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  1. I enjoyed it. It was was worth $10 for the ticket and I left the theater feeling satisfied which is really all I can ask for.
  2. Everytime Kylo Ren spoke I was hearing Javier Bardem's voice. I thought at one time he might say...."call it".
  3. In the words of Kramer from the masturbation contest, "well I'm out!"
  4. I am really excited about Capaldi's casting. I've pretty much been able to find something about every Doctor that I liked. I hate to see Matt go, but the future looks exciting.
  5. Avengers sweded? Totally awesome!
  6. Greetings from the opposite side of the fence! I don't watch a ton of TV these days, and what I do go out of my way to watch is generally filled with argumentative hateful couples who only stay together because the show's premise forces them to; one-dimensional dumb-guy/smart-woman couples; or couples that stay happy and reasonable until one of them is mowed down in arbitrary cold blood because Joss Whedon demanded it. As one-half of a happy functioning couple, I love seeing our extreme minority represented. I could not agree more. I love seeing a relationship actually work on tv.
  7. All I can say is as much thanks as I have for RTD for bringing Who back, I am so glad he is leaving. So many of hs episodes were so "campy". I am sure Matt Smith will be good, but the key is just having good, well thought out stories. It's true the original series killed the master several times, but he aslo just escaped right at the end many times. Much better than dead and back again. The cool thing about Matt Smith's doctor is that I have a sport coat like the one he will wear in the new series, so that means something, right?
  8. Can you even imagine how awesome the internet would have been for "Who" in the '80's?
  9. You know what helps me with the accepting of Matt Smith? I have to pretend that I am a companion of the Doctor and whatever he becomes is what I get. It makes it a little easier to cope with. I hope he really is able to deliver. Just saw the new "Waters of Mars" trailer. Looks much better than "Planet of the Dead".
  10. Did anyone see the pictures of Matt Smith in costume from the first day of filming? I like his costume, but he is still goofy looking. Can't wait for season 5!
  11. I saw it last night. It was actually kind of boring. This is what I was talking about, Russell T Davies stories are usually sub-par in my opinion. Nevertheless, it was good to have DT back on screen.
  12. Woo hoo tonites the nite baby!! Planet of the Dead!! Of course I will have to wait a day before I can view it, but I am totally stoked. On a side note, I wish Tennant would stick around for one more season. I have no problem with him leaving or the casting of Matt Smith as the Doctor. I am actually very excited about it. My reasoning is, a David Tennant/Steven Moffat combo is very appealing to me.
  13. This is the time of the year when I usually get excited for the new season of Who. It sucks that we only get the specials this year, but five specials is better than no Who at all!
  14. That is so true! Although it makes sense that every time the Doctor gets a new body he should be young and in his prime. It was just my personal opinion that I would have liked someone who looked a little older, but as long as the stories are good I am ok. I would like Doctor Who to be a little more serious and less goofy in the upcoming seasons. I have always like Moffat"s stories better than Davies, so maybe I will get my wish.
  15. Speaking of the new Doctor, doesn't production for season 5 start in the mid summer? I assume we should know something within the next several months.
  16. I really enjoyed it! I think it was better than last year's Christmas special. David Morrisey was a pleasure to watch. If he actually gets the part it would be very exciting indeed.
  17. My hookup has just been sent to disc. The Mrs. and I will sit and watch it tonight.
  18. I just read on gallifreyone.com that Captain Jack has signed a contract to appear in some episodes of season 3 Doctor Who. Just passing on the info.
  19. I finally got caught up last nite on all my episodes. Doomsday was really great and good tear jerker! My wife cried at the end. I kept expecting to see the Face of Bo at the end because of the stuff he said in New Earth. Billie and David had thier best moment together and really showed they coud act. I will miss Mickey and Jacki as well. By the way the cliffhanger at the end of Army of Ghosts was so classic, just like those old Who's of days gone by, brilliant.
  20. I read on gallifreyone.com that Billie Piper will be leaving at the end of series two in the episode "Doomsday". A new companion will be introduced in the 2006 Christimas Special.
  21. Tank, I think it just looks crappy on Sci-Fi. I download the new series from someone who gets it off the BBC and it is much clearer than what's on Sci-Fi. It could have something to do with PAL to NTSC.
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