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  1. Got it. I'll pick it up if I find it at the library but I won't make a special effort. Thanks!
  2. I haven't read My Planet yet, but I've loved the others of Mary Roach's that I've read. How was it?
  3. Yay! Welcome aboard, Fozzie and pavonis!
  4. Thanks to all who played along this year. Lots of books read by 8 different participants. Just when I wondered if Darth Virul would break 200, he knocked that one out of the park with 238. Congrats to our most prolific reader by far. You get a virtual high five and a round of applause! This year's totals were: Monkeygirl: 1Pavonis: 10Cashmere: 12Fozzie: 13Mara Jade Skywalker: 24 (plus a whole slew of rereads)NumberSix: 38Krawlie: 53Darth Virul: 238 Here's to reading more in 2017!
  5. Welcome to the Reading Jubilee - the best place to keep track of the books you read in 2017. Set a goal, start a list, and get reading! To get things started, here is my list: Read 1. Currently ReadingA Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher Next Up
  6. I kind of want to watch the whole thing again now that it's had time to settle in. But there are so many other things I need to watch/read/listen to, I'm not sure I'll find the time.
  7. Is the outlet thing compatible with the echo? Cause that's what makes it cool - the verbal command for light. It makes you godlike!
  8. I got an echo and it's been awesome for use in the kitchen. Verbal sccess to the timer, measurement conversion, music, and podcasts is awesome when you're cooking. Maybe whoever does the cooking can use it. And the light thing is cool for when you come in with hands full of kids/groceries. You may like it more than you think. If you set it up, install the jeopardy app.
  9. Check mark on the house. Not totally convinced on the baby part though. We will see what 2017 holds.
  10. Did the head vibrating weird you out? Took me awhile to get used to, but now it feels weird to brush with a regular brush.
  11. Good luck, Mara! And yay Mr. Fat!
  12. Man, that sounds awful, Jaycie. Here's hoping surgery is the answer. Scary to go through but awesome to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Are you tearing through shows/movies/podcasts with all that downtime?
  13. Glad to hear you're happy! Why are you on bed rest?
  14. Looks pretty cool. I already have a Wii U and 3DS, so I can't imagine why I'd need it though. As far as group gaming, we really only play Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I'm not much of a solo gamer, but I get my fix on 3DS. I wish they'd bring back Mario Party though. The most recent installment was clearly designed solely to sell Amibos and not for actually playing it.
  15. Wow, so much good stuff going on! Congrats on the degree, promotion and kid, Ender. I want a PiNES!
  16. I tried to get this movie at Redbox last night but they didn't have it. Settled for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 instead.
  17. This game seems to be dropping off in popularity around here. I'm still playing faithfully, but i don't see many others out and about. Anyone else still playing?
  18. I can't believe she carries around that dollar amount worth of jewelry with no security. There are places that I feel slightly unsafe with my engagement ring on, and while it's beautiful and perfect for me, it's not worth enough to make stealing it worthwhile unless you're a really tweaked out meth head.
  19. Congrats, Mara! Good luck with the job hunt Fozzie. I hope it all works out for you.
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