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  1. Most of my time spent here was when they were toddlers and I'd put them to bed for the night. Damn. Forget Christmas, I have to buy a birthday present. When I mentioned my youngest being 20, his birthday is actually Monday. I'm thinking of buying him Foo Fighters tickets. But, the concert in Cincinnati is sold out and the cheapest third party tickets are $159. Holy hell.
  2. I always buy an Arcade 1Up cabinet for Christmas. They usually put some up for sale, so I bought the Marvel vs. Capcom table style cabinet. The Star Wars cabinet wasn't on sale but I bought it as well because they're kinda hard to find. My kids are sneaker freaks and Finish Line had some decent deals on Black Friday. I got them all new pairs of New Balance 650s for 50 bucks. My kiddos are all adults (oldest is 24, youngest is 20) but I still like to spoil them on Christmas. It's more for me, now, than it is for them.
  3. Nobody listed Time Cop??!!
  4. It's possible that the Death Star was pivoting toward the space battle every time it seemed to veer away from where the laser cannon is, not to mention the Emperor's convenient view from his throne room.
  5. I'm couldn't be. I always worried Perry would pass away young. Well, young-ish.
  6. I read this about an hour ago. Reports are that he drowned?
  7. Damn. How do you keep the mileage so low?
  8. You mean watch her be killed because selling booze was more important.
  9. I think we all want to go out Legends Of The Fall style. And by that I mean killing your brother so you can get his woman, then leave her so that she marries your other brother then steal her back again. Did I get that right? Close enough.
  10. How does the Death Star laser aim? Does the entire space station have to pivot in order for it to line up to it's target??? I figure there would be a mechanism in the dish that would be able to aim at least in the general direction that it's facing.
  11. Are you guys counting the game outcomes that are pre-determined by draftkings?
  12. More car shopping….I saw a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited for $25,900. 69K miles. Best I’ve been able to find for the price that isn’t 90K miles or above. If it’s still available, I’m going to check it out Saturday
  13. Director jail, eh? Really? I guess I was hoping that this movie would be a pivot point for studios and directors, showing how to make larger scale film on smaller budgets.....as long as it makes them some money. I know The Creator isn't doing big business but did the industry really expect it to?
  14. Who's seen it? I saw it last night. A lot of hype behind this in my social media feeds but there's also a lot of people saying it's super derivative and meh, etc. Derivative it might be, but it's nice to finally get a chance to see an original IP on the big screen. The previews may present it as some epic, large scale sci-fi extravaganza, but it's really not. It feels very much the opposite of that. Some really great scenes in this but overall, it kinda feels a bit empty to me. A little incomplete. I really enjoyed the ending though.
  15. Fake sports fans like you but true sports fans can’t stand you at all??
  16. I went up to Fairmount last weekend for the James Dean Festival.
  17. You're the Alabama of Nightly.
  18. Lol….Alabama??!! Noooooooooo. I’m in Indiana.
  19. Just as I thought. They told me my monthly payment would be over 700 a month. Lol....what a crazy world. That's almost my mortgage payment. Plus they told me I was upside down on my trade in, which is ridiculous. I was never a fan of that particular dealership I visited anyway. Keep dreaming, Goat.....keep dreaming.
  20. Not sure if I can handle the monthly payment but they're currently offering 10% off MSRP on the 2023 Gladiators, as well as whatever local dealer discounts are being applied. I've read articles where people are saving almost $17K. I might actually go test drive one in the next few days but like I said, I still may not be able to handle a steeper monthly payment.
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