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  1. I want SW to both move away from the core characters but still include them in some way. I initially hated any idea of a legends book getting adapted to film but Shadows of the Empire and the original Zahn trilogy could be adapted and even improved upon. Live action. Also, I'd rather see these as films, not TV shows.
  2. PLOT HOLE: With the amount of beard that Soldier Boy has, the respirator/mask around his face wouldn't be tight enough to do any good. ALSO: If they can shoot into Soldier Boy's mouth with a machine gun, Homelander can get injured by sticking a pipe in his ear? That doesn't line-up either. Silly gripes aside, season 3 was arguably the best season so far.
  3. I don't disagree. I think there will always be a disconnect with me, but I have no doubt it will get to the point of 100% authenticity. Depends on the person. I just feel like I'd be more invested with recasting actors. Otherwise, I will feel a disconnect but that isn't necessarily true to the majority viewers.
  4. I did notice the similarities there when I watched the Obi finale.
  5. I'd rather see new actors in the roles than cgi and deepfakes. I'm probably in the minority but it's not convincing enough and takes me out of it. I don't mind Alden Ehenreich as Han, Donald Glover was universally loved as Lando. So I don't think it's any kind of overwhelming challenge to cast for Luke and Leia.
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