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  1. I'm running a half marathon this weekend (my second). Wish me luck!
  2. The next in this series is out now and I am loving every second of the audiobook. Follett is my favorite author nowadays. It's called A Column of Fire.
  3. Thanks for the advice, guys! I'm in agreement with your recommendations,but it is nice to have some third party support for this course of action. Luckily I updated my resume for this interview process, so I've got a great starting point. Now to see what comes next.
  4. I interviewed for a promotion at work and didn't get it. They gave it to another internal candidate who is newer to the company but much older than me. She works in a different segment of our department and has no knowledge of our work. So I need to train my new boss from scratch. The director will not be capable of doing this, as she is also new and has shown no interest in learning my side of the department. Still trying to figure out how helpful I should be. My nature is to always give 100% and be a team player, however, due to the promotion/raise policies of my company, I will never be a
  5. Don't do it, Marc. There are things more important than money. Find something else better.
  6. That really sucks, Destiny. I'm sorry it's so rough right now.
  7. I saw one once in 8th grade in the basement of my school. For just a split second. It was gross.
  8. If you click on your face on the bottom left, you can pick a Pokemon to be your buddy. When you walk, you earn candy of your buddy's type. For the eggs, click on the Pokeball then select Pokemon. Scroll to the eggs tab and you can put them into incubators. Walk 2k to hatch a green one, 5k to hatch a yellow one, or 10k to hatch a purple one. You also get bonus candy when you hatch an egg. These two mechanics make the walking fun for me. I have walked over 850k and hatched over 300 eggs.
  9. I got Articuno yesterday, but only made it to level 32 during the event. I need so much XP for 33. If I didn't have work, I'd be so much better at Pokemon. :-)
  10. True, there is a lot you can do to maximize your play, and some of it can be confusing. I just read Twitter to figure out the best play options. Have you set a buddy and started incubating eggs yet?
  11. There's not much to get. Catch them all, power them up, get badges and have some exercise in the process.
  12. Did my first legendary raid today. Got a group of 16 to battle a Lugia. We beat it, but I didn't catch it. I'll have to try again tomorrow.
  13. I sat on a criminal jury for a possession with intent to distribute case. The guy was obviously guilty, but his last trial has ended with a hung jury so my time around they barred most of the evidence from being presented. Add in a dumb girlfriend who submitted a sworn statement that all the drugs were hers, then recanted, then changed her mind again then testified very poorly and there was an abundance of reasonable doubt. Even though he was a career criminal and knew all the right things do do and say during the arrest, it almost seemed like the prosecutor wasn't trying to get a conviction.
  14. I have very little knowledge of the history of the character or the comics but I enjoyed this version because it was funny and fun to watch. The villian reveal was contrived, but it didn't bother me all that much.
  15. I only like to buy incubators and bag/storage upgrades. If I need Pokeballs, I spin pokestops. And I always have a couple dozen passed out Pokemon in need of potions because I just can't spin enough stops to heal them all.
  16. I'm not sure if I love the new gyms, but I do like not having to remember to collect my coins. I'd like to try new raid battles more, but they are almost never active when I'm available. They obviously aren't designed for people with full time jobs. I often pull into church parking lots to play and nobody has ever said anything. That is crazy that you were chased off. Obviously not a very welcoming place. I would contact the church office and let them know they need to post a no trespassing sign so that people know not to pull in. I don't think posting a person there to harass random strange
  17. I think that would mess with my stomach. I had significant gastrointestinal distress the first week or 2 that I changed my diet. I can't imagine switching back and forth.
  18. I have no GPS recommendations because I just use my iPod to track distance and it's not that accurate. I do a set distance run that I track on my phone and calibrate it that way. I may look into getting one for this half.
  19. I love my Fitbit. 4 other work friends have them as well as my mom and brothers, so I'm always in a competition for steps with someone. I have a flex 2 which is perfect because it's water proof and can track my swims as well as land based exercise. It's amazing how much a steps competition can motivate you to move. I also just started getting in shape. P90X 3 with exercise and diet components and training for a half marathon are the route I'm taking. Haven't started the running yet and I'm already exhausted most days. Good luck to you!
  20. I bought a house because there aren't many nice places to rent where I am and I'd rather not deal with a slum Lord. Also I found my dream home in my price range and plan to stay for the long haul. Pool, yard, garage, dining room for 14 and plenty of space for entertaining. We are really enjoying it even if we have had to sink $5,000 into major projects since we moved in. And we are the rare couple who both enjoy mowing the lawn, so we argue about who gets to do it.
  21. I thought it was great.
  22. Straight up beer for me. Not a fan of wine or liquor drinks, but I can sip beer all day. Just tasted my 1000th different beer (not counting the ones I have tried at brewfest because I can't waste time on my phone). I have no desire to try any drugs.
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