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  1. You don't have to talk about suspension of disbelief for it to still be there.

    The criticism of aliens coming here, despite all the water, fails because what other planet are they going to go to? Seriously, where? There's no where else to go. And if you lock an alien in a room what makes you think it can get out? Technology? Ok

    Great. But the alien didn't have the technology with it.

    I understand the criticism but I don't think it's justifiable. Again, if it was the primary plot it would stand to be criticized. The alien invasion only really serves to bring the family together and restore Mel's faith. I think the script and film did a good job of this.

  2. Tank, I get the hangup on Signs but we don't know the aliens motivations for coming to Earth. Whatever reason they came here for must not have been available on any other planet. So, water or not, they figured they would take that chance. It doesn't seem that far fetched. Or at the least, I can suspend my disbelief enough. I would have an issue with it if it were the primary plot, but it's really only a sub plot.

    And the door? Despite them being pretty strong, why couldn't they be locked in a room? Sure they have plenty of technology but the aliens don't seem to carry any of that with them.

  3. Lucas, I don't hate on the EU. I enjoy it for what it is. But to crash every thread to take a dump on new material and praise the old EU, at unrelated times, it's just....well, I guess Krawlie already summed it up pretty well.

  4. The main reason the EU got old....you could tell the machine was just churning out books. Rejecting bad ideas means less books would get made and less money.

    I was getting extremely insulted by the material coming out that we were expected to read and be happy with.

    How anyone could welcome such ideas and stories is unbelievably unsettling to me.

  5. I'm not worried about any of those QBs, especially Ben Rapersberger, Ryan, and Newton. But not worried about Manning or Brees either. Brady playing or is Garopallo? Garopallo is gonna Drew Bledsoe the crap outta Brady lol!

    QBs don't worry me. The Colts worst enemy is it's own defense. I worry most about our run defense. But we'll see.

  6. Fahrley rarely did fat guy comedy. He did a lot of physical comedy, but I don't relate that to him being fat. Most of his sketches he did back on SNL rarely focused on his weight ever, if at all.

    Schumer has been around quite a while and I've never viewed her the way she's being described as a shock comic or anything similar.

  7. Hopefully they won't screw up the new EU, but that happened to the old one before I even had the chance wonder if it would get screwed up. But I'm sure they will ruin it eventually. Oh well.

    But I'm glad they're doing offshoot films because it's the EU the way I've always wanted it....as a movie!!

    And Han is my favorite character, which means I'm extremely stoked at the announcement yet scared to death at the same time.

  8. My Rosie O'Donnell analogy applies strictly to SW books, not all literature. And it is super spot on.

    Here's another....picking up a SW book is like letting your girlfriend back even though every time you take her back, she cheats on you. Blatantly. Like she does it right in front of you! Lol


    Understand that, for some of us fans, what you consider the EU to us is simply Star Wars. We see it not as a saga of six films, but something so much bigger than that: a massive, ever-expanding, mostly consistent universe with untold mediums to enjoy. For me personally, I am not interested in a rebooted Star Wars universe because there is so much lore to explore in the existing one, especially when I am not done with my exploration. There's quality, there's crap, and there's everything in between, just like life itself. As a result, I have no problem embracing the whole of it for what it is.

    You're still assuming, Z. I totally understand that. That's me! No one feels that more than me. I love everything about SW. I want it to be more than just movies. I just am sick of it getting pissed all over. I love and want an EU. I just want something that reflects the films, I won't laugh at, and isn't driven by deadlines alone. Because the frequency of releases just tells us that they have to churn out something, regardless of how bad or ill conceived it is. That's every business. But it derailed a long time ago and it pisses me off because no one loves it more than I do. Not even you! :p

  9. I never said there wasn't a single piece of quality work. I'm talking about the whole. Lol. OJ only killed two people right? That's out of about a few billion people. So that's not that bad. Plus, the rest of his life he never killed anyone. Let's go easy on the guy.

    And you can read over a hundred books and start to think to yourself...damn, I'm still reading these. That's like going on a date with say Rosie O'Donnell and after 20 dates you start to wonder what the hell you're doing. But then you go out with her 100 more times anyway.


    No one has said they hate EU. I don't. And I don't know anyone who's super excited for the new stuff. I'm not.

    Once again, these opinions are based on having read the EU and being immersed in it for over 20 years. That's why I'm saying this stuff. Why else would I be saying it? Z, you make way too many assumptions. And you're putting way too many words in people's mouths. Maybe your comments stem from other past threads but still.

  10. I have, Z. Otherwise I wouldn't say such a thing. It's idiotic to think that I would say any of that without such knowledge. It's worse than idiotic.

    This isn't my opinion I'm sharing. It's just the way it is.

    Stop assuming people are intent on hating EU. People want to like it. Some of us very badly want to like it. We wish the material would allow us to.

  11. It's off topic...but I seriously don't get why the chance to start fresh in the EU isn't exciting to anyone. Especially considering how goofy and convoluted the old one was. Who cares if they start fresh. The pros outweigh the cons. Comics have been doing it since forever.

    And Z, you're complaining that they're barely making changes, just rehashing old stories with minor tweaks? You don't like that. You also won't like major changes either. You won't like it either way.

    Just relax, let go, and enjoy. It's Star Wars!

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