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  1. I just finished season 1. Gotta admit, the last three episodes got better. Pretty good ending. I was worried it was going to be predictable, and a good amount of it was. I thought I knew what was up but the last two episodes took a few extra turns that I didn't see coming.

    I'm going to have to track down the comic.

  2. Anyone watched any of this? I've almost finished with season one. I'm a little disappointed. I was expecting more, I guess. I've heard season 2 is better.

    The only characters I like are Butcher and, to a lesser extent, Homelander.

    The rest of the cast is pretty weak and forgettable.

  3. We kinda got the Mandalorian / Jedi battle in TCW... maybe The Mandalorian will surprise us with something in season 2. Brining out the Darksaber is inviting a Jedi storyline.


    An alternate rule of two theory that I remember being tossed around as a rumor pre AOTC, which I clung to cause it would give me what I want, is that Yoda's statement didn't mean that there were ONLY two Sith, just that they operated in pairs.


    Unlike the Jedi Order, with a council and free-roaming Knights, The Sith operated solely in Master and apprentice duos. Not unlike a Jedi Master and Padawan.


    Point being, that there were Sith in hiding all over the galaxy, but they were not organized like the Jedi. Masters were independent, took apprentices, trained them until they were ready to go off on their own and take their own apprentice. It's not dissimilar from how terrorist cells work, and they had adopted this method after losing a war to the Jedi.


    The rumor went on to say that Palpatine/Sidious was going to be the Sith Lord that united all of the disparate pairs of Sith into one again to take down the Jedi.

    I had always assumed this. Why not? Somewhere on the other side of the galaxy there's bound to be another Sith. Or two.





    Nightly's quote coding is broken as hell.


    I've ALWAYS hated the concept of dark Jedi. Once you go dark, you cease being a Jedi.

    Well, yeah, it's a very unofficial term, both in-universe and out. Technically, it refers to a Jedi who has fallen to the dark side, but many people--in-universe and out--tend to use the term to refer to any practitioner of the dark side who is not a Sith. And it gets even more confusing in KOTOR when you run into people who use the term "Dark Jedi" to apply to actual Sith, in order to differentiate them from the military ranks of the Sith Empire, such as Sith troopers, Sith commanders, Sith lieutenants, etc.



    You might be onto something about there being a continual need to produce Sith-like villains by circumventing the Rule of Two in the strictest sense. I won't even argue with you on that one because you're probably right. What I can tell you is that it seems the whole Star Wars saga--movies and EU--since the time of the prequels has set up the Sith as the ones who really tipped the Force in the dark side's scale, moreso than any other dark-sider ever has or ever could.

    Yeah, i strongly disliked the Sith as both an ancient race, a galactic political party, and a functional "dark Jedi." It watered down the concept, and it was part of why I never super took to the KOTOR games, and I hated it even more when it was used in TROS.


    As for them tipping the scales... maybe this is why I felt out hope for EVERY PT release to give me Sith legions. Like I said, in TPM I thought maybe they were hiding, until Yoda's line. For AOTC I was hoping that Maul's body was used to make Sith clone/drones so the Sith could have an army to fight the Jedi. Even for ROTS I was hoping it would happen-- that we'd find out because they had tipped the scales mass numbers of Jedi had fallen, or gone to join Dooku/Tyranus and become Sith.

    Its always fun how people can have totally different expectations and/or wants. I never expected the PT to have huge battles between Jedi and Sith. In fact my whole thought process on the Jedi was completely against what was presented in the PT. I never thought there would be many Jedi at all. I thought a few Knights errant type around the Galaxy. A few dozen on the high end really.


    I always expected the PT to be much more like cloak and dagger with scheming and people turning on each other and assassinations. More like season 1 GoT type stuff I guess.

    I had always assumed, growing up, that the prequels would feature a giant battle not between Jedi and Sith, but Jedi and a Mandalorian army (thanks, Starlog).

  5. Hey!!!!!!!

    I thought Zerrymar was banned? Maybe I'm thinking of that Poe fella.

    Anyway, here's my stab:



    2. A New Hope

    3. Return Of The Jedi

    4. The Force Awakens

    5. The Last Jedi

    6. The Phantom Menace

    7. Revenge Of The Sith

    8. Attack Of The Clones

    9. Rise Of Skywalker


    Anyone see this yet? Thoughts? I saw it Saturday, in an IMAX screening, with around 20 people.

    Decent, I guess. Interesting choices with John's fate, Skynet's fate, Arnie going from a Terminator to a robot who just wants to chill and raise a family. How many T800s are out in the world still looking for John, even after he's gone? How many has Sarah destroyed?

    The new Terminator can use technology and locate the group within seconds. I understand how, but it makes it almost too convenient. Almost as if the new Terminator just shows up.

    Some of the action seemed to rely to much on CGI and I got bored. Maybe I'm just old because my kids loved it.

  7. I think everyone expected the Strokes to do this, in music circles anyway, but it didn't happen. At least not in a full on pop mainstream way. They have influenced several bands since and they influenced a particular sound at the beginning of the century that some still carry on with. But that was no where near the level of influence in which Tank refers.

  8. I've been gone a while so I'm sure it's been said already....Lucas should have been kept around to bounce ideas off of. Especially at the start. Why would you not have him as a story consultant, at the minimum, when he created literally everything. I know George stopped by during filming of every Disney made SW, but I don't seem to think he stuck around long enough to go over story, characters, structure or theme.

    I felt good with Kasdan helping out but he was only around for 7 (and also Solo). Bringing him back now just displays the lack of vision. Maybe not, there's still one more chapter to tell so maybe it will all gel. The OT and PT don't gel perfectly either if you start to dissect them. But at least, thematically (for better or worse), George was a master. And that's what is missing.

    I still love the sequel trilogy though! And the standalone films!

  9. It's hard for me to find a ten year period that goes that strong for that long, in any category. Like the early 80's were great for music, toys, movies, but the late 80's sucked, IMO. Not counting the summer of 89, which was perfect.

    Same for the 90's. First half of the decade was awesome and the second part sucked. Except, again, for 1999, which was pretty awesome.

    And again with the 2000's, the early part of the decade was great but the second half blew.

    The past ten years for TV, film, and video games have been great but music has gotten so much worse. I would have to rank every category's best decade separately because I don't know if they all line up together very often, to me.

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