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  1. Fine, I'll go.  lol

    I probably have tastes that don't align with anyone here, but anway.....One of the first bands that comes to mind is R.E.M.  After their massive success in the 90's, their radio play has died down in terms of how many of their singles get played now.  Stations here only play Man on the Moon and Losing My Religion.  Indianapolis has a rock station, an alt. station, and a college/indie station but a lot of the moderately successful bands from the 90's are gone from the airwaves.  Garbage, Hole, Live, and several others.  

    I understand a station can't possibly play all of them.  That would be thousands of songs but it's odd that some songs still get airplay and others are gone.

  2. Sounds like this convo has happened here before but I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  A lot of songs on my playlists (70's, 80's, 90's) that were hit songs that got a lot of airplay when they charted but no longer get played.  Usually the artist might still get a lot of airplay but you only hear two or three of their songs even though they have upwards of 20+ charting singles over the years.  I put a lot of the blame on radio stations all being under the same national ownership.  Most were independent back in they day and had total freedom as to what they could play.  Now it's all controlled.

    Anyway, what do you remember hearing a lot but no longer?  I'll post some of mine after getting some responses.

  3. On 7/26/2022 at 7:31 PM, Darth Krawlie said:

    And why didn't he ever do a trench run? Didn't seem like there were many Y-Wings in the battle.

    Apologies for the fan retroactive answers (because I hate them), but Y-Wings are slower.   But they're better defensive ships.  So once the Y-Wing trench runs went to shit, maybe Dodonna ordered to try the faster X-Wings. 

    .....LoL, wHy tHeY dO daT??!

  4. I want SW to both move away from the core characters but still include them in some way.  I initially hated any idea of a legends book getting adapted to film but Shadows of the Empire and the original Zahn trilogy could be adapted and even improved upon.  Live action. Also, I'd rather see these as films, not TV shows.  

  5. PLOT HOLE:  With the amount of beard that Soldier Boy has, the respirator/mask around his face wouldn't be tight enough to do any good.  

    ALSO:  If they can shoot into Soldier Boy's mouth with a machine gun, Homelander can get injured by sticking a pipe in his ear?  That doesn't line-up either.

    Silly gripes aside, season 3 was arguably the best season so far.

  6. 23 hours ago, Tank said:

    We’re less than a decade away from a post ROTJ Luke TV show brought to us by deep fake which gets cheaper and faster every day. Have you guys seem all the AI art out there now? All that tech plus the cooperation of Mark Hamil, it’s just an amount of time. Look at the jump of what they did just in the couple years between Mando s2 and BOBF.

    I don't disagree.   I think there will always be a disconnect with me, but I have no doubt it will get to the point of 100% authenticity.  Depends on the person.  I just feel like I'd be more invested with recasting actors.  Otherwise, I will feel a disconnect but that isn't necessarily true to the majority viewers. 

  7. I'd rather see new actors in the roles than cgi and deepfakes.  I'm probably in the minority but it's not convincing enough and takes me out of it.  I don't mind Alden Ehenreich as Han, Donald Glover was universally loved as Lando.  So I don't think it's any kind of overwhelming challenge to cast for Luke and Leia.  

  8. On 4/27/2022 at 1:17 PM, Darth Krawlie said:

    All right, so, I officially gave notice at my job. Last day is May 13th. My boss asked me to hold off talking about it for now, even though I already told my two teammates, but they won't rat me out. I'm a little jittery right now and I'm not sure why, but it FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. Such a massive relief to finally be leaving this place. Not that it was all bad, of course, but this has been long overdue.

    And for those of you that don't know (pretty much anyone who wasn't in the Zoom a month ago), the reason I'm quitting is thanks to the lovely Destiny Skywalker and her husband, I got a job at Boeing. I'm starting next month, and moving to the Seattle area a month-ish after once the kids are out of school. 

    Boeing is our biggest customer!   We mostly ship to st. Louis but sometimes to Seattle.  We have a Seattle facility as well!

  9. Hamburger helper is very.....helpful.  OMG, you guys,  I think that's how they got the idea for the name!

    In a pinch, I always keep a box of HH and a pound of ground beef if I'm running behind and need to get something whipped up super fast. 

    I can't do spaghetti in a flash, I absolutely have to let my sauce simmer for several hours or it's not the same.  

    And I always keep a few Red Baron pizzas in the freezer if I'm not in the mood to cook. 

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