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  1. I'm at level 33. I play at least a bit every day, but I just can't fit raids into my schedule, so the levels will come very slowly.
  2. I feel you. It's been brutally cold here. My electric bill was over $350 this month. Ouch!
  3. Thanks to all who played this year! My reading was severely limited since I discovered podcasts and stopped running apart from one half marathon. Here's to more reading in 2018!
  4. Welcome to the 2018 Nightly Reading Wingding! The place to keep track of your reading this year. To get things started here's my list: Read 1. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green (L) 2/6 2. Nowhere Wild by Joe Beernink 2/20 In Progress Next Up Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  5. Congrats on number 2, Ender! Enjoy your skiing. :-)
  6. So glad that he's able to be more involved in your kids' lives now. Best of luck to him with his treatment. As I understand it, stage 1 is pretty treatable. Good that they caught it early!
  7. I will miss you. Glad things are going well though! Happy trails!
  8. We had a few different family gatherings for Christmas, but didn't have to travel for any of them. My mom let us do gifts and dinner at our place, so that was great. We got a bit of snow too. I'm sad everyone left town now, but I very much love seeing my brothers.
  9. Wait, your evil step mother and her awful kids are out of the picture? How did that go down? Is your dad doing okay?
  10. Sounds like a great plan. It will be tough, but hopefully worth it!
  11. I'd normally be worried if someone told me they were on a starvation diet, but it sounds like you're under a physician's care, Chalup. Glad you're improving! I hope you're able to eat real food soon though.
  12. Ugh. I always get a stomachache from blood after dental work. Here's hoping for a smooth recovery, Jacen.
  13. Awesome! That's quite a bit under your goal. Great job!
  14. Woo hoo! Congratulations! I love the photo on the screen in the background. Looks like a perfectly executed plan. I'm so happy for you!
  15. Started and finished the season today. Loved it for the most part. Some of the Eleven stuff was uninteresting. I laughed and cried and laughed again. Then cried again because it was over.
  16. That's awesome, Fozzie. Nice job! Jacen, I have thought about something like that for work, but never pulled the trigger.
  17. I just did a thorough sweep of the perimeter to see if I could find any damage. So far so good. We do have water radiators though, so I need to remember to be vigilant. Thanks for the tip, Ender.
  18. I so wish I could add soccer back into my schedule. I loved my league before I moved, but haven't found anything here. I also have no interest in weight training, but I guess that's the next step if I want to get faster at running.
  19. We don't have AC in the house at all, so the humidity can get up there in the summer. We try not to drip on the wood after the pool, though, so we are trying. I wonder if that's an argument in the "pro" for installing air conditioning.
  20. I wear headphones to listen to books. It's hard to fit in as much reading time as of like, so I get them accomplished together. I also like the splits updates from my running app so I know how my pacing is going.
  21. I always loved the look of hardwood flooring, so I was very excited to purchase a home with hardwood through most of the downstairs. Apart from a couple of area rugs and the sunroom, it's all hard wood. When we moved in, I damp mopped with Murphy's oil soap, but other than spot cleaning and vacuuming, haven't done much since. Any other wood floor owners floating around? How do you care for them? Any horror stories or mistakes I should avoid?
  22. Nice! Good luck! My current PR is 2:16:18. I would need to do some speed work to improve it by much. Not sure I want to do that.
  23. Enjoy is a strong word, but I can tell you I really hate weights or anything that's not cardio. Running is the lesser of many evils.
  24. I pretty much stopped running after that last half, but I trained for another one and ran it today. I was so cold the whole time. I wish I hadn't forgotten gloves. I got a PR by 6 minutes, though, so that was awesome.
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