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  1. Well, how are you going to protect rights when you have greedy inbred West Virginian capitalist millionaires like Joe Manchin and that ugly Cruella DeVil cunt in Arizona blocking Democratic agendas? Anyone with half a brain, as you say, would clearly see what the real obstacles are. Get real. If you want to play the field the right way politically, if you're a coward and won't lash out at the theocracy through violence, then you need to start electing people who are equally as dirty as the Trumpers in terms of vilifying violently the enemies of the state that are the Republicans and their voters. We need to end the wishy washy pussy PC California politics that people like you favor and get downright nasty, Eren Jaeger style.
  2. Frankly: a second civil war is a better fought battle ideologically than any war that Americans have been involved in since the second World War; we don't have a modern military, just mercs littered with a majority of retards who don't know they're being used in the name of capitalism.
  3. And if any of you have any problems with my sentiments, then you're just as bad as the centrists who believe nothing will happen and feign shock when it happens and when even more rights are taken from citizens of this nation. I am the descendant of Tom Quick, Avenger of the Delaware and I will not allow mongoloids and the intellectual dull to make me a second class citizen without a fight, in the nation that my family fought to establish. This is the tyranny that the Founding Fathers warned us about and wrote the 2nd Amendment for.
  4. If liberals/real Americans had any balls, they'd pull a 1/6 on the Supreme Court. I'm gay and I know my rights are next; they're going to have to pry my rights out of my cold dead 3% hands and I'm willing to take as many degenerates with me as possible.
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