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  1. On the contrary, the surface level aesthetics and soul and magic being stripped is why I couldn’t get in to the old EU. That’s why I found Zerimar so entertaining. Sure he may have been right about what was coming up to be a lot of very mediocre stuff but then he’d declare the old EU is was not being the exact same thing.
  2. Maple syrup that tastes like urine or urine that tastes like maple syrup?
  3. I went to a concert last night and got laid. Twice. Well, twice on the laid part....only went to one concert.
  4. I wasn't expecting to feel irrationally angry today, but it happened. While I was walking down to my mailbox, a guy rolled past me on an electric unicycle. I guess unicyclists just bring it out of people.
  5. You shoulda said who's band, then I would have said no he wasn't in the Who and we all would have laughed super hard, but nope!
  6. "When you play douchebag games you get douchebag results" sounds like a parody of a Jason Aldean song.
  7. Will the next sequel be Wakanda and Robin? All right......
  8. I always overlook Pee Wee's Big Adventure for it's great writing, humor and visual style all the time. Easily one of my top ten comedies ever. Co-Written by another dead pool member, Phil Hartman!
  9. Man. RDJ is so well known as Ironman, even his other movies end up in the superhero thread.
  10. So he's a Kennedy....and due to many of his stances, the right wing media seems to be loving the guy. But again, being a Kennedy, he's not a democrat?
  11. This kills during my SW Convention stand-up gigs.
  12. Oh man, I forgot about Brad Bird directing 4.
  13. I distinctly remember 1, 2 and 3 because all three had very different styles. The rest all feel exactly the same to me.
  14. I think Order 66 means to only kill 66 Jedi.
  15. I wonder what logic leaps they go through to see their ‘beloved’ zahn characters and others being added to the super duper terrible disney SW stories.
  16. Luke: I can't kill my own father. Ben: Then the Emperor has already won. Well unless some of the other 50 Jedi show up and kill him instead. Did I not mention that before? Well, I am Obi Wan Kenobi....it's kinda my thing!
  17. Yoda: When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be. Luke: Really? Yoda: .......uhh.....yeah sure.
  18. Great point! But the dialogue from the first stormtrooper leads me to believe they just got to the pod and just started investigating.
  19. Written by Kevin J. Anderson and Tank.
  20. What made me quit was people riding rancors. I thought someone was fucking with me when BOBF did this.
  21. I would say it was heavily implied in the OT but never talked about or discussed in-scene.....not even in the novels but I could be wrong on the novels. Haven't read those since high school. Then I think the books picked it up and ran with it....but did they?
  22. Saw it last night. A lot of things to nitpick about but overall, I really enjoyed it.
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