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  1. I totally did! I caught a Celebi, so it was a great day of Pokemon. Happy birthday to you too! I doubt you also caught a Celebi, but I hope you got to do something cool.
  2. Nobody's college major should be biology. Unless you want to get a doctorate or MD before you're able to make a living with your degree.
  3. Ahh, that explains it. Sounds pretty awesome!
  4. How did I miss the part where you acquired a grandson, Met?
  5. I love that there are so many kindred spirits here. Apple hate runs deep for me. I still have PTSD from the years I used iTunes to sync books to my iPod. Happily Apple free now!
  6. Awesome! That sounds like an insane two days. Glad you made it through!
  7. I got passed over for a promotion due to my age. (They didn't phrase it that way, but that's what it boils down to.) Now I'm doing much of the work that my new boss should be doing, just without the title or pay. It sucks because I like the work, but I can't see myself growing at this organization. So, time to find something better!
  8. Treason explosives are so pretty.
  9. Hi, Icy! I often wonder how you are doing. I hope all is well!
  10. It sounds like tons of fun! I like a beer after a 5 or 10k. Not sure I could stomach it after a half. My tummy is not happy after a long run.
  11. Wow, that's awesome! Great time. Are your legs all wobbly? It takes me a day to recover. My next half is in Sept. Need to start running again soon.
  12. That's pretty neat, Spam! I have read about her career. It's amazing how she managed to get where she is.
  13. My husband is a Giants fan, and he wouldn't let me root for the Eagles too loudly. But I'd rather see a home state team win rather than the freaking Pats. Unless it's the Steelers.
  14. First a dick pic and now I have to go to bat to be excused from dealing with a certain non-employee with a history of sexual harassment of me and other women (in my presence) at my place of work. I'm hoping that the cultural shift has been enough to come out in my favor on this because this person skeeves me out and I can't stomach dealing with him again.
  15. 1. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green I finally got a library card at the local library. I miss the huge, amazing library from my former home, but I'm going to make do with what I have. I enjoyed this book even though it was a little bit weird. 2. Nowhere Wild by Joe Beernink My mom loaned me this book. She bought it because my cousin's husband (who I have never met) wrote it. It was somewhat disturbing but overall an interesting/engaging story.
  16. Sweet deal! I have one shiny pikachu from the last event and one shiny dratini from this most recent one. I wish I had a good one to evolve all the way up through, but I'm just glad I got one. I had guests that weekend, so I could only sneak out to the park for an hour.
  17. His are always solicited. You can't not want the D from Krawlie.
  18. Some rando sent a dick pic to my work Facebook account today. I viewed it full screen on my huge computer monitor while my male coworker was in my office. Because who expects a dick pic at work? Men are gross.
  19. I just hopped into a game with a bunch of people who had played together for years. They all helped me a lot until I got the hang of it. That was over two years ago. Now we play online twice a month and in person twice a year.
  20. Playing DnD while drinking tea. Nerdy old woman style. So, better than yours. Sorry it's such an annoyance. :-(
  21. I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I had spicy chili for dinner and I don't want it to come back up.
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