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  1. Same response I always have: So what? How many 'remakes' or 're-imaginings' do we have of gods throughout history, of Arthur, of the Holy Grail, of Dr. Faust, of various Shakespeare plays, etc? It's human nature: Good stories get retold, and movies aren't going to be any different. You still have your original one available. Just get used to it now and let all your melodrama out at once. I heard some high school was planning on putting on Grease next year- don't see if you don't want to.
  2. Sometimes there's literally no place to park. I work at a place like that now, I'll come in sometimes like 45 minutes early just to insure I can find a place. Then I sit in my car because maybe it only took me 15 minutes to find the spot and people drive by asking me if I'm about to leave.
  3. I'm fairly confident Fayetteville, NC is the per capita capital for street names changing for no reason. Off the top of my head: -It only took me a month or two to figure out that I didn't need to follow convoluted directions to go the 3-4 miles downtown, because the street I lived directly off of, Morganton, actually was the main drag downtown, Hay Street. - It took me a couple more months to figure out that Skibo Rd., the bane of drivers everywhere (local legend has it that tiny Fayetteville has the busiest intersection in NC: Skibo and Morganton) is actually technically very short. I
  4. Didn't read totally through the thread, but if you need another team next year or need someone to fill in for a deadbeat owner, no one loves fantasy basketball like me.
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