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  1. I'm reading The Dark is Rising. I only vaguely remember the story since I last read it in sixth grade or so. Next on my list is another Lisa Carey. I had to spread it out after crying so much during the last one. Then I'll move on to the first three Harry Potter books, since I haven't re-read them since they first came out. That should keep me busy for a few weeks.
  2. I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the carnage after the stroller test was complete.
  3. Phylis's jugs comment has been the most quotable moment for me. Too funny!
  4. I just finished Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and Lady Liberty which I don't know the author for. It was a rainy weekend, so I got a lot of reading done. Tonight I'm starting A Little Princess. I'm excited to read it again after all these years.
  5. Did you change your photo? I really like it!

  6. I'm 2/3 of the way through Cryptonomicon and it's getting really interesting. I got A Little Princess from the library last night, and I'm pumped to read it again. I will also be starting a book on CD during my 8-10 hours of bus rides this weekend. (Stupid car sickness!) It's a crime mystery/romance from the sounds of the writeup on the back. I don't remember the name of it. I spent like an hour in the library last night just looking for books. It was super fun!
  7. I'm doing well! Spending a bunch of time playing with the pup, of course. How are your furry friends?

  8. Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to have to pass.

  9. Oh, I totally am. You seem pretty awesome yourself!

  10. Thanks! She stopped growing about a month ago, but she just keeps getting fluffier!

  11. Nothing much... :-P

  12. I would never have thought to look for that organization chart online, but it was really funny. Makes you wonder how Dwight is monitoring the menstrual cycles of all the female employees.
  13. I can't believe Angela let Andy get away with his comment about the "old ball and chain." That must have been hard for him to choose between sucking up to Michael and sucking up to Angela.
  14. So excited for the new Office tonight! I've been watching the DVD's over and over, and I just keep loving it more.
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