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  1. My friend does that for a living and about 80% of people tip him. It's a nice gesture.
  2. Congrats! We hired someone to open it and close it last year, but we decided to strike out on our own this year. It's been a fun adventure so far.
  3. Woo hoo! Congrats on your new job! Pretty sure the cops can find a smashed up car, especially with a plate #. Although if she left the scene she probably doesn't have insurance. Tell me more about Sri Lanka, Jacen. Any other pool owners out there? This is our second summer with a pool and our first with a bad algae problem. We have dumped in gallons and gallons of chemicals trying to fight it off. It's finally looking like we are gaining ground, but we learned that we need to open it at the first sign of good weather. We had a few freak days in the 80s in early May which apparently let it
  4. Since you can only claim coins once per day, it makes most sense to take 3 or 4 gyms and then claim coins. I have had Pokemon stay in gyms for 8 to 10 days sometimes if I take the time to level up already powerful gyms. I made it to level 30 and evolved a Steelix on Friday, so I'm excited for future gym battles. That max revive item opens a whole new world.
  5. I need to drop 30 pounds, but I'm fighting the diet part. I hate taking hours each week to measure, portion and pack all of my food. Signed up for another half marathon, so that will help with the exercise part at least.
  6. I saved up my coins and bought an 8 pack during the Easter event. I usually only buy incubators, but I decided I need the XP help. I save up a million Pokemon and evolve them all with a lucky egg rolling for tons of XP. During some events you can get 4x as much with a lucky egg.
  7. Those unexpected expenses can really get you. Sucks, man.
  8. Woo! I'm working on level 30, but it's a massive amount of XP when you get up in levels. A couple more weeks or a few lucky eggs will get me there.
  9. We just learned Splendor a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. I'll need to check out Forbidden Island and the Adventurers. Thanks for the recommendations! We used to play Power Grid a lot but that's one that moved away to California with my friend.
  10. Speaking of beer, I am going to my favorite Brewfest this weekend with my husband, brother and a group of friends. I am so pumped. It's supposed to be in the 50s and raining, which means no lines. It's outdoors but with plenty of pavilion areas to get out of the rain. All you can eat food, all you can drink beer from nearly 50 breweries and a hotel booked across the street. Nothing could be better!
  11. Nice set up! I have a few that I see on your shelf as well. I realized now that I live far away from most of my friends that I don't own many of my favorites because my brother or friends already had them. Smash Up is a current favorite since it works well with 3 or 4 players, which is our typical group size. My single local boardgame loving friend has Zombicide Black Plague, which is super cool and lots of fun. I have played Betrayal a few times and enjoyed it each time, although we got the same ending 3 times and the third time just decided to pick a different one.
  12. I'm still having fun with it, especially since spring is here. It was painful to play in subzero temperatures, but that didn't stop me. I'm glad you're enjoying it too!
  13. Level 28. 188 caught, 212 seen. I love hatching eggs. I have hatched 208 eggs over 506 kilometers.
  14. Good luck Fozzie. I hope things get sorted out without too much hassle.
  15. Glad you're back home, Destiny. Sorry your family makes things hard for you.
  16. I am jealous of your weather! I haven't seen my signature in forever. I wonder if I can change it on mobile. I hope all is well for you!
  17. We have just under 2 feet of snow and it's now snowing again. I wouldn't mind except I actually ventured out to work today. I want to go home and play with my pup in the snow!
  18. I love Avi and Pentatonix!
  19. My husband has been playing the WiiU version for a few hours now. Looks pretty neat and he's loving it. I'm not much of a gamer, so that's the closest I'll get to playing.
  20. Evolving is a great way to get XP to level up. I catch and evolve as many as I can. Just don't waste stardust powering up your squishy guys. Save it for the big guys.
  21. I've been playing daily since it came out. I don't spend money though, so the leveling is going slowly. I'm level 27.
  22. I have watched Twister dozens of not more than 100 times. It's one of my favorites and I'm sad to hear of his passing.
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