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  1. Yes, many times. Man, that sucks.
  2. You only need to have collected 15 of them. I think there are only 17 of them & 4 of them are missable. Also, the skeleton key does not count as one.
  3. That sucks, but not too bad. Could be worse. You could be stuck as a vampire. Thanks for the congrats. I was a werewolf the entire game & only transformed once (after the initial transform).
  4. Got the platinum last night, or 5am this morning rather. Got to level 50 using my magic, raising my magic levels & thus raising my total level. When I did, I loaded up my oldest save & found I was already a member of the Imperials, which would have lead me right back to the glitch that didn't allow me to finish the quests I needed for the 2 "war" trophies. Luckily, the mission I was on was the one to retrieve the Jagged Crown. After getting it, the soldier said to return it to the Imperial leader. Instead, I took a shot & went to the Stormcloak's leader. He allowed me to join them
  5. Okay, now at over 140 hours (yes, I'm addicted). It is very tough to talk about this game now. Granted, it is one of the most addictive games I've ever seen, as well as one of the biggest games I've ever seen. It's given me weeks of fun, which most games cannot say (especially a guy like me who beats games in 2 or 3 days). That being said, I also have to add that it's one of the worst made games I've ever played in my life. They should just change the name to Elder Scrolls V: Glitch. It's nothing but at this point. Quests that cannot be completed, lag, dragons flying backwards, people coming b
  6. Aha! New patch 1.02 came out today. Supposedly fixed the issue. Going to test it now.
  7. I found the game was starting to run real choppy, especially in the cities, when I hit about 7K. I tried a few things that seemed to work. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours selling all my stuff. Exploiting a glitch in the game where you can talk to a certain guy over & over, I raised my speech to 100, which also raised my level by 6 levels. I upgraded the speech abilities & invested in the 4 main stores in Whiterun. There is also a glitch which spawns an unlimited amount of a certain book, that you can sell for 32-35 gold each. After selling all the extra stuff I wasn't going to use, I foun
  8. After 60+ hours of play, here's what I think. The good: Highly addictive game. The more quests I pick up, the more I want to play to complete them. The story is good. Lasts 100+ hours, I'm guessing. It's like a MMO that you play alone. The bad: Graphics are no better than Fallout 3, although commercials (and some reviews) would make you think they were not only some of the best, but something new. The voice-acting is horrendous. I have to play the game with the sound off, otherwise my eyes start to hurt from rolling them so much. Maybe the most monotonous game I've ever played. 90% of the
  9. I just picked up the dark elf companion in the Drunken Huntsman, so I knew I wasn't glitched. I'm used to Fallout 3, where your companion gets up after the fight is over.
  10. That sucks. During one mission, my companion Lydia, either got killed, or she disappeared. I now can't find her. She's not at my house, where she should be, or at the palace, where I got her in the first place. If she died, is she supposed to be gone for good?
  11. Got it & have been playing for about 8 hours now with no glitches yet. Well, once I dropped an axe & it was floating in the air, but otherwise. I'm a lizardman. I always like the water breathing ability. I just learned the Whirlwind shout from the Greybeards. YAY!
  12. About a year ago, I went to cracked.com, & got a virus that screwed my entire computer (I think it was in the comments section). i had to reformat & start from scratch. I then found out the same thing happened to 2 of my friends the same day. I stayed away since then, but actually went there yesterday for the first time since. The Skyrim article was the first I read.
  13. I've played Oblivion for hours & hours & have never had a problem. I've also played Fallout New Vegas & never had a glitch on that either. They may have both been patched by the time I played them though. I think I'll take my chances & pick up Skyrim anyway. If it does glitch, I'm sure a patch will come out soon & fix it for the most part.
  14. Would you say these glitches are game breaking? I may be picking this up tomorrow, but have been hearing mixed things. Some say the glitches are ridiculous & some say they haven't gotten any at all.
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