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  1. On 1/26/2022 at 10:04 PM, Tank said:

    Hahah, best episode of this show. It had everything we have been wanting:

    someplace other than tattooine, bounty hunting, cool Mandalorian armor/gadget action, ACTION in general, starships….

    Only missing was Boba Fett. It’s almost comical.

    Comical and concerning.  The entire budget went to this and likely the next episode.  So much filler.  

    Maybe they thought they were cooking up something very special here but it's probably my biggest letdown outside of Rise Of Skywalker.

    I feel for the first time like the new ownership just decided to churn something out without care of quality, based on the fact it's a Boba show.  That's the selling point.

    Anyway, good episode.  I was relieved Boba wasn't in this one.  

    But the Darkdsaber is super heavy?  Moff Gideon brandished it one handed didn't he?  

  2. Not bitching but work related: 

    The room I work in is me and a co-worker, our desks are almost six feet apart....

    Co-worker -- (quietly) "Oh, Danny Danny...."

    So I look his direction and say "Yeah?"

    Him -- "Oh, nothing.  I was just talking to myself."

    Me -- "You said my name while talking to yourself??"

    Him -- "It's not like we were naked in a hot tub."

    I couldn't think of anything to reply with other than a long delay, then "All right. "

  3. 1 hour ago, Metropolis said:

    My son bought my wife the Galaga unit three years ago. It's cool for what it is, but not really worth the $300. Especially since i had an arcade perfect version on my Xbox 360. I think i downloaded that for $2.99 years ago. 

    Yeah, the price for these games is pretty outrageous.  But it's a nice alternative to getting an actual arcade cabinet, which would cost at least 2K. 

  4. Anyone have any of their mini cabinets?

    Last Christmas, I bought the Pacman table and this Christmas I got the Xmen cabinet and the Marvel pinball.  

    Talk about an expensive hobby.....and the space it takes up, lol.   I really want to get the Star Wars cabinet.  The TMNT, Simpsons, and Outrun cabinets look cool too.  

  5. I enjoyed the latest episode.  The pacing was better and it felt a little more SW.  With my expectations set so low, maybe I was more relieved that nothing goofy or pointless happened like in past episodes.  The ratatouille bit in the kitchen worked well enough for me. 

    And yeah, if Boba knows anything about Tatooine, it should be easy to assume his armor was taken by scavengers.    I'm surprised he never suspected the Tuskens!

  6. I'm hoping the conclusion of this past episode leads into some more 'galactic' chases and fights but with Fett committed to his thug life/enterprise and the budget rumors, it looks like we may have more slow motion vespa chases in our future. 

    I always looked at a Fett show like it would basically write itself but this show is the complete opposite of that so far. 

  7. 6 hours ago, monkeygirl said:

    You're smoking crack. Beverly never saved Tootie from a pimp!



    The fact that tootie would contemplate being with a pimp over Mrs. Garrett proves leachman was better.  I saw NO pimps show up under her watch. 

  8. 8 hours ago, Lord Darth Hunter said:

    Early in this season when Silver was refusing to join Kreese I thought it was funny when he said in the 80's he was so coked up he thought he could rule the world and spent months torturing a teenager all for some high school tournament. He was talking for the audience saying how cheesy this whole franchise is if you pull back and think about it too much.  

    Yeah, that was a funny line.  And that speaks to what I'm saying about the 3rd film and the Cobra Kai series.   Part 2 does have some silly moments, even right from the opening scene but part 3 feels like a completely different tone almost.   

  9. On 1/10/2022 at 9:56 AM, Darth Krawlie said:

    Is this your roundabout way of telling us you’re actually dreaming about Cloris Leachman

    I don't see the connection between her and stand up and Cobra Kai legend, Leach Clorisman.  

    But I will say that Cloris Leachman was a better house mom than Mrs. Garrett.   Come at me. 

  10. 19 hours ago, Zathras said:

    It is. But you could replace your member title with Leach Clorisman.

    I hate it.   I remember waking up so confused about how or why that name popped into my subconscious....or however dreams work. 

  11. I've had multiple dreams where I was a person named Leach Clorisman.  Each dream took place in different situations but I always had that name.  

    I binged Cobra Kai season 4 so I dreamed I was in the show.  I was going to be in the All Valley Tournament but Johnny said I'd never win because there's no way anyone named Leach Clorisman would ever win.

    And I had another dream where I was a stand up comic.   It wasn't going well so I decided to change my stage name from Daniel Mitchell to Leach Clorisman.  All my friends thought I was nuts but I went on to be super famous.  I went from doing stand up to do films and I was in a buddy cop movie with Eddie Murphy and was a guest on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson.  

    I don't remember the third but I know there was another Leach Clorisman adventure. 

  12. Season 4 didn't work for me and I can't exactly put my finger on it.  I really enjoyed the first three seasons but this one seemed repetitive and didn't really seem to take the characters anywhere they haven't already been.  I found myself getting bored.  

    I've never liked Karate Kids 3.  Back in the day, it felt so much different than the first two.  Cheesier and much more unrealistic.  Looking at the three films now, they feel more consistent in tone, though.  Still, part 3 is still a poor film.   

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