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  1. Yeah, I was not really all that impressed with the whole "Sarah's story", "John's story", etc. There didn't seem to be a real purpose for it... I think the goal was to make it seem like a Tarentino film in terms of editing style, but unlike what Quentin does it seemed like it was all form and no function in terms of telling the story. But I still really like this show, and it keeps me tuning in every week.
  2. It's not a coincidence... it seems to me that doctor was probably on the list because he helped Shirley Manson figure out the problems they were having with the Skynet computer, so that linked him to Skynet. I'm under the impression that the second Terminator showed up not to kill the doctor but to kill John Connor, who had become his patient.
  3. It indeed was a new personality she was learning, that "database" of information she gathered from interrogating Allison Young was for the purpose of impersonating that human as closely as possible in order to fool other human beings and gain their trust. Think about this and keep in mind the dialog of T2... It's clear from this dialog that the CPUs of the terminators are designed to learn and impersonate human behavior, so Cameron obviously has within her memory a program that is a near exact duplicate of Allison Young's personality. Something malfunctioned (one of the so-called "sw
  4. It's not a "new set of code", it's set of code that the terminator got when it was learning to impersonate Allison Young as a means to successfully infiltrate John Connor's base of operations.
  5. My computer has defaulted to original paratimers several times, so I can buy into the idea that a terminator, the replica if a human being (Allison Young) who had interrogated that human for information in the purpose of impersonating that human could in fact take on the persona of that human, yeah... that seems possible. But the main point that should not be ignored is that Cameron is malfunctioning and (although John has tried to fix her) she will malfunction again.
  6. The arm is nothin' but metal... the events of T2 were spawned by the chip. not the arm.
  7. It should not exist because the orignal Terminator and T2 resolved everything... the nuclear war, judgment day, and the rise of the machines was prevented. I don't buy into the notion that there is a "francise" here. A TV series (although entertaining) is questionable at best.
  8. I watched the season premiere, and I still think this show is kinda funny, because it just simply should not exist, and yet it's very entertaining to watch.
  9. TRON is the best CG animated film in my opinion, it was the first and it's still the best.
  10. Of the ones you listed, Dantooine would be the only possibility, and a slight one at that. Those other bases likely did not exist during the Prequel time period. Echo Base on Hoth certainly did not exist until after the events of ANH.
  11. LMAO... laugh "updates"... yeah, right. As though this was some news-worthy topic that required updating. That has to be the funniest thing you've posted here in this thread, Justus.
  12. Huh???? What the hell are you talking about Justus? I'm not "smothering" anyone's opinions here. That's nonsense. And I didn't flame you. All I did was make an observation that you have obviously turned this thread into a "soapbox" in which you have made a list of your own personal pet-peeves about the Nightly Prequels forum, conveniently disguised as items on a supposedly definitive list that distinguishes "fans" from "fan-boys". But I mean... let's be honest here, this thread has become just a place for you to vent your frustrations about your interactions with people here in the for
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