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  1. Sounds like lots of great life events took place in 2018! Congrats to all!


    My favorite parts of the year were seeing my sister-in-law 3 times this year after over 3 years of not seeing her at all. The best was when we got to go to LA for 10 days and stay at her place.


    Also, super excited that my brother got engaged this year. I went from 0 sisters growing up to 3 when I got married and now that two of my brothers will be married, I'll have 5!

  2. I've pretty much given up on trying to get family medical history and have decided to just do genetic testing next month. But I had to fill out the forms from the limited family history I had, I googled my bio grandfather to find out his age when he died. This time, his sister's obituary popped up and I got a ton of info. Less than 24 hours later, I've traced back my lineage at least 6 generations on both grandparents side. Maybe now I can use this to figure out who is on my bio dad's side on 23andme.

    Wow, that's great. Here's hoping it's helpful for you!

  3. Chikorita day was lame. I finally got 3 shinies in the last 5 mins, but I didn't really care either way. My brother got his first MewTwo though, so that was exciting. I have caught all four that I have fought now. I'm glad I could get it without an ex pass. I also hatched two Mr. Mime and two Khangaskhan, so Kanto dex complete!!!

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