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  1. Had a lovely day with Number Six, Jedi Cool, and Number Six and a Half at Hershey Park yesterday!

  2. the Kindle is full of win!

  3. She's doing wonderfully. Thanks for asking, Evo! She loves the snow, so she's been extra excited for every walk lately. She also loves playing with her kitty sister. Life is good on the pets front. :-) I hope you and the wife are doing well!

  4. Hey there! Sorry I didn't respond to your message sooner. I sometimes forget about this new fangled facebook wall type feature. Things are really good for me. I'm pretty glad just to have a job and a man the way things are going for some of my friends. How bout you?

  5. I just happened to pop in here, and I had to post to say, I love your photo! Too funny. :-)

  6. Just popping in as part of my weekly stalking binge. Carry on!

  7. Did you change your photo? I really like it!

  8. I'm doing well! Spending a bunch of time playing with the pup, of course. How are your furry friends?

  9. Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to have to pass.

  10. Oh, I totally am. You seem pretty awesome yourself!

  11. Thanks! She stopped growing about a month ago, but she just keeps getting fluffier!

  12. Nothing much... :-P

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