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  1. The more recent rumor news I'm hearing is Lando is going to be a movie, not a TV series. This is welcome news to me, if true. Any and all SW works so much better to me on film.
  2. As I get a bit older and my financial responsibilities for my kids shrink every year, I'm starting to shop around for a 'fun' car. Thanks to my dad, I've become a Mustang guy. He partially restored a '67 convertible before selling it. I'm looking to get a GT around 2005 to 2014. I liked that body style better than the more current, sleeker style. But I've also been looking at getting a mid-90's Bronco or a late 90's, early 2000's Classic Jeep Cherokee. There are so many good deals on all these cars in IN, OH, IL. I just need to pay off my current car first.
  3. AhhahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  4. A couple I'd like to revisit that I haven't seen since I was a kid to see if they hold up at all: Ruskies Cloak and Dagger My Science Project (I'm sure this one is horrible, lol) Eliminators (probably terrible) And another that I can't make up my mind if it classifies as a bad movie (to me) is Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. I still love watching this movie.
  5. Yep. 80. Parkinson's and dementia.
  6. And Buffett's novel, 'Where is Joe Merchant' is a great adventure/detective escapist yarn. I've read it several times and I cannot believe it was never made into a film.
  7. The "Dream Weaver" singer guy died as well.
  8. The dude is smart! Good on him! If the stories are true, he started off homeless when moving down to Florida and started playing in local bars. He has a lot of cheesy work and his later collaborations with shitty country stars are equally as bad. His early work is genuinely very moving and well written stuff with great arrangements. It may rub people the wrong way to turn your art into a billion dollar empire but so what. That just speaks to the power of his songs and his lifestyle.
  9. Listening to Phish makes you a terrible parent. We've all known this for years now.
  10. I don't mind either of them. Phish-heads take that crown. Or Kiss Army. Or Juggalos.
  11. A dusty Hustler mag circa 1998 is just so much more satisfying.
  12. I had thought Buffett to be just a bit older. Dude's been around FOREVER.
  13. I wouldn't say that. You seem to be quite useful and competent at telling us how shitty you are! I know, I know.....I should be posting these uplifting messages in the 'Say Something Good' thread.
  14. On the contrary, the surface level aesthetics and soul and magic being stripped is why I couldn’t get in to the old EU. That’s why I found Zerimar so entertaining. Sure he may have been right about what was coming up to be a lot of very mediocre stuff but then he’d declare the old EU is was not being the exact same thing.
  15. Maple syrup that tastes like urine or urine that tastes like maple syrup?
  16. I went to a concert last night and got laid. Twice. Well, twice on the laid part....only went to one concert.
  17. I wasn't expecting to feel irrationally angry today, but it happened. While I was walking down to my mailbox, a guy rolled past me on an electric unicycle. I guess unicyclists just bring it out of people.
  18. You shoulda said who's band, then I would have said no he wasn't in the Who and we all would have laughed super hard, but nope!
  19. "When you play douchebag games you get douchebag results" sounds like a parody of a Jason Aldean song.
  20. Will the next sequel be Wakanda and Robin? All right......
  21. I always overlook Pee Wee's Big Adventure for it's great writing, humor and visual style all the time. Easily one of my top ten comedies ever. Co-Written by another dead pool member, Phil Hartman!
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